Since The Red Moon Appeared-Chapter 483 - : Let the world see your true self (1)

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Chapter 483: Let the world see your true self (1)

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Doll stared at Lu Xin for a while to make sure he wasn’t joking. Then, he opened his mouth wide.

This was the first time Lu Xin had seen such an expression on her face.

He was sitting in the driver’s seat, only 20 centimeters away from the doll. He could even feel an indescribable joy surging from the girl. That feeling was like a bird knowing that it could fly for the first time, or a stray child on the street knowing for the first time that he could eat the chicken drumstick behind the glass window that had been burnt to a crisp.

In response, he pursed his lips.

Doll’s disbelieving but surprised feelings lifted his mood.

“Chi la!”

After doll confirmed it in his own way, he was very happy.

Lu Xin looked at her and was certain that she was truly happy.

The smile on her face was different from the one she had shown when she first saw him.

This time, her happiness was mixed with some excitement and liveliness. As she laughed, she pulled down the White European collar around her neck, revealing her slender and long neck, and threw it aside with a smile.

This time, because she was determined to leave the city, the service team had wrapped her up tightly even though time was tight.

She was wearing jewelry and looked elegant, like a little princess.

However, this little princess was smiling happily now. She was even blinking her eyes hard to force out the cosmetic contact lenses in her eyes.

Lu Xin looked into her eyes, which were clear and deep.

Then, she pulled hard and took off the little vest over her black dress.

She looked down at her thick black dress and began to tear off the layers of heavy lace.

She kicked off her boots and stretched her long legs.

She took off her tights and kicked them aside.

She pulled down the orange wig she was wearing, revealing her long black hair.

She took off the jewelry on her head, and her long hair fell to her waist.

Lu Xin held the steering wheel with a serious expression as he watched the girl beside him grow thinner and thinner.

The wild grass in front of the car was continuously crushed into the wheels.

The armed forces ‘tent in the distance was getting closer and closer to the car, step by step.

In such a short distance, doll seemed to have changed into a different person.

At this moment, she was no longer like a princess in a fairy tale who wore a thick dress and disguise. She always wore cosmetic contacts and used an umbrella to cover her face. She looked like a drawing artist from a cartoon. Instead, she had truly become a happy little girl who was wearing a thin black knee-length skirt. Her black hair was like a waterfall, and her face was bare. She was smiling in the sun and the breeze outside the window.

Lu Xin’s car suddenly slowed down a little.

He turned his head and looked at the doll from head to toe, and his eyes gradually became a little surprised.

He had seen dolls many times in the past, but he only thought that this girl was very pretty.

But it looked so good that it was unreal.

But now, she was bare-chested, her hair was tied up without any accessories, she was not holding an umbrella, and she was not wearing any contact lenses.

. She didn’t even wear shoes.

He suddenly had a feeling that this girl was becoming real.

Not only did her appearance become real, but the real her had also come to life in this short period of time.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and stay, or else we’ll shoot.”

The modified car drove along the cracked main road and soon approached a group of tents on the side of the road.

Outside the tent, a few armed soldiers who were sitting unsteadily immediately stood up.

They pointed their guns at Lu Xin’s car from afar and shouted, ” I don’t care where you’re from, get out of my way. Our boss said that we’re taking this place. There’s no reason. If anyone dares to come over, we’ll shoot …

Lu Xin turned to look at the doll without saying a word.


More people rushed out from behind them. Some were holding onto their guns while others were shouting.

There were even some people who immediately crouched down, raised their guns, and aimed at the driver’s seat.

However, he seemed to have seen something through the scope, and his eyes subconsciously stared straight.

Lu Xin finally turned around to look.

In less than ten seconds, almost all the people in the tents had rushed out.

Their faces were filled with ferocity and fanaticism as they kept shouting at themselves.

It was as if some kind of madness was brewing in their bodies, making them so hot-blooded that they could shoot at anyone at any time.

“These people are indeed crazy

Lu Xin thought to himself, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he kept fumbling around the steering wheel.

He was looking for the button to open the roof’s sunroof, and he suspected that the support team had removed it when they were cleaning up.

There were more and more people outside. They ran out of the tents and gathered dozens of people.

