Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!-Chapter 2135 (END) - Wen Yuan (29)

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Chapter 2135 (END) - Wen Yuan (29)

Chapter 2135: Wen Yuan (29)

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Shang Yekun closed his eyes weakly. “You won’t be able to see her. She’s already gone.”

Shang Qingmo’s body trembled and her eyes froze.

“Qingmo, don’t let Qiqi’s efforts be in vain. What she wants is for your family to be well. Just treat it as giving her everything…”

“Where did she go?”

Shang Qingmo spoke as if he had never heard Shang Yekun’s words.


Shang Yekun stared at him silently.

Shang Qingmo clenched her fists and her lips quivered. Her eyes reddened as she repeated those words persistently.

“Where did she go?”

He didn’t receive a reply for a long time. His hoarse voice repeated the same words again and again.

“Where did she go?”

Shang Yekun closed his eyes in determination.

Shang Qingmo’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Dad, I beg you.”

Shang Yekun trembled and his eyelids fluttered open.

“Qiqi didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all my fault. I was the one who insisted on letting things develop into this irreversible situation. I don’t need her to do this for me? How can I live my life with a clear conscience?”

“I can’t fulfill your wish. This isn’t called fulfilling! Dad, you can’t let Qiqi go. No one in this world will love me like she does.”

“I know I’m wrong, but letting her go is even more wrong. I have to treat her well and compensate her. I’m worried about letting her be with anyone other than me. What if someone hurts her?”

As if she had thought of a possibility, Shang Qingmo’s Adam’s apple bobbed violently and her voice was hoarse.

“She loves me. She will definitely be sad if she leaves me. Dad, she’s crying now. She must be crying now… I have to find her…”

“Dad, I beg you…”

Shang Yekun opened his eyes slowly and his pupils constricted as if he had been stabbed by something.

His son had already knelt in front of him, his face full of despair and desperation.

Qiqi was crying.

Yes, she was crying.

Even though her expression was calm at the end, her eyes were red and her voice was trembling. Every word she spat out seemed to use all her strength to suppress her emotions.

So he left in a hurry, giving her a chance to vent.

She must be crying now.

He still couldn’t forget the sadness in her stubborn eyes.

He still couldn’t forget the sight of her bending over as she clutched her chest.

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

“It’s all your fault… It’s all your fault…”

Shang Yekun used all his strength to hold the walking stick in his hand. His trembling voice turned into an obvious whimper.

“It’s all your fault… Even if you were half as persistent as you are today… Qiqi wouldn’t have suffered so much… It’s all your fault… for hurting my Qiqi and making her leave me again and again…”

“You’re not worthy of Qiqi… Shang Qingmo… You’re not worthy of Qiqi…”

Shang Yekun burst into tears and the butler hurried to support him.

It was only at this moment that everyone realized that Old Master had always been strong.

She was worried about the Shang family and Shang Qingmo, but she cared more about Shang Qiqi.

He didn’t want anyone to be hurt, but in the end, he couldn’t.

He was conflicted. He didn’t object to the two of them being together back then, but he didn’t think highly of them either.

Putting aside their uncle-nephew relationship, he didn’t think it was a good thing for Qiqi to be with his indifferent and boring son.

Who knew that Qiqi had such deep feelings for him?

Moreover, the current situation was caused by his smart son…

“You’re the most unforgivable… It’s all your fault…”

Old Master suddenly raised his walking stick and hit Shang Qingmo again and again.

Shang Qingmo closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she silently endured Old Master’s relentless beating.

The commotion attracted the attention of the airport staff. Unable to persuade him, they could only watch as the wooden stick landed on the man kneeling on the ground.

More and more people gathered around, but the old man had no intention of stopping.

It was only when the butler saw blood seeping out of Shang Qingmo’s mouth and his dark-colored shirt getting wet that he grabbed Old Master’s hand in fear.

“Enough, enough. Old Master, Young Master can’t take it anymore…”

Old Master Shang shook off his hand and knocked Shang Qingmo’s back.

The cane carved from top-quality boxwood snapped into two.

There were low gasps around.

