Star Odyssey-Chapter 2094: The Battle Of Speed

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Chapter 2094: The Battle Of Speed

Big Sis lifted her head up high before smashing her hammers down hard.


The Heavens Sect shook, and everyone stared in surprise, as this attack of Big Sis’s had sent many people flying.

Even Lu Yin was surprised. How had Big Sis's strength improved so much? Her hammer blows were far from weak. In fact, there was so much force behind them that Lu Yin wanted to test himself against them.

Two people retreated at the same time, and Sky Garan finally looked at Big Sis with a serious expression. This was the first time that he had taken any opponent in the plaza seriously. "The Thundering Hammer."

Big Sis raised one of the hammers up next to her head as she stared at Sky Garan. "You little leech, this old lady’s got a problem with you—you dared to lay a finger on my Eversky Island!"

"You just used Thundering Hammer! How can you possibly know that technique?" Sky Garan felt quite puzzled.

Elsewhere in the plaza, Heluo Mavis was stunned. "Thundering Hammer? That woman knows that technique? Is she also from our era? No, even back then, almost no one knew that technique."

"What’s Thundering Hammer?" Yuhua Mavis was confused.

Heluo Mavis grumpily answered, "Get lost! I'm going to go beat those guys, and you're in my way."

Lu Buzheng spoke up from the audience stands. "The Heavens Sect had war drums, and they could only be struck with the Thundering Hammer technique. Only one person from each Mainland could qualify to learn the Thundering Hammer to sound the battle drums. There were rumors that there were potentially 9,999 hammer strikes in the technique, but the records of our time were held by a Mavis family ancestor who managed to master 9,900 hammer strikes. No one ever managed to surpass that record. This technique is the pinnacle hammer technique from the Heavens Sect era."

Lu Yin was taken aback, and he could not resist glancing over at Destina. It appeared that she had taught Big Sis the technique, as there was no other way for Big Sis to have learned it.

Sky Garan took a deep breath. "Do you really believe that knowing Thundering Hammer qualifies you to compete to become the Dao Chosen? I’ll tell you right now that no one during our era ever succeeded in becoming a Dao Chosen by relying on the Thundering Hammer, nor did any of them ever manage to become a gatemaster of one of the Twelve Heavenly Gates. This is just a mere hammer technique"

Big Sis sneered. "The more I use it, the more I feel a longing to use a hammer. I’m going to test out this technique on you!"

She then raised both of her hammers up high and smashed them down.

While Big Sis was focused on Sky Garan, other people had started to go after Lu Yin, and several of them took action at the same time.

Wang Yi's body flickered, and she used Four Arts: Celestial Blade to attack Lu Yin. At the same time, Hen Mo, despite already being severely injured by Lu Yin, charged at Lu Yin. Aurelian force spread across the man’s wounded body, and he was determined to get revenge.

Before Lu Yin could even make a move, a man and a woman suddenly appeared in front of him, and they moved to block both Wang Yi and Hen Mo.

"We’re members of a branch family of the Lu family from the Heavens Sect era. Leave these people to us," Lu Lai shouted loudly as she blocked Wang Yi’s blade.

Lu Jiao stared straight at Hen Mo. "I want to test out the power of aurelian force."

At this moment, Chu Yuan moved out again, and he suddenly appeared right in front of Liu Tianmu. A hand stretched out to grab the woman from where she had fallen after her battle with Wei An. Just as Liu Tianmu was about to be grabbed, Lu Yin appeared, and he reached out to grab Chu Yuan’s arm and stop him. "She’s also one of mine."

"Really? Can you save her?" Chu Yuan gave a small smile as he twisted around and kicked at Liu Tianmu. Lu Yin moved his leg at the same time to block the kick, and there was a bang as a shockwave pushed Liu Tianmu back. However, since Lu Yin had blocked the force of Chu Yuan’s attack, Liu Tianmu remained completely unharmed.

The next instant, Chu Yuan disappeared yet again, and he reappeared in front of Hui Santong. The man stared at Chu Yuan in surprise, and he was completely unable to react to the man’s sudden appearance. The Hui family had gone to the Lu Heavenly Gate, which meant that they were also under Lu Yin’s protection.

Chu Yuan waved a hand, and a long sword appeared in his grip. The sword moved around Lu Yin to slash at Hui Santong.

