Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life-Chapter 399 - : He Was Shocked

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Chapter 399: He Was Shocked

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“Yeah, she’s not the type. That’s why she almost got ambushed. Ling’er chose the most ordinary path, but fortunately, she has me protecting her. Otherwise, she would have been eaten alive with nothing left but bones.”

“Wife, you get agitated every time you mention her.”

“Yes, I’m angry.”

As the two talked, the girl in the courtyard below looked up.

She knew someone had helped her, or she would have died by now.

“Thank you.”

Qiao Mai nodded at her. “You’re welcome. Saving you once doesn’t mean we can save you multiple times. Be cautious in the future.”


Yuan Jiaqi led Qiao Mai back to their room. “Since we’re leaving tomorrow, rest early tonight. The mosquitoes in the Taihang Mountains are numerous. I’ll light some mosquito repellent for you.”

Before dawn, Qiao Mai left the Taihang Mountain.

Yuan Jiaqi and Qingfeng bid farewell, preparing to set off with the four girls.

As they left the guest courtyard, they saw the girl they had rescued yesterday standing at the gate with some people.

“Benefactor, please accept my gratitude.”

Yuan Jiaqi stepped aside. “It was my wife who saved you. She had urgent matters and left already.” “But benefactor…

“I am not your benefactor.”

Yuan Jiaqi spoke coldly, then turned around and walked down the mountain with the four girls. The girl wanted to follow them.

Unexpectedly, the four girls drew their weapons, ready to fight her.

“Young lady, don’t you understand human language? If you dare to approach again, don’t blame our blades for being ruthless.” “I… I only want to thank my benefactor.” “I think you have eyes for my master, right?”

The girl blushed. “No, I…”

“Get lost!”

Xi Yu scolded her without mercy and followed Yuan Jiaqi down the mountain.

Last night, when this girl looked up, she was captivated by Yuan Jiaqi’s handsome figure illuminated by moonlight.

Today, she fell even more deeply upon seeing him again.

She was delighted to learn that his wife wasn’t around, but she didn’t expect this man to be so indifferent.

After settling the bill at the inn, they rode back home.

Unexpectedly, the young lady was waiting for them on the official road, much to Xi Yu’s annoyance. She knew her master too well.

Seeing that the young lady was about to greet Yuan Jiaqi again, Xi Yu immediately expressed her anger.

“I’ll say it again. My master didn’t save you. If you dare to harbor thoughts about him, you won’t have a good ending.”

The girl looked aggrieved. “Young lady, please don’t be angry. I’m just afraid of encountering another assassination. I want to travel with you for safety.” “Where are you going?” “To the South.”

“Sorry, we’re heading North.”

“I also have relatives in the North. Why not travel together? When we reach there, my relatives can arrange for me to go home safely.”

Yuan Jiaqi interrupted, “Miss, please maintain your dignity. I am already married. If you continue to follow us, my maid will take action.”

The girl teared up, looking pitiful. Any other man would probably be moved.

But unfortunately, she encountered Yuan Jiaqi.

In his own words, he was lucky to encounter his current wife. Otherwise, he wouldn’t spare a glance even if a woman undressed and stood before him.

Qiao Mai believed he must have been a monk in his previous life, passing through the Kingdom of Women, where he encountered her. They made a pact to fulfill each other’s destinies.

On the carriage, the girl twisted her handkerchief in frustration. Her appearance would enchant any man, but Yuan Jiaqi didn’t even look at her.

She instructed her maidservant to hurry with the carriage, attempting to catch up.

However, their mode of transportation was a carriage, while Yuan Jiaqi and the others were on horseback. Naturally, they were faster, and the maidservant couldn’t catch up.

Qiao Mai rode her horse, heading southward. As she traveled, she examined the map.

Locating the Holy Dark Temple wasn’t challenging. She continued South until there was no road left, pointing towards the direction of the sea.

She switched to a water route. After five or six days of sailing, she would see the islands. The Holy Dark Temple stood in the central part, atop the highest peak.