Shang Qingmo couldn’t help but grunt as she coughed out a lot of blood.

“It’s all because of you… All the hurt is because of you. You have no right to be with her… My Qiqi is so good and obedient…”

The old master threw away the half-broken walking stick in his hand and was supported by the butler. His arm couldn’t help but tremble.

“Get lost… Get lost…”

Shang Qingmo’s Adam’s apple bobbed a few times as he suppressed the taste of blood in his throat. With one hand on his knee, he stood up shakily and asked in an almost paranoid manner,

“Where did she go?”

“I won’t tell you. If you have the ability, look for her yourself. If you can’t find her, it means that the two of you are fated!”

Old Master Shang heaved a sigh of relief.

Shang Qingmo nodded and walked past Old Master in silence. She walked through the crowd and entered the airport lobby.

Her footsteps changed from swaying to messy, and then she strode forward, looking for something in the huge hall.

The assistant chased after him. When Shang Qingmo saw him, she grabbed his arm tightly as though she had grabbed a life-saving straw. She couldn’t hide the anxiety in her voice.

“Help me find her, quick… Help me find her…”

The assistant’s heart was in turmoil. Shang Qingmo today was someone he didn’t even dare to imagine.

“CEO Shang, don’t be anxious. I’ll go to the counter to check on Miss Shang’s flight. Calm down first…”

Upon hearing her assistant’s words, Shang Qingmo was stunned for a moment before she calmed down.

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

The assistant was not in the mood to admire Shang Qingmo’s rare flustered look. He only wanted to find Miss Shang’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

“CEO Shang, please take a seat first. I’ll go and investigate now. I’ll inform you immediately if there’s any news.”

Shang Qingmo was injured and there was a bloody mark on her arm.

Everyone could tell that the Old Master had been ruthless with his beating. The blood on CEO Shang’s dark shirt was from the beating.

He didn’t know what kind of pain Shang Qingmo was enduring, but he knew better.

Miss Shang’s words to the reporters could not be trusted.

Thinking about it now, if it was really as she had said, how could the Old Master have almost beaten his son to death for such a heartless woman?

Why would the man she had schemed against kneel on the ground and beg the Old Master for her whereabouts after knowing everything?

If it wasn’t fake, who could forgive her?

Miss Shang was probably doing this to shoulder all the responsibility.

Walking to the counter, he got someone to check Shang Qiqi’s flight.

She told him that it was a country completely different from hers.

She was determined to leave.

As for her, should she fly to another country after reaching that country? Or should she change her method of flight? Or should she stop at a secluded and remote place? Would she commit suicide in the end…

There was a reason why CEO Shang was so anxious.

In Country B, the plane had taken off ten minutes ago.

After informing Shang Qingmo, she stood up and said, “Book the next flight.”

Looking at Shang Qingmo’s pale face that was covered in sweat and the blood on his arm that was still dripping, the assistant pursed his lips and couldn’t help but say,

“CEO Shang, your health…”

“Go and book it.”

His expression was firm and his tone unquestionable.

The assistant had no choice but to check the flight information.


After witnessing how Shang Qingmo was almost beaten to death by Old Master Shang, everyone sighed.

After all, in the age of the internet, it was difficult not to pay attention to the hot topics.

Her niece had just finished a press conference and admitted in public that she knew everything. It was a fact that she had seduced her uncle and threatened to leave the Shang family and go straight to the airport.

Following that was the scene of Shang Qingmo being chased all the way to the airport by her father. In the end, she was almost beaten to death.

A busybody took a video and posted it online. It attracted attention instantly.

“It seems like what the adopted daughter of the Shang family said at the press conference wasn’t the truth.”

“Be more confident and remove it!”

“If it’s true, why did you take the risk of almost being beaten to death to beg her? To find her and strangle her to death?”

Not long after, another video appeared on the same topic. It was a conversation between Shang Qiqi and Han Jichi in the restaurant.

Judging from the time, it happened to be before she met Song Yunshu.

As time and events were linked, some things became clearer.

“She has a completely different attitude from when she faced Song Yunshu at the cafe. Is she a white lotus in front of a man and a woman?”