It was a tricky attack, and most people would not even be able to clearly see the trajectory. However, Chu Yuan’s opponent was Lu Yin, and Lu Yin had received an inheritance from the Sword Monument. In that inheritance, Lu Yin had observed the use of countless weapons, and he had seen how a scythe could be used to defeat thousands of different moves and weapons. Even though Chu Yuan used an exquisite sword technique, it was not enough to even catch Lu Yin’s attention, and he used his fingers to redirect the attack.

Xu San was still hiding in a corner of the plaza, and Chu Yuan next appeared in front of Xu San’s hidden form. Again, the sword slashed out, and the solitary slash transformed into thousands of attacks. Xu San could not determine which was real and which was fake, and he was completely unable to even respond. In an instant, Lu Yin was there as well, though he looked at Chu Yuan with genuine surprise. Why was this guy's sword technique improving with each attack?

After attacking Hui Santong and moving onto Xu San, Chu Yuan’s sword technique had improved by far more than just a single level. If his sword skills were compared to the Thirteen Swords, he had essentially just gone from the First Sword to the Twelfth Sword.

Chu Yuan smiled, and he spun around the edge of the sword so that it was redirected towards himself. The blade brushed past his neck, and he twisted his body to move with the sword and spin around. Suddenly, the sword attack shot through the plaza, slicing through the void as it targeted Hai Dashao.

The man saw the attack, but he was completely unable to respond to it. There was a huge gap in strength between Hai Dashao and Chu Yuan, and Hai Dashao was locked in place by the approaching sword attack. All he could do was face the attack head on.

Lu Yin appeared in an instant, but he was more solemn than ever before. This sword technique ignored the concept of distance. It was not fast, as it started from the swordsman and ended with their opponent while completely ignoring the distance between the two. While this attack was not particularly powerful, the technique behind it was exquisite. It surpassed the level of even the Thirteen Swords’ Twelfth Sword, and while it did not quite reach the same level as Emotion, it was still extremely difficult to avoid.

All Lu Yin could do was shove Hai Dashao aside while raising a hand to clamp two fingers down onto the sword slash. He gave Chu Yuan an odd look. "Where did you learn your sword techniques?"

Chu Yuan responded with a slight smile. "I'll tell you if you manage to win."

At that moment, his sword itself shattered, and the countless shards shot towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin had fought against many swordsmen over the years, but he had never encountered a swordsman who was not limited to using sword techniques, let alone one who would casually discard their weapon as Chu Yuan had just done so. It was clear that Chu Yuan treated his sword as a tool and a weapon, rather than as a swordsman’s sword. If Chu Yuan needed to break a tool to accomplish a task, then he would do so. He had no particular attachment to his sword.

Chu Yuan and Lu Yin’s bodies kept flickering, and they appeared and disappeared across the entire plaza at ever increasing speeds. There were only a select few people who could even able to see the two moving.

The entire plaza was supposed to be used for the Dao Chosen selection, but the competition had been reduced to a battle of speed between just two people.

Chu Yuan was trying to eliminate everyone from the Lu Heavenly Gate while Lu Yin was trying to protect them.

Finally, Lu Buzheng could no longer endure what he was seeing. "All members of the Lu Heavenly Gate, return to me and stop causing trouble."

Arch-Elder Zen also called out, "The Honor Heavenly Gate also forfeits this selection."

Ling Gong felt frustrated, as the glorious Ten Arbiters had done nothing more than get in the way during the Dao Chosen selection.

Suddenly, Lu Yin appeared right next to Ling Gong, and he spun around and instantly disappeared again. When she looked to her other side, she saw Chu Yuan moving on as well.

Lu Yin glanced around the plaza. Most people had already left. Little Mountain God, Black, White, and even the horribly wounded Liu Shaoqiu and Cai Jianqiang had left. Nearly everyone from the Lu Heavenly Gate had given up, though there were still many people sprinkled across the plaza.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and then his spiritual force erupted. At the same time, Chu Yuan took the exact same action on the opposite side of the plaza.

The two stared at each other. This was the exact same scenario as when they had been competing for the Origin Progenitor’s sword.

Chu Yuan had lost that first time, and he refused to lose again.

However, Lu Yin also did not feel that he had won in their previous clash. After all, it had ended with him being stabbed, and he was currently unable to use the death energy in his body. It was still stuck to the stellular energy within one of his vortices, creating a chaotic mess within his body. However, it did not particularly matter, as Lu Yin had enough stellular energy in his other three vortices. He had luckily used the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation to store away a massive amount of stellular energy, as otherwise, Lu Yin would have been left with only his battle force to fight with.

