Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!-Chapter 2134 - Wen Yuan (28)

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Chapter 2134: Wen Yuan (28)

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Shang Qiqi went straight to Shang Qingmo’s company.

The employees were already used to Shang Qiqi’s arrival.

However, after she disappeared, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

She was talking about how she had seduced her uncle as a niece, or how she was a shameless and scheming woman.

Shang Qiqi had heard many ugly words before. She had seen worse terms online.


It was strange. She couldn’t accept the evaluation back then, but now, she didn’t feel anything.

Arriving at Shang Qingmo’s office, the secretary stood up habitually.

“Director Shang is in the office. Do you need anything to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

Shang Qiqi smiled sweetly at the secretary before opening the office door.

Shang Qingmo had just come out of the lounge and was fiddling with the cuffs of her shirt. When she heard the door open, she turned to look at her without any surprise.

Shang Qiqi was probably the only person in the world who could enter his office without knocking.

“Where did you go?”

He walked to the French windows and bent down to pick up the porcelain cup on the table beside him. He took a sip of water.

His relaxed posture indicated that he was taking a break after being busy.

Shang Qiqi closed the door and stared at him for a few seconds. A lump rose in her throat, but she quickly suppressed it.

She took a deep breath and walked towards Shang Qingmo.

Shang Qingmo took two sips of water. Sensing that the girl was too quiet today, she couldn’t help but turn to look at her. However, her waist was slowly hugged from behind, followed by a warm body.

His tall figure paused slightly. He gripped the porcelain cup in his hand tightly and looked down at the hand on his waist.

“What’s wrong? Were you bullied outside?”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on the hands on his waist.

Shang Qiqi shook her head. “No, I won’t embarrass you.”

Shang Qingmo smiled and held her hand. He bent down and placed the cup on the table before turning around.

Shang Qiqi looked up at him, her smiling eyes burning.

“Uncle,” she called out to him with a smile. She leaned into his embrace and said with a smile, “How can I really seduce you?”

Shang Qingmo’s expression froze. Sensing her warmth, his eyes darkened.

“Do you want to try tonight?”

Shang Qiqi shook her head. “No.”

“Huh?” Shang Qingmo raised an eyebrow.

At this moment, Shang Qiqi tiptoed and kissed him.

Her soft and sweet lips rubbed against his clumsily. In the end, she even stuck her tongue out. Her wetness swept past and she mustered up the courage to push his lips away.

At that moment, Shang Qingmo’s body suddenly tensed up and something in her mind snapped. She hugged her waist tightly and bent down to kiss her.

Unlike her clumsiness and carefulness, his kiss was strong and domineering, not giving her any chance to catch her breath. It was passionate and eager.

Shang Qiqi couldn’t take it anymore and kept bending her body back. Her teeth loosened slightly before she was forcefully invaded by the man. She raised her hand to hug his shoulder tightly and panted as she responded to him, trying her best to chase after his rhythm.

Her face was red and her eyes were misty.

After a long while, Shang Qingmo slowly stopped and pressed her forehead against hers. Seeing how she looked after being kissed, she couldn’t help but rub her red lips again.

Shang Qiqi’s eyelashes fluttered as she continued to chase after him.

In the end, Shang Qingmo even stopped what she was doing. However, Shang Qiqi continued to kiss him. Her lips slid down to the corner of his lips. She was still clumsy and teasing as she kissed his Adam’s apple.

The desire that Shang Qingmo had been suppressing was aroused by her again and again. Her eyes darkened as she looked at her.

“Qiqi, that’s enough…”

Shang Qiqi didn’t seem to hear him. She used her free hand to tug at Shang Qingmo’s tie.

Then, she looked at him with her misty eyes. It was a look of anticipation and fear.

The intention was obvious.

Shang Qingmo held her hand and said in a low and hoarse voice,

“Have you thought it through?”

Shang Qiqi couldn’t help but bite her lips shyly and bury her face in his neck.

“I haven’t… I’m afraid… but I… want Uncle…”

Her voice became softer and softer, but Shang Qingmo suddenly pinched her chin.