“I feel like she’s deliberately provoking Song Yunshu at the cafe!”

“It’s just to take responsibility and protect the Shang family and her uncle! After all, the Shang family has suffered a lot previously.”

“In that case, this adopted daughter isn’t an ingrate…”


At the railing of the cafe on the second floor of the airport lobby, Ye Qingqiu supported her chin with her hand. Her fair and slender fingers tapped on her fair cheeks in boredom as she squinted at the two men downstairs.

When she saw Shang Qingmo standing up and guessed what he wanted to do, Ye Qingqiu’s gaze swept across his bleeding arm and she looked at the handsome man who was even more composed than him. She raised her eyebrows slightly.

“If this continues, your brother will die on the plane to Country B.”

Hearing this, the man turned his head and his dark eyes swept downstairs casually. Then, he turned his head and his gaze landed on Ye Qingqiu’s fair face. His thin lips moved and his calm voice was mixed with Wen Mo.

“Finished your coffee?”

Ye Qingqiu’s lips twitched imperceptibly before she glanced at the coffee in front of her and pushed it away in disdain.

“I’m not drinking anymore.”

Li Tingshen glanced at her indifferently. “Didn’t you say you wanted to drink coffee from the airport? You came all the way here just to have a sip?”

“Why? Do you think I’m sorry for your long journey? Why don’t I drink it all?”

Li Tingshen reached out to hold her hand that was about to take the coffee cup and squeezed it gently. Through his stiff tone, she knew that this action was probably punishment.

“What spell did Shen Fanxing cast on you?”

Ye Qingqiu raised an eyebrow and said, “I just feel that it’s better for you to be pestered by me than being threatened by Shen Fanxing. Isn’t that so?”

Li Tingshen’s thin lips curled up slightly. “Actually, that little thing of hers doesn’t affect me much. Instead, it shows that you two are very close.”

“Sisterhood?” Ye Qingqiu mulled over these words carefully. Her hand flipped in his as her fingers gently gripped his palm.

“You think we’re good sisters? Then you should help her more in the future.”

Li Tingshen was speechless.

Was this considered the most failed attempt to sow discord in this world?

That woman needed his help?

At the thought that Shen Fanxing had given him the draft that she had written not long ago and threatened him to participate in the matter between the Shang family’s uncle and nephew, and even dragged Ye Qingqiu into it, his temples throbbed uncontrollably.

This vindictive woman had only used the popularity of her artiste to blow up the topic of the Shang family. He did not expect her to act so quickly and actually have something on him.

Seeing Li Tingshen’s face darken, Ye Qingqiu pursed her lips lightly. “You look like you’re in a difficult position. If she doesn’t ‘threaten’ you, are you really going to stand by and watch?”

“I can’t?”

Ye Qingqiu chuckled. “What if I say I don’t believe you?”

Li Tingshen smiled and said frankly, “I’ll be very happy.”

She understood and trusted him. How could he be happy?


“Yes. He won’t die on the plane to Country B, but he can die in a hospital in Ping Cheng.”

Ye Qingqiu was speechless.


The next flight to Country B was already full. No matter how high Shang Qingmo offered, he couldn’t convince any of the passengers to give up their seats.

After more than an hour, Shang Qingmo’s face turned from pale to red. She clearly felt that his situation was becoming more and more abnormal.

It was only when the assistant plucked up the courage to touch his forehead that his heart skipped a beat.

“CEO Shang, you have a fever!”

“Don’t worry about me. Continue to guard the notice desk and let them continue asking. I must get that plane ticket…”

Shang Qingmo waved his hand away, but she didn’t have much strength left. Even her voice had become strained. Her lips were dry and pale, and there were obvious wrinkles on them.

However, as the registration time approached, there was no news of a refund. Shang Qingmo ignored her assistant’s obstruction and appeared personally.

In the end, everyone refused to budge, even though the conditions offered were ridiculously high.

The assistant comforted Shang Qingmo. She had already contacted the people from Country B to keep an eye on Shang Qiqi’s movements. Once she landed, they would stop her.

