Spatial Farm Life: Raising My Kid, Abusing Scum, and Keeping Busy With Life-Chapter 400 - : I Want To Blast Them To Death

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Chapter 400: I Want To Blast Them To Death

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“Are you here for business, or?”

“Just wandering around.”

“You are bold. There are few women like you.”

Qiao Mai smirked, thinking, ‘Far more than just a few. I am rare.’

The seemingly nearby island took half a day to reach. The sky was filled with twinkling stars as soon as they landed, and there was an inn right where they disembarked.

Business was good, but things were a bit chaotic.

Staying there required no references, no registration, and no one bothered to ask.

“Give me the best room.” “It’s ten silver coins per night.”

“I’ll stay for one night first.”

Such straightforward guests were very much appreciated by the innkeepers.

After Qiao Mai entered the room, she locked the door and entered her space in a flash.

Greeny immediately appeared before her. “Master, have we arrived at the Islands of No Worries?”

“Yes, we’ll go out tomorrow. What do you think?” “Hehe, I was just thinking about it. I’m here to collect some new species.” “I wonder if my husband has returned home.”

“It’s been so many days. He should have arrived by now. Don’t worry, master.

Dracaena is watching over him.”

Qiao Mai sighed, lying on the bed in her sleepwear. Greeny found a song on the computer and fell asleep in no time.

When she woke up, it was already dawn. Qiao Mai emerged from the space, and it was hustle and bustle outside the inn.

She opened the window lazily, gazing outside.

“Oh, there are all kinds of people. It seems there are people from beyond the five kingdoms as well.”

Greeny flew out. “Oh, there are people with dark skin, light skin, yellow skin, blue eyes, black eyes, brown eyes… Looking at these people, it feels so fresh.”

“There are also quite a few hawkers. This must be the only pier on the small island. ”

“Master, I see dried fish being sold here. Shall we stock up?”

“Sure. We’ll order some local dishes.”

Qiao Mai looked at the plump fish on the stall, gulped, and was delighted to find something she wanted to eat.

She didn’t have the desire to wander around but changed her clothes because of her cravings. Greeny transformed into a beautiful butterfly, fluttering in her hair.

“Master, look! There’s preserved ribbonfish and dried yellow croaker. They’re so big!”

Qiao Mai bought quite a lot, put them in a basket, and then transferred them into her space. She repeated the process many times, buying the best items on the market.

The master and servant found a crowded tavern, ordered steamed fish and salt-baked crabs, and enjoyed a delicious meal.

They settled the bill at the inn, hired a carriage, and headed straight for the central part of the islands, where the Dark Temple was located.

On the way, she held a handful of dried fish and a jug of wine.

The coachman occasionally turned back to look at her and shook his head.

“Madam, where are you going?”

“I heard the black house is famous. I plan to look around there.”

“Be careful. The surroundings are full of poisonous insects. If you’re bitten accidentally, you might lose your life.”

“I’ll look from a distance. After all, I’m here on a trip.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

After half a day, they arrived at the Holy Dark Temple. The coachman brought her to the location, considerately finding an inn for her in the vicinity.

Feeling assured, Qiao Mai looked at the Holy Dark Temple from afar and leisurely checked into the inn.

She paid a high price to stay in a room that directly faced the temple.

“Master, do you plan to deal with them?”

Qiao Mai raised an eyebrow. “Of course. I’ll let them taste the power of the cannon. I bombed them all night in my dream.”

“Oh, it seems you have kept the cannons.”

“Yeah. Buy a few more cannonballs from the platform for me. I’m going to blast them.”

“Then let me check in the space to see what models they are. I’ll debug them.”

Qiao Mai pouted. “Unfortunately, this palace is not worthy of using missiles. It will be reduced to rubble in one hit.”

Greeny rolled her eyes. “If you use atomic bombs, this island will sink.”


As night fell, Qiao Mai slept on the spacious bed, deeply asleep after drinking quite a bit.

But she knew what she had to do. In the middle of the night, she sat up from the bed without lighting a candle, walked to the window, and looked across.

Greeny appeared in a flash with a cannon and a base.

“Master, the inn we stayed at is not very sturdy. I added a base to the cannon to reduce its impact force.”

“Smart. Come on. Give me the cannonball.”

The tiny Greeny, holding a cannonball several times its size, stuffed it into the cannon barrel.

Qiao Mai found the coordinates. “Fire.”

With a bang, the cannonball flew out. It didn’t hit, landing on the wall of the Holy Dark Temple. Even so, it made the palace shake several times.

At the same time, the inn also shook. Qiao Mai gritted her teeth. “It’s exhilarating. Continue.”

She kept adjusting the angle, and finally, the third cannonball hit. Qiao Mai clicked her tongue.

“It’s been a long time since I played with this thing. My hands are sore.”

“It’s not bad, considering the distance isn’t close.”

“Tonight, let’s blast them into pieces. Let’s try to destroy their formation too.”


The master and servant played with joy. The Holy Dark Temple, which had never been brightly lit, was now illuminated. At the same time, the guests in the inn woke up.

They all ran outside, thinking it was an earthquake.

After a night of intense bombardment, the Holy Dark Temple was reduced to ruins.

As dawn approached, Qiao Mai and Greeny lay sprawled on the bed and fell into a slumber.

However, the commotion on the small island began.

A group of black-clothed individuals searched the surroundings, going from house to house. Qiao Mai’s inn was not spared either.

A knock on the door interrupted her sleep. Dressed in her nightgown, Qiao Mai opened the door with sleepy eyes.

A black-clothed man stared at her, glancing around her room.

“Are you the only one in the room?”


“Were you in the room last night?”

“No, it seems there was an earthquake last night. I was scared and didn’t dare to sleep. I only went to bed when it was almost dawn.”

The room was empty, and the smell of gunpowder had long dissipated. The black-clothed men, judging her as a weak woman, asked a few more questions and then left.

However, they returned shortly after Qiao Mai fell asleep again.

“Come with us.”


“Why? In our Dark Temple, what we say on this island is an order. Let’s go!” Qiao Mai was taken away by them in her nightgown.

It was only at this moment that she saw the true face of the Holy Dark Temple, entirely constructed with black marble.

However, the once-overcast sky had now turned into a bright sun.

Many suspects were brought to the edge of the ruins.

A black-clad figure, wearing a black cloak with a wide-brimmed hat that obscured his face, stood amid a crowd of similarly dressed individuals. They were arranged in a hierarchical order below the Grand Master.

His eerie voice echoed, “Speak up. Who did it?”

The surroundings were so quiet that even the buzzing of mosquitoes could be heard. “If no one speaks, I will kill everyone. Since no one is talking, you will all die.”

Having spoken, he observed the people around him. Qiao Mai stood in the middle, not standing out.

As the black-clothed men raised a large knife, ready for a massacre, Qiao Mai sneered.

“Let them go. I destroyed your palace.”

The Grand Master abruptly stood up and swiftly appeared before her. They locked eyes.

“You? You stepped forward voluntarily to save them?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I don’t!”

Qiao Mai flipped her hand, revealing a pistol. She aimed at one of the black-clothed men and pulled the trigger.

The man fell, and the Grand Master stared at her, stunned for a long time. Finally, he waved his hand.

“Release them.”

As the people left, the Grand Master arched his hand towards her. “Please have a seat..”