So she had been overseas for more than four years and was still innocent?

Nothing had happened between her and Han Ji?

Shang Qiqi blushed. “I can’t do such a thing with someone I don’t love…”


This sentence obviously pleased the man. Just as she finished speaking, a chuckle sounded from above. In the next second, her body was lifted into the air.

Caught off guard, she couldn’t help but exclaim.

Shang Qingmo lowered his head to look at her as he carried her. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Save your energy before shouting.”

The moment she was placed on the bed, Shang Qiqi looked at Shang Qingmo’s body nervously and expectantly.

“So did I succeed in seducing her?”

Shang Qingmo removed his tie and a faint smile appeared in his dark eyes. “Actually, you don’t have to do anything. But whatever you want to do is definitely not a bad thing.”

Shang Qiqi pouted. “Liar, clearly in the past… Mmm…”

Before she could finish speaking, Shang Qingmo interrupted her.

After his long kiss, Shang Qiqi’s clothes were in a mess.

“Don’t dig up old history with me. You want me to lay my hands on a girl who has just reached adulthood and is even my niece in name. Do you think I’m too beastly?”

“Then I’m still your niece in name…”

“Yes, but you’re not eighteen anymore.”


“Don’t say anymore. Otherwise, I’ll admit that I’ve been regretting it all these years. I shouldn’t have thought so much back then. Whether I’m 18 years old or my niece…”

Shang Qiqi’s eyelashes fluttered. “Yes… You should be glad that I didn’t give up myself all these years. Otherwise… it’s said that first love is unforgettable. For women, the first experience is even more unforgettable. They will even have the consciousness that no matter what happens to this man, he will be the only one in this life.”

“When the time comes…”

“There’s no time for that. Whether it’s your first love or your first experience, it can only be me!”

Shang Qiqi smiled and reached out to hug the man’s neck. She raised her body and whispered into his ear,

“Little Uncle, I want you…”

Shang Qingmo narrowed his eyes.


Her first experience went from wishing she was dead to wishing she was dead.

Shang Qingmo carried her out of the bathroom. Just as she placed her on the bed, she blushed and burrowed under the blanket.

Seeing her shy look, Shang Qingmo pursed her lips and said, “Show me your head. I’m not looking at you.”


Shang Qiqi’s soft voice came from under the blanket.

Shang Qingmo raised an eyebrow. “Remember to show your head.”

The door to the lounge opened and closed. After confirming that the room was really quiet, Shang Qiqi slowly pulled the blanket away.

There was no shyness or sweetness in those eyes. They roamed around the room before her lips twitched and she slowly closed her eyes.

The curtains in the lounge blocked out the afternoon light. In the darkness, Shang Qiqi’s closed eyes were filled with tears that seeped into the soft pillow.

Compared to the kiss four years ago, she had truly gotten it now.

She was satisfied.

Nothing was happier than getting what you wanted.

She wanted everyone she cared about to be happy.


Shang Qingmo went out and entered the conference room.

Due to the recent changes in the television station’s summer schedule, the introduction of new works involved future arrangements and new program planning.

Shang Qingmo was in a good mood, but she remained cold to her subordinates.

Everyone had always been businesslike and respectful in front of him. They would summarize everything without saying a word.

Even though her heart was in turmoil and she couldn’t calm down, she still behaved as usual.

However, Shang Qingmo finally noticed something.

The assistant’s phone vibrated a little too frequently. When the call was hung up, there were continuous messages.

After many times, the others in the conference room couldn’t hide the strange expressions on their faces.

Shang Qingmo frowned and threw the pen in his hand aside. He looked at his assistant with a dark expression.


The assistant pursed his lips and glanced at the others in the conference room. Everyone hurriedly got up and left.

Seeing this, Shang Qingmo’s face darkened, but she still allowed them to leave.

“Director Shang.”

It wasn’t until the last person left that the assistant went forward and took out his phone. He rummaged through it and placed it in front of Shang Qingmo.

At the top of the hot search, there was a glaring headline that read, “Niece’s mistress is arrogant, and the cafe is slapping her fiancée”.

