Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot-Chapter 325: 134: Another Vest, Tinglan·Russell! (Second Update)

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Chapter 325: 134: Another Vest, Tinglan·Russell! (Second Update)

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After hanging up the phone with Iris White, Sylvia Thompson had a bad feeling in her heart.

She stood up, left the banquet hall, and went to her room to fetch a spare dress for Iris.

Luckily Iris’s figure was similar to hers; otherwise, she would have needed to buy another dress.

In the restroom.

Iris was squatting in a cubicle, shaking all over, biting her lower lip tightly, her face filled with humiliation.

She wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Her exposed skin was covered in bruises.

Her hairstyle was messed up.

Her lips were a bit swollen, and her makeup was gone.

Anyone with discerning eyes could tell what had happened.

Sylvia carried the dress to the restroom.

All the cubicle doors were closed.

Sylvia asked, “Iris, are you in here?”

Her voice was still gentle and beautiful.

Hearing this, Iris instantly reacted and stood up, pushing open a crack in the cubicle door, “Sylvia…”

The voice was accompanied by a sob.

Sylvia immediately rushed over.

“What happened to you, Iris!”

Iris hugged Sylvia tightly, almost bursting into tears.

Seeing Iris in this state, Sylvia also understood what had happened.

How…how could this be?

“Iris, don’t cry! What on earth happened?”

Iris could hardly bear to recall the humiliating scene.

She had actually been…by a waiter.

And it was her first time.

“I hate Viola Thompson! It’s all her fault!” Iris screamed.

“What does this have to do with my sister?” Sylvia asked in surprise.

Iris couldn’t catch her breath due to crying.

If it weren’t for Viola, she wouldn’t have experienced all of this.

Viola was so vicious!

Sylvia continued to console Iris, “Don’t cry anymore, put on your clothes.”

Iris took the dress handed over by Sylvia.

Half an hour later, Iris changed her clothes and fixed her makeup.

The bruises on her body were also covered with concealer.

Only then did Sylvia ask, “Iris, what happened exactly?”

Only then did Iris tell the whole story.

Viola switched the wine glasses, and then Iris was humiliated by the waiter, who took her virginity.

Hearing this, Sylvia covered her mouth in surprise, “How could this be? My sister, she…”

Pausing, Sylvia continued, “You must have misunderstood, Iris. My sister is not that kind of person. You must have made a mistake!”

Sylvia was truly shocked.

She never imagined Viola would escape this predicament.

And she never expected Viola to notice something was off with the wine.


From the beginning, she had underestimated Viola.

With this thought, Sylvia squinted her eyes.

Iris continued, “At that time, it was just her and me. Who else could it have been? Viola is such a treacherous person! I hate her!”

She would definitely take her revenge.

She would make Viola taste the same pain.

Sylvia hugged Iris, comforting her wordlessly.

“Sylvia, you must help me keep this a secret. Don’t tell anyone,” Iris said. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

If the news spread that she was violated by a waiter, she would have no face left.

She was the young lady of the White family.

She needed to marry a suitable husband in the future.

Sylvia nodded, “Don’t worry, Iris, I will keep your secret.”

Iris hugged Sylvia tightly.

On the other side.

In the banquet hall.

Dean Legel, holding a wine glass, walked to Viola Thompson’s side.

“Miss Thompson.”

“Mr. Dean.” Viola stood up slightly.

Dean Legel raised his glass, “I’d like to propose a toast to you.”

Viola smiled faintly, raising her glass and lightly clinking it with Dean’s.


A crisp sound.

After exchanging words, she emptied the brandy in the glass in one go.

The 43-degree brandy had a strong aftertaste, and the alcohol taste was very sharp when entering the mouth.

That’s why it wasn’t popular among girls.

Yet she drank all the liquor in the glass, and she didn’t even frown.

Dean laughed, “It is said that Chinese women have a bold character, no less than men. Seeing it today, it really is true.”

He admired Viola’s personality.

It was not affected, nor pretentious.

And she didn’t become arrogant just because she played the piano well.

Her personality was even less restrained than men.

Dean emptied the glass, too, “Miss Thompson, I am determined to be friends with you!”

Viola smiled, “It’s my honor to be friends with Mr. Dean.”

Dean immediately took out his phone, “Shall we add each other on WhatsApp?”