Only then did Shang Qingmo calm down.

It was already late at night when they walked out of the terminal.

Before she reached the car, Shang Qingmo’s tall figure suddenly collapsed.

The assistant was shocked. “CEO Shang!”


Too many things had happened in a day. Before Shang Qingmo left the terminal and entered the emergency room, Song Yunshu contacted the reporters.

Due to the video of Shang Qiqi and Han Jiji at the restaurant, she went to investigate another matter.

Perhaps it was just to find an answer for herself. Perhaps it was to find a reason.

When she got the answer, she laughed at herself but felt relieved.

Standing where Shang Qiqi had stood this afternoon, facing the same batch of reporters, she said—

“Everyone knows that my marriage with Shang Qingmo was a marriage alliance. In terms of feelings, we didn’t have any. In order to avoid a failed relationship, he wanted to avoid someone he shouldn’t have. Because our thoughts coincided, we agreed to this marriage alliance.

However, they didn’t realize that the reason why we agreed was because of our conceit that we had made the right choice.

He had once told me that if I regretted it midway or found someone I truly loved, I could withdraw at any time. He had even given me the right to initiate the annulment of the engagement. Because of his leniency towards me, I felt that he was a decent person the first time we met. Unfortunately, I hadn’t found someone I truly loved all these years, but he had surrendered to me.

Yes, I knew from the start that the person he loved was actually his little niece. For someone as outstanding as him in all aspects, marriage was not inevitable for him. Therefore, from the day he suddenly came to me to discuss the marriage, I knew that he was afraid, so afraid that he was willing to use his life to avoid someone. It was just that he didn’t realize that I had chosen to pretend not to know.

I wasn’t willing to marry a man who didn’t love me. Under the premise that I knew that he loved someone and who that person was, he had only found his lover before me. If it wasn’t him today, then perhaps it would be me tomorrow or next year. It was only a matter of time.

That was why there was no third party in our marriage.

As for my meeting with Miss Shang in the cafe, Miss Shang’s words and actions were harsh and eye-catching. I believe that everyone’s first reaction when they saw the video would be to condemn and crusade against her. It would be obvious who was right and who was evil. But if I say…

Song Yunshu paused and looked at the reporters who were staring at her expectantly. She concealed the bitterness in her heart because of Shang Qiqi’s decision. She took a deep breath and continued,

“What if I say that the video of me and her in the cafe was created by Miss Shang?”

The reporters couldn’t react in time. They looked at each other in confusion.

Song Yunshu pursed his lips and took out the document in his hand. He said, “This is the contact record of Miss Shang and the person who posted the video. At what time in the afternoon, Shang Qiqi and Song Yunshu met at a cafe. It’s written clearly on it. These are all copied from the person who posted the video. It’s really easy to find Miss Shang’s contact details.”

“As for why she did this, I believe everyone has their own guesses. I won’t say much. What I want to say now is that the reason why I stood up today is because I’m unwilling to be the abandoned party in their relationship. I’m very good. I’m the eldest daughter of the Song family and one of the best doctors in the largest private hospital in Ping Cheng City. I’m only doing this because I was young and conceited back then. I haven’t found the person I truly love!”

After saying that, Song Yunshu bowed and stuffed the document into the hands of the reporter closest to her before leaving.


At a villa in Ping Cheng City.

Chi Yaoyao ran in. “Oh no, oh no!”

In the house, four tall and muscular bodyguards in black stood at the side, looking at her expressionlessly.

On the sofa in the villa, Shang Qiqi looked up at Chi Yaoyao who had rushed in and said in a hoarse voice,

“Sister Yaoyao, be careful of the baby in your stomach.”

“Oh, okay.” Chi Yaoyao nodded hurriedly and deliberately made herself look more dignified. Then, she realized that something was wrong and immediately said,

“You’re still in the mood to worry about me?! Let me tell you, your uncle is about to die!”

Shang Qiqi’s head buzzed and she was stunned.

After a long while, she spoke slowly.