The word “niece” pierced Shang Qingmo’s eyes.

He clicked on it. The first post was a video posted by a media account.

The video was taken the moment Shang Qiqi entered the cafe.

That confident and arrogant look was something he had rarely seen recently.

The conversation between the two of them made Shang Qingmo’s cold and ugly face even more difficult to look at.

Even when Song Yunshu splashed water on Shang Qiqi’s face, he didn’t react.

“I suddenly feel that when you left back then, you didn’t let go. Your return this time is actually your long-planned plan.”

“I can choose not to marry him, but don’t think that you can. Back then, you coveted half of my uncle’s bed at a young age. Now that you’ve just tasted a little sweetness, you’re showing off here…”

My niece seduced my uncle and she’s a third party. What right do you have to be smug in front of me? Who can really accept the two of you? The entire Shang family is about to be chewed up by others! Shang Qingmo is even being criticized now. Is this your so-called love?

Shang Qiqi gave her a tight slap.

“You’re right. I’m indignant that the man I love will marry another woman in the end. So what if I’ve planned this for a long time? So what if I deliberately seduced him? Who asked him to fall for this? I’ve gotten what I wanted. Why should I care about anything else? Will the Shang family kill me? Or will the Shang family’s business be ruined?”

“Song Yunshu, everything depends on the outcome. You’re upright, sensible, and sensible, but I’m the one who will succeed in the end.”

In the end, Shang Qiqi used the word “successful”, perfectly echoing her previous plan.

The assistant carefully observed Shang Qingmo’s expression. “The public opinion online is almost one-sided. They are all strongly condemning Miss Shang… for interfering in someone else’s marriage.”

“You even said that… you were actually schemed against…”

Before the assistant could finish his sentence, he was glared at by Shang Qingmo.

“CEO Shang… what should we do now? In the video, Miss Shang admitted that she was… deliberately seducing…”

Shang Qingmo threw her phone aside, but her gaze remained on it.

After a while, she said slowly, “Remove the trending topic.”

“… But this will probably cause more dissatisfaction.”


“… Yes.”

The assistant bent down to take the phone and called the media.

He didn’t know what the other party had said, but he was stunned.

“What did you say?”

Shang Qingmo looked up at him.

After a while, the assistant hung up with an ugly expression.

“CEO Shang, I heard that Miss Shang has contacted many media outlets to clarify some things.”

Hearing this, Shang Qingmo was stunned for a moment before she stood up almost instantly.

She pushed open the door to the lounge. The woman who should have been resting on the bed had already disappeared.

Anger flashed across Shang Qingmo’s face.

She strode out of the office in a mess and asked the secretary who was busy outside, “Where is she?”

The secretaries were stunned by the expression on his face. They were stunned for a moment before they reacted quickly. “Miss Shang went out not long after you left.”


At the same time, there were already reporters outside a certain media office building.

“You were also called over by that niece of the Shang family?”

“That’s right. I heard that she wants to clarify something. I wonder what she wants to clarify. In the video, she admitted that she seduced her uncle on purpose…”

“Didn’t Song Yunshu say that she wanted to climb into her uncle’s bed at such a young age? Now that I think about it, there must be something fishy about her sudden departure five years ago.”

“I think so too. Didn’t the video say that she had planned for at least five years? I have to say that she’s so scheming at such a young age…”

“What I can’t stand the most is how arrogant she is to slap her fiancée in public.”

“Old Master Shang never expected that the person he had raised for so many years would be such an ingrate.”

“I’m looking forward to it. How can she remove herself?”

Amidst the discussion, Shang Qiqi’s figure slowly appeared in front of them.

The group of reporters hurried forward.

Shang Qiqi stood in the middle and smiled at them.

“Thank you everyone for giving me face and inviting me here. I didn’t expect to receive so much attention. Even meeting someone in a cafe can be taken and uploaded online.”

“I thought that victory was in my grasp and that the person I was coveting was finally mine. I didn’t expect such an inexplicable thing to happen not long after.”

The reporters obviously didn’t want to hear her say so much. They interrupted her.