The entire palace was black, resembling the Nine Hells. At night, it was said to be pitch-black, as if shrouded by dark clouds. It was terrifying, and this condition persisted throughout the year.

Qiao Mai sneered. That place must have been fortified with formations.

Otherwise, how could it maintain such a dark atmosphere throughout the year?

She wondered who had poisoned the Crown Prince. She had broken the curse this time, but had the perpetrator suffered the consequences?

Days later, she stored the Dongzhao in her space and stood by the vast sea, waiting for the ship.

In her free time, she read a book about venomous worm curses.

There were heart-devouring curses, soul-devouring curses, and unity curses, all designed to control others.

Compared to the immortal realm, the worm curses in the mortal realm were fewer.

Inside the Holy Dark Temple, dim lights illuminated the figures of several people. One of them was the Grand Master who had been harmed by the restriction backlash.

There were also three Sect Lords, one lying on the ground, barely alive.

The Grand Master roared, “I told you to come back. What are you doing in the Ming Dynasty? Have you not suffered enough losses? Are you looking for death?”

The three Sect Lords kept their heads down, not daring to make a sound. The Grand Master covered his chest, so furious that he felt like kicking the man on the ground.

“Do you think you’re the only one capable? Do you think you’re the most skilled in the world? There’s always someone better. Even beyond that, there’s the unknown. If you suffer losses, who can you blame? This is a lesson for you.”

The Grand Master glared at the man on the floor and took a few deep breaths.

“Someone, take him to the second floor. Find a room to settle him in. When I recover a bit from my injuries, we’ll provide him with treatment.”

“Yes, Grand Master.”

Several black-clad individuals carried the injured man away. This injured man was one of the four Sect Lords whom Qiao Mai had sent back with a message.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t return to the Holy Dark Temple but went to the capital. He intended to use curse worms to control the crown prince but ended up falling flat on his face.

He was unconscious, and his most capable assistant had also died.

If it weren’t for the signal flare he launched before losing consciousness, he would have been in the grave now.

The Grand Master paced back and forth on a high platform with his hands behind his back.

“Increase the guards. If you find any suspicious persons, report them immediately.”

“Grand Master, I heard that the Duke of Blessing’s wife in the Ming Dynasty is very mysterious. She keeps many ferocious beasts in her house.”

“Rumors are rumors. I believe when I see it.”

“Our scouts never returned.”

“This matter is tricky. If we are not careful, we might be in trouble.” “How about we disperse our people?”

“We must disperse. Let them lay low on the island as ordinary people. Everyone, remember to keep a low profile. The opponent is formidable. Even I am uncertain.”

On the boat, Qiao Mai stood on the bow, gazing at the endless sea.

“Boatman, how many days to reach the Islands of No Worries?”

“Depends on the weather. Could be six days if it’s good, or ten days if it’s slow.”

Qiao Mai sat down cross-legged and closed her eyes. The boatman shook his head, paying her no mind.

Little did he know that she sat for six days. Regardless of wind, sun, or rain, she remained motionless. The boatman thought she had starved to death and approached to check on her.

To his surprise, Qiao Mai opened her eyes as soon as he got close, startling him.

“You…Aren’t you hungry?”

“People who practice martial arts can go without food for half a month.”

“We’ve grilled fish. Would you like some?” “How much for one?”

“Ten silver coins for a fish about two pounds.”

“Bring one. Also, get me a pot of rice wine.”

“One pot of rice wine is one silver coin.”

Shortly after, the fish and wine were brought over. Qiao Mai sniffed them, confirming no tampering by the boatman.

She started eating while faintly seeing the silhouette of the archipelago in the distance.

After a few bites, she raised her head, emptied the wine into her stomach, and gazed at the small islands.

“Boatman, do you have the clothes of the island residents?”

“No. People wear all sorts of things there from five different countries.”

“Oh, is it crowded with people?”

“Not too many. The residents are mostly foreigners from the past who have become locals over time.”

“That’s good. That way, I won’t be afraid of not understanding their conversations..”