Two terrifying spiritual forces swept out, randomly flickering over the audience and continuing to spread out until they enveloped the entire Heavens Sect.

Everyone was caught within the two men’s spiritual force.

The Semi-Progenitors who were present acted quickly to stop the impressive spiritual force from harming the audience, but the people still in the plaza were not so lucky. Even Hui Santong, Wang Yi, and the others were barely able to breath under the suppression of the rampaging spiritual force.

This was the spiritual force of two people who had been tempered by the Origin Sutra, and this spiritual force was completely incomparable to other people’s. They were as overbearing and untouchable as Unseen Light’s peerless domain.

If one could see spiritual force with their eyes, they would be able to see that the two men’s spiritual force had completely filled the plaza and divided it in half, with the statue of the Origin Progenitor serving as the dividing line. Their spiritual force fought against each other, and one by one, the other participants in the selection were pushed out of the plaza. Even Lu Lai and the other elites from the Heavens Sect era were shoved aside without any exceptions.

Wang Yi stared at Lu Yin, and she quickly used her Four Arts: Pearl to try to seal his spiritual force, but before she could even finish preparing the technique, Lu Yin flicked a finger reinforced with battle force, and Wang Yi was instantly knocked out of the plaza as she tumbled through the air.

A bang shook the entire plaza, and almost everyone left was sent flying. After the smoke cleared and the dust settled, only six people could be seen still in the plaza: Chu Yuan, Heluo Mavis, Sky Garan, Big Sis, Silver, and Lu Yin.

These six stood on a different level from the rest of the participants in the Dao Chosen selection. No matter if the others were Junior Progenitors, Realmlings, or former Arbiters, none of them could compare to these six finalists.

"Finally dealt with the trash. This is how it should have been from the beginning," Heluo Mavis arrogantly declared.

Big Sis raised her two hammers over her head to attack Sky Garan yet again. She did not care about what happened anywhere else in the plaza at all, as she was focused entirely on Sky Garan. This was not only because he had attacked Black and White, but also because he had not shown Lu Yin anything other than disrespect and aggression. Naturally, Big Sis had to deal with such a person first.

Sky Garan was feeling incredibly frustrated. He was being targeted by a madwoman with insane strength, and his arms had already gone numb from her repeated blows.

"Captain, I'll leave the toughest one for you, so how ‘bout I deal with that woman?" Silver offered as he smiled at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked back. "He might not be the toughest opponent."

Silver was taken aback. "Are you saying that this woman’s stronger, Captain?"

Heluo Mavis frowned. She stared at Silver in annoyance, as this guy’s comments were starting to upset her.

Lu Yin stared at Silver for a moment. "Your actions have nothing to do with me. In the end, there’s no way that anyone in this plaza will be able to keep anything hidden."

Silver’s smile grew even brighter. "I really want to find out just what you’re hiding, Captain."

"I feel the same way about you," Lu Yin retorted. He had never once seen Silver actually treat a fight seriously, as he had only ever used his butterfly knife.

Chu Yuan and the others were all very powerful, and their full strength was unfathomable, but it was clear that Silver had his own advantages. There was no other way for him to have been able to catch Jue Yi's eye.

The Honor Heavenly Gate had not had any seeded candidates, as while Lei Nü and Shu Jing had both been Honor Chosen, neither had the strength necessary to be seeded candidates in this competition. Arch-Elder Zen and the others had already known about the monsters like Chu Yuan, and they were aware that their own youths were simply not on the same level. The only thing that Arch-Elder Zen did not fully understand was the presence of Silver as a seeded candidate. Still, the fact that Jue Yi had acknowledged Silver was enough to prove the youth’s qualifications.

The brighter the smile, the more dangerous the person.

"When did you decide how things are going to turn out?" Heluo Mavis's expression darkened, and she turned to look at Chu Yuan. "Let’s take them all out. The true Dao Chosen selection will only take place between the three of us."

"Naturally," Chu Yuan replied.

This was no longer simply a Dao Chosen selection, but also a battle between different eras.

Chu Yuan, Heluo Mavis, and Sky Garan were facing Lu Yin, Silver, and Big Sis. Six different people from two eras converged onto a single battlefield.

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