“So, Miss Shang, are you admitting that what the cafe said is true?”

“Did you leave Ping Cheng City suddenly five years ago for another reason?”

“Why did you look for us today?”

Faced with the reporters’ aggression, Shang Qiqi maintained a faint smile. She glanced at them calmly and after a few seconds of silence, she spoke again.

“I can’t deny what happened at the cafe. I said those words, and it’s naturally true that I hit Miss Song. But don’t worry, since things have come to this, I won’t quibble anymore.”

The reason why I’m standing here is because Miss Song is right. Indeed, I’ve liked my nominal uncle since a long time ago. Five years ago, I just came of age and did something impulsive that angered him. That’s why I chose to go overseas… Yes, it’s what you think. After he had a fiancée, he did such a shameless thing. Uncle was very angry back then, so he sent me overseas to study.

As for why we’re together again and why he suddenly canceled his engagement with Miss Song… It’s because I took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t prepared and didn’t realize it. I did the same thing as I did five years ago and forced him to be responsible for me. After all… even if he didn’t realize it, he had betrayed his fiancée. I naturally couldn’t let him have me for free.”

“However, Uncle is still my brother-in-law. Even if I did that, in order to protect me, I broke off the engagement and got entangled with my niece. I was blamed for being unfaithful.”

The moment she finished speaking, there was a commotion in front of her.

Shameless. She had heard the word shameless clearly.

Shang Qiqi’s fingers poked her palm tightly, but her smile was flawless.

“If the incident at the cafe hadn’t been exposed, I wouldn’t have said so much. I would even enjoy the fruits of my victory. But since the truth has been exposed… After all, the Shang family has raised me for so many years and given me so much love. No matter how heartless I am, I know that they treat me well. By telling the truth today, I can repay them for raising me.

In the end, I still have to thank Grandpa and Uncle for their love and support. I’m sorry for causing the Shang family’s reputation to be ruined because of my selfishness. I don’t ask for forgiveness. From now on, I will stay far away from the Shang family. Oh, and Miss Song Yunshu, I’m sorry.”

With that, Shang Qiqi blinked and turned to leave with a smile.

The reporters wanted to chase after her, but they were stopped by the security guards arranged by the media building.

Shang Qiqi lowered her head and quickly got into a car.

“Little Miss…”

The driver was from the main family.

She had been instructed not to show her face easily.

“Immediately, to the airport.”

Shang Qiqi clutched her chest, which was so tight that it felt like she was suffocating. Her voice trembled uncontrollably.

She hadn’t expected it to be so soon.

She thought that she could stall longer…

She could stay by his side longer…

But she couldn’t let Shang Qingmo bear so much burden and make him and the entire Shang family the laughing stock in everyone’s eyes.

Other than taking all the blame, she couldn’t think of a better solution.

They were a relationship that no one could accept. There were too many factors that prevented them from being together.

As long as she cut off all contact with the Shang family and left…

It was just a matter of time. Time would eventually dilute everything.

Be it love, hate, or unwillingness…


It wasn’t until she saw the press conference that Song Yunshu realized that the sadness she had seen on Shang Qiqi’s face at the cafe was real.

And the contradictory feeling that flashed across her heart at that moment had an answer.

From the moment she saw her at the cafe, she felt a strong sense of dissonance. Now that she thought about it, she had already made plans to do so the moment Shang Qiqi stepped into the cafe.

Her arrogant attitude and provocative words were all intentional.

She didn’t have to look at the comments on the Internet to know how ugly the comments were.

She chose to bear everything herself and even destroyed her own life just to remove everyone as much as possible.

At this moment, Song Yunshu suddenly felt that her persistence was meaningless.

The beginning of her relationship with Shang Qingmo was not because of their relationship. That was just a product of her wanting to avoid another relationship. The reason why they had ended up like this was because she was unwilling to accept another failure.

She had thought that love was the deepest bond, but in the end, she couldn’t keep him.

Later on, she thought that benefits were an unbreakable bond. It was even enough to bind two people. But in the end, she lost to love.


