Star Odyssey-Chapter 2093: Throw Them Out

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Chapter 2093: Throw Them Out

Wei An and Hen Mo were both so confident that they had dared to challenge the Dao Chosen even during the Heavens Sect era. Each of them were capable of casually overwhelming any of the current era’s Ten Arbiters, but the two men had been simultaneously attacked by Lu Yin. They had also been wounded by the attacks, which people found completely unbelievable.

They were absolute geniuses at the level of one or two-tribulation Envoys, and yet neither of them had even been able to defend against Lu Yin’s attacks.

Lu Buzheng laughed and relaxed upon seeing Lu Yin reveal himself. While the Semi-Progenitor did not believe that Lu Yin was strong enough to stand up to Chu Yuan or the other Dao Chosen, Lu Yin’s two attacks had been a wonderful stress relief for Lu Buzheng. Dai Ao, Liu Tianmu, and many others who had been targeted were all members of the Lu Heavenly Gate.

Lu Yin's sword slash had crossed half of the plaza, and his actions had not only roused the attention of audience, but also most of the candidates still in the plaza.

Chu Yuan and Heluo Mavis both stared at Lu Yin in surprise. It’s him? Wasn't he stabbed by that sword?

Lu Yin had not died, which shocked the two Dao Chosen, though Chu Yuan’s surprise surpassed Heluo Mavis’s. Despite not wanting to admit it, Chu Yuan knew that he had technically lost in the competition to seize control of the Origin Progenitor’s sword, as there was no other reason for the sword to have gone over to Lu Yin. The fact that the sword had stabbed Lu Yin was something that Chu Yuan had also believed to be an accident.

Regardless of how things turned out, there was no way for Chu Yuan to deny that he had indeed lost to Lu Yin.

Sky Garan's eyes lit up as he stared at Lu Yin, and a smile stretched across his face. It was wonderful that Lu Yin was not dead, and that sword attack had been beautiful to see. Still, Sky Garan did not feel even the slightest bit threatened, as he considered Hen Mo mere trash. The fact that Lu Yin was not dead meant that he could be the foundation for Sky Garan’s road to becoming a Dao Monarch, and he would even be able to lay his hands on the Origin Progenitor’s sword by doing so.

"I didn't expect him to still be alive. This child truly is incredibly lucky," Xia De muttered to himself as he stared at Lu Yin on the edge of the plaza. The man was genuinely shocked.

Xia Ji's expression darkened. It was clear that the young man was hostile towards him. In fact, if Lu Yin were anyone else, even one of the ancient Dao Chosen, Xia Ji would not be too afraid. However, even if Lu Yin was someone whose cultivation base could not keep up with the level of his ever-more powerful enemies, he did not hold onto the old-fashioned ideals of people from the Heavens Sect era, and his schemes far surpassed those of even people like Hen Xin.

It seemed quite possible that the final result of the team competition had been instigated by Lu Yin.

Xia Ji shared this thought. "If that kid’s really alive, then the team battle makes sense. This kid is despicable, and he’s unmatched when it comes to scheming."

Hen Xin stared at Lu Yin. Personally, he had been very impressed with this young man. Despite being an Envoy, Lu Yin had participated on the decisive battlefield that was dominated by Semi-Progenitors, and he had even been a determining factor in the final result. It could be said that the Sky Pillar had only been able to block the passage to the Starfall Sea because of Lu Yin, and his contributions to humanity were startling. If one examined the current era, it was impossible to ignore just how expansive Lu Yin’s influence was.

"Could Xing Kai’s disappearance be related to him as well?" Xia De asked as he suddenly remembered something.

Hen Xin was caught off guard by this question. "Has the child trained in Truesight?"

Xia Ji replied, "He has, and he shouldn’t be weak. Twenty years ago, his mastery of Truesight was second only to God of Mirrors, so his mastery should be even more impressive now."

"Is he better at it than you?" Hen Xin glanced over at Xia Ji.

Xia Ji subconsciously answered, "He’s much worse than me."

Suddenly, he came to his senses, and he looked back at Hen Xin. "Are you doubting me, Gatemaster?"

Hen Xin looked away. "I was just wondering."

Xia Ji frowned slightly and looked over at Xia De. The other man from the Xia family also frowned and shook his head at Xia Ji.

The two had a very complicated relationship with Hen Xin, but they were still allies. Once the Technocracy’s New Corridor was repaired, the Perennial World’s forces would return home. Also, if they ever managed to enter Jupiter, they would also take the opportunity to return. The matters concerning the Heavens Sect and the Dao Chosen really had nothing to do with the two Semi-Progenitors of the Xia family, but they knew that they needed to work with Hen Xin until they returned to the Perennial World.