“Sister Yaoyao, don’t spout nonsense…”

“This is a matter of life and death. How can I spout nonsense? Li Tingshen told me that your uncle fainted at the airport and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment…”

Shang Qiqi’s face turned pale instantly. “Fainted at the airport? Why…”

“Look, Li Tingshen got someone to send me a video. Your uncle was almost beaten to death by Grandpa Shang!”

Chi Yaoyao was impatient. She clicked on the video and showed it to Shang Qiqi.

The moment she saw Shang Qingmo, Shang Qiqi’s eyes reddened again.

When she saw Shang Qingmo kneeling in front of her grandfather to ask for her, her heart ached and was filled with indescribable emotions.

“Dad, I beg you.”

“Qiqi didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all my fault. I was the one who insisted on letting things develop into this irreversible situation. I don’t need her to do this for me? How can I live my life with a clear conscience?”

“I can’t fulfill your wish. This isn’t called fulfilling! Dad, you can’t let Qiqi go. No one in this world will love me like she does.”

“I know I’m wrong, but letting her go is even more wrong. I have to treat her well and compensate her. I’m worried about letting her be with anyone other than me. What if someone hurts her?”

“She loves me. She will definitely be sad if she leaves me. Dad, she’s crying now. She must be crying now… I have to find her…”

Shang Qiqi cried uncontrollably. From sobbing to crying openly, Chi Yaoyao couldn’t help but cry.

“Don’t cry… Qiqi, although… your uncle is too much most of the time… but… sob sob sob… I think he’s quite good to you… and this time… Grandpa Shang… sob sob sob… Grandpa Shang even broke his walking stick… Look at the video, he’s bleeding so much… His clothes are all wet with blood… I heard that he had a high fever before he was sent to the hospital… sob sob sob… Hurry up and go to the hospital… Don’t be unable to see him for the last time… sob…”

She cried as she spoke, but Yin Ruijue covered her mouth.

“Little Master, stop talking…”


Sensing the wetness, Yin Ruijue let go of her mouth. When he looked at his hands, they were already stained with snot.

The corners of Yin Ruijue’s lips twitched as he shook his hand in disdain. He took out a tissue and placed it under Chi Yaoyao’s nose. “Use more strength!”

Chi Yaoyao closed her eyes and blew her nose. Yin Ruijue wiped her nose and her hands.

Then, she said to Shang Qiqi, “It’s true that your uncle was hospitalized. He was indeed beaten up badly. If you’re really worried, hurry to the hospital. The car is outside.”

Shang Qiqi looked a little flustered.

Yin Ruijue grinned and said, “Why the f*ck are you still hesitating? What are you thinking about? If she’s gone, what’s the use of what you guys care about?!”

Just as Yin Ruijue finished speaking, a gust of wind blew past him. When he looked again, the girl sitting on the sofa had already disappeared…


Song Yunshu’s press conference suppressed many negative comments.

After all that, she had only seen an extraordinary and normal life through the internet.

The participants gradually lost their enthusiasm, and the onlookers gradually dispersed. Of course, there were also some who were unwilling to give up. They continued to feel indignant and unforgivable.

However, the last bit of attention was completely washed away by another piece of entertainment news.

The gossip about the popular actress of CP Entertainment, XXX, who had brought her boyfriend back to her hometown to meet her parents was everywhere.

There were photos and videos.

The show was going to be a prime-time drama on Hua Chen TV.

He was the male lead in the drama.

In the CEO’s office, Li Tingshen sat on a chair. His handsome face was cold and his voice seemed to be covered in a layer of frost.

“So you still released the thing that you used to threaten me to do things for you? Shen Fanxing, who taught you to go back on your words?”

“…They’re not the same person. Moreover, it’s true that the two of them are meeting their parents. You’ve already tacitly allowed the two of them to register their marriage. Haven’t you prepared for the follow-up public relations? It’s good to announce it now. With the popularity, the viewership ratings will definitely reach a new high.”

Li Tingshen sneered. “In that case, I have to thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


Li Tingshen hung up.

Two minutes later, he received another message on his phone.

Shang Qingmo: “A win-win cooperation. Thank you.”

Li Tingshen said, “Get lost.”

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