She had never thought that she would ruin her life for another person without hesitation.

At least for now, she wouldn’t risk her life for Shang Qingmo.

In fact, she would even feel indignant and even jealous because of Shang Qingmo’s unilateral annulment of the engagement.


Why should she be so serious about a man she didn’t love?


Hua Chen TV building.

After watching the live broadcast of the press conference, Shang Qingmo smashed the entire media room.

The few program planning teams who were working were frightened into silence by this action.

“President Shang…”

The assistant stepped forward in fear, wanting him to calm down.

Shang Qingmo’s arms were supporting the new media console. Her head was lowered and there were veins on her forehead.


The assistant stopped and heard Shang Qingmo muttering to herself.

“What nonsense is she spouting…”

The assistant didn’t dare to move again. He didn’t know much about her. She seemed to be very happy when she came to the company previously. She was even in a good mood during CEO Shang’s meeting.

Why did Miss Shang suddenly turn hostile?

Even if it was because of the trending searches online, wasn’t her reaction speed too fast?

The moment CEO Shang left the office, she went to the press conference…

Moreover, the words she said were all condemned by others.

He wondered if Miss Shang was lying, but he hoped that what she said was true. He also wanted to believe that his boss was what she had said and that everything was just her scheme…

Just as he was deep in thought, Shang Qingmo suddenly raised her head. Her handsome and cold face was filled with helplessness and panic that he had never seen before.

Before he could react, she had already walked past him.

The wind swayed his hair.

He followed her instinctively but was blocked by a few people at the entrance of the building.

“Master, Old Master wants you to go back.”

Shang Qingmo clenched her fists tightly. “I have other things to do now. Move aside.”

“Sorry, Sir. Old Master wants to see you urgently.”

Shang Qingmo’s body was as taut as a bowstring. “I’ll meet him. So, move aside!”

The few of them didn’t speak again, but their bodies stood rooted to the ground.

Shang Qingmo’s cold expression gradually collapsed. In the end, she waved her hand at the man’s face.

Even so, the few of them immediately added, determined not to let Shang Qingmo leave.

The security guards rushed forward to help their boss.

For a moment, the hall on the first floor of Hua Chen Building was in chaos.

In the end, Shang Qingmo was sent out by two security guards amidst the chaos.

The assistant had already prepared the car.

“To the airport.”

Shang Qingmo couldn’t help but be in a sorry state. However, at this moment, he couldn’t care less. His anxious voice trembled.

Upon hearing this, the assistant was shocked.

By the time Old Master Shang’s men chased after them, the car had already left.

But Old Master Shang had made up his mind.

Along the way, they sent people to chase after her. When they reached the airport, they were stopped again.

This time, Old Master Shang appeared at the entrance of the airport and blocked his way.

When Shang Yekun saw the disheveled Shang Qingmo with messy hair and a dispirited and flustered expression, he tightened his grip on his walking stick.

“Dad… I’m going to look for Qiqi…”

His low and hoarse voice carried a pleading tone that Shang Yekun had never heard before, causing his heart to skip a beat.

His lips trembled, but he shook his head resolutely in the end.

“Shang Qingmo, you should know what Qiqi has told the reporters. It’s hard to restrain one’s desires. I won’t agree to the two of you being together. No one will accept such a woman…”

Shang Qingmo shook her head. “You know that she’s not. She did it on purpose…”

“Then don’t let her down!”

Shang Yekun’s voice boomed, “She risked her life to protect your family. Shang Qingmo, do you really want her efforts to go to waste? Think about it, how can she stay in Ping Cheng City now? This isn’t a problem of whether our Shang family can tolerate her or not. It’s a problem of the entire Ping Cheng City. Do you know that?!”

“I can clarify that what she said is not true.”

“So, are you going to sacrifice yourself and the entire Shang family for her? How are you going to explain? And how are you going to clarify? Who will believe you?”

Shang Qingmo didn’t waver and took two steps forward. “Dad, move aside. I want to find her.”

Shang Yekun closed his eyes weakly. “You won’t be able to see her. She’s already gone.”