It was not that they were incapable of protecting themselves in the Human Domain of the Fifth Mainland, but rather that they hoped to obtain some of the inheritances from the Heavens Sect era, such as the cultivation methods for battle force. The Three Fatalities Heavenly Gate's mastery of battle force surpassed their imagination, and it was exactly what they needed.

However, Hen Xin’s words had made both Xia De and Ni Huang pay attention. They would always be outsiders when it came to the Three Fatalities Heavenly Gate.

Twenty years was not a long span of time for cultivators, but it was still long enough for people to forget certain things.

Twenty years ago, Lu Yin had dominated the entire Fifth Mainland. He had conquered the Innerverse and the Outerverse, and his influence had even surpassed the Hall of Honor’s. With the many passing years, many people's impression of the young man had started to blur. When Lu Yin reappeared, people quickly started talking about him, and various stories were being recounted. In particular, the youths were talking about Lu Yin, as they felt like they were staring at a legend come to life.

Wu Da was watching everything in the plaza from outside the Heavens Sect, and he became excited enough that his whole face flushed. "It's Lu Yin! Lu Yin’s back! He isn’t dead! Hahahaha, tomorrow's publication will shock the entire Human Domain! Countless people are going to lose their minds, haha!"

"Boss, that’s Lu Yin?" the woman following Wu Da asked as she curiously stared at the plaza.

Wu Da nervously licked his lips. "Yes, that’s Lu Yin. A legend, no matter if he’s dead or still alive. He’s responsible for writing an unerasable chapter in Fifth Mainland’s history. Over the last fifty years, almost every single major event that has taken place carries his influence. Even if he’s been gone for the past twenty years, the people he left behind and his influence created the Lu Heavenly Gate. Even dead, he still had the ability to control the events in the entire Fifth Mainland."

"Aren’t you exaggerating this a bit? Can he compare to one of the Heavenly Gates’ masters?" Some of the people with Wu Da did not believe him.

Wu Da just sneered. "What about those gatemasters? They’re just older and have more impressive cultivation bases. Given enough time, forget about Lu Yin becoming a gatemaster—he’ll become a legendary Progenitor."

While it was only natural for the others to not believe Wu Da's claims, it remained true that Lu Yin's appearance had created quite a sensation.

He slowly walked forward and entered the Heavens Sect’s plaza. He looked around at all the people who were competing to become the Dao Chosen. He knew far too many of the people who were present.

Across the plaza, Silver flashed his iconic foxy smile at Lu Yin, acting as familiar and friendly as ever.

Lu Yin laughed at the sight. He had actually forgotten about this person. Even when Lu Yin’s senior brother Qing Ping had led a strike team against Aeternus Nation, Lu Yin had known that Silver had hidden his strength very deeply. Still, Lu Yin had not expected Silver to be capable of participating in the Dao Chosen selection as the Undying Heavenly Gate’s chosen representative. Keep smiling as happily as you want, but today, I’m going to rip apart that creepy smile on your face and find out just what’s hidden underneath!

Further away, Chu Yuan, Heluo Mavis, and Sky Garan looked either antagonistic or contemplative as they stared at Lu Yin.

"Little Seven!" There was a loud shout that echoed across the plaza, and then a massive mace slammed down towards Lu Yin. He looked up and raised a hand to stop it from smashing into him. There was a loud bang, his expression suddenly changed. There was a shocking amount of force behind this strike.

Lu Yin looked up to see a stunningly beautiful woman smiling at him. However, the woman’s huge Adam's apple was just too disturbing as it protruded from her throat, and the clashing appearance was disturbing to many people.

Lu Yin pursed his lips. "Big Sis, you can’t greet people like this in the future. It's too crude."

He then tossed the mace back to Big Sis, who accepted it with a smile. "I knew that you’d be back. It wasn’t a waste for me to beg the gatemaster so many times to do a divination."

Lu Yin had seen Big Sis from the back of Ancestor Tortoise, but he had also been surprised to see her be the Divining Heavenly Gate’s representative in the Dao Chosen selection. For Lu Yin, it had already been odd enough to hear that Big Sis had been accepted as Destina’s disciple. "Big Sis, are you also fighting in this Dao Chosen selection? Aren’t you too old to participate?"

Big Sis's expression instantly grew dark, and her features twisted into a scowl. "Alright, I dare you to come out and openly call me an old lady! Fine, I wanted to help you take out the trash, but you can go deal with it all yourself now. This ‘old lady’ won’t get involved."