Countless guns and even rocket cannons were aimed at the modified car, and there were even sounds of cursing, as if shouting ” people in the car, come out quickly “, ” no matter who wants to steal the treasure, kill them ” three, two, one “, and so on.

Fortunately, Lu Xin finally found the button and opened the car’s sunroof.

He heaved a sigh of relief and said to doll, who was in the passenger seat, ‘ stand up and let the world see your true self.

Doll was stretching his legs like a Little Mermaid who had parted her tail for the first time.

When she heard Lu Xin’s words, she turned to look at him again and blinked in confusion.

Lu Xin, on the other hand, smiled at her and pointed at the open skylight.

Doll looked up and could see the blue sky through the open skylight.

She suddenly became a little nervous.

She turned around subconsciously, only to see Lu Xin’s encouraging gaze.

Dolly didn’t quite understand what Lu Xin meant, but she was very obedient.

She seemed to be a little afraid of appearing in front of others without any protection.

This was probably because she had long understood that her appearance in front of anyone would cause disaster and panic, so she forced herself to get used to wrapping herself up and not wearing a mask. It was her last bit of stubbornness.

However, this last bit of stubbornness had also been compromised after meeting Lu Xin.

However, at this moment, Lu Xin asked her to stand up boldly, as if he was not worried that someone would see her.

At the same time, he wasn’t afraid that he would cause a disaster.

That look gave her a lot of encouragement. Finally, she timidly retracted her feet.

She stepped onto the front passenger seat and placed her two small hands on the window. Slowly and carefully, she stuck her small head out.

Like Xiao He’s first appearance, she showed her two eyes on the roof of the car.

He looked at the world carefully.

The wind from the wilderness blew over and ruffled the doll’s hair.

At this moment, the surroundings were silent.

Like a frightened kitten, doll looked timidly and curiously at the people around him.

For her, this was the first time she had faced the world with her true appearance, so she was full of fear and probing.

Her legs seemed to be shaking, and one of her hands reached down, helplessly searching.

Lu Xin, who had been watching her, quickly grabbed her hand.

Feeling Lu Xin’s support, she slowly stood up and looked at the real world that was not a beautiful place.

Then, she smiled shyly in surprise.

“Hualala …

After a few seconds of extreme silence, there was a sudden clamor.

It was the sound of a gun falling to the ground.

All the armed soldiers who were aiming at the modified vehicles with guns and rocket cannons were stunned.

They had originally been prepared to fire their guns at the first sign of trouble, but now, their expressions turned dull.

Their faces revealed all kinds of changes of different levels.

At first, she was confused, then surprised, and finally, she was pleasantly surprised and gentle.

He even felt like he had just woken up from a dream.

The extremely impactful power instantly hit their hearts, causing their heartbeats to become gentle.

It turned out that her perception of beauty was so narrow in the past.

Doll peeked his head out of the modified car that had its roof opened. It was like the sun rising from the horizon.

At the very front of this group of people, a burly man with a fierce-looking face suddenly knelt down.

The expression on his face twisted and trembled, and tears rolled down his face uncontrollably. As he sobbed, he cried out, ‘

“An … Wrong, I’m sorry. I’m sorry … Pretty little girls …”

“No, you’re the beautiful little ni …”

“l was really wrong …”

“l shouldn’t have pointed the gun at you, you … Don’t blame me …”

It was as if he had used up all the strength in his body to say these words. Then, he suddenly fell to the ground and cried.

As she cried, she pounded the ground with all her might.

“Wuwuwu . . . ”

As if it was the spark of gunpowder, more noise rang out.

There were countless people. Some were crying emotionally, some were trembling uncontrollably, and some did not know what was going on and only knew how to beat their hearts. All kinds of sounds interweaved to form a sound.

No one would show that kind of crazy desire and possessiveness just because they saw a doll. The first impression humans had of beauty was often passive and shocked.

At this moment, instead of saying that they were all attracted by the beauty of the doll, they were all stunned.

Or rather, at that moment, they became innocent because of doll’s appearance.

“It’s almost time …

Through the windshield, Lu Xin looked at the men who were risking their lives. At this moment, all of them had turned into shy and excited little boys, and there were many strange things happening. While he was sighing with emotion, he also counted the time silently.

When he counted to 30 seconds, he took a deep breath and looked at doll.

“Are you ready to go for a ride?”