The faces of the people nearby in the plaza grew pale. Take out the trash? If they had not all been so worried about the Divining Heavenly Gate supporting Big Sis, they would have eliminated her long ago.

Lu Yin waved a hand. "I don't need any help. I’ll take care of things on my own."

Elsewhere in the plaza, Lu Lai and Lu Jiao glanced at each other. Was this person really the current era’s direct descendant of their family’s main line? He was certainly crazy enough! He was even more insane than Dao Chosen Tianyi! Still, the fact that he had so casually defeated both Hen Mo and Wei An proved that this Lu Yin was indeed stronger than the other two members of the Lu family.

"Let's meet up with the direct descendant and clear his obstacles," Lu Lai said quietly. Lu Jiao nodded, and the two started walking towards Lu Yin.

"Brother Lu, I didn't expect you to show up alive. Congratulations," Sky Garan said.

Heluo Mavis laughed. "Do you still remember that first deal we made? Those rules can still apply now."

Lu Yin answered, "There’s no need. I didn’t need those restrictions back then, and there’s even less of a need for them now."

Chu Yuan looked up. "You seem quite confident, Brother Lu."

"Captain, it’s been a very long time!" Silver said with a smile.

Lu Yin looked over at Silver. "We should definitely talk."

"I'll be waiting for you." Silver’s smile grew larger than ever.

They were all currently participating in a vicious Dao Chosen selection, and the atmosphere should naturally be violent and brutal. However, the conversations taking place in the plaza were at an odd juxtaposition to the vicious battles. It seemed like the people speaking were simply ignoring all of the other people in the plaza.

However, that impression was perfectly accurate: all of the others had indeed been completely disregarded.

"Don't you think that there are still too many people?" Sky Garan glanced around and slowly asked.

Heluo Mavis agreed. "Definitely. There are way too many."

"Then throw them out," Chu Yuan indifferently suggested.

Silver smiled as he looked at Lu Yin. "What do you think, Captain?"

Lu Yin looked around. "Everyone from the Honor and Lu Heavenly Gates, leave. As for the others, we can just throw them out."

"That’s ridiculous. I’m going to get rid of the people from your Lu Heavenly Gate." Sky Garan sneered at Lu Yin’s comment, and he focused intently on two people who were zipping around the plaza at a high speed. They were Black and White.

Sky Garan then looked a bit further towards Hai Dashao, and just as Black and White were about to pass in front of the man, Sky Garan raised a hand. The red bloodstains on the floor rose and formed into sharp arrows that shot out. The arrows were aimed to shoot straight through Black and White and pierce Hai Dashao in a single attack.

Lu Yin's palm twitched, and a Hollow Palm shattered the sharp blood arrows just as they were about to stab into Black and White. The blood scattered, startling the twins. They had been able to freely race around the plaza, untouchable because of their speed, but they were not fast enough to escape when targeted by Sky Garan.

Given the man’s strength, it was easy for him to hurt or even kill the two girls.

Sky Garan had not held back at all with his attack. He had been aiming for Hai Dashao, and he had considered Black and White to be nothing more than collateral damage.

He looked at Lu Yin in surprise. "You also care about those two?"

Right before Lu Yin replied, his eyes looked a bit odd. Big Sis’s massive mace was dropping down onto Sky Garan's head.

"They’re from my Eversky Island, fucking dumbass!" Big Sis screamed as she unleashed a vicious attack.

Sky Garan had not expected to receive such an instant attack from Big Sis. He pressed a hand down, clearly aiming at the floor of the plaza, but oddly enough, a terrifying force moved in the opposite direction and slammed into the mace. For a moment, things remained frozen in the air. Then, spatial cracks shot out across the plaza like bolts of lightning.

Sky Garan's expression changed, and he looked at Big Sis in shock. She had actually blocked his attack.

Big Sis stared straight back at Sky Garan. "I'm going to beat your pasty little face into a pig's head!"

Instantly, her enormous mace started to crack and shatter with a bang. Two huge hammers were revealed, and they both smashed down onto Sky Garan.

The man just reacted with a contemptuous snort, and he countered with two hands instead of one. This time, he aimed at Big Sis’s head with his attacks.

Lu Yin was just about to interfere when Big Sis let out a roar and smashed a hammer down. A terrifying shockwave swept out, and the second hammer fell. Sky Garan's expression changed drastically, and he gritted his teeth. "Reincarnation Start.”

As he spoke, invisible phantoms vaguely skittered about. They indistinctly looked like wraiths, and they moved to slap their hands down onto Big Sis's head.