Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot-Chapter 326: 134: Another Vest, Tilan Russell! (Second Update)_2

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Chapter 326: 134: Another Vest, Tilan Russell! (Second Update)_2

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Viola Thompson nodded slightly.

The two smoothly added each other on WhatsApp.

Dean Legel picked up a glass of wine, “In your Sinian culture, there’s a saying that when you meet a bosom friend, a thousand cups of wine are too few. I’ll drink three cups first.”

It had been a long time since Dean Legel had been so happy.

Making friends through music had always been his dream.


He had never met a confidant who could perform with him.

Though it was a bit late, it was still very lucky.

Dean Legel liked Sinian culture very much. When he first learned about the story of Bo Ya and Ziqi, he didn’t quite understand.

If there was really such a relationship beyond love and blood.

But now.

He finally understood.

Although he had known Viola Thompson for less than a day, the feeling was very strong.

After drinking three cups by himself, Dean Legel looked at Viola Thompson and said, “Miss Thompson, you remind me of someone.”

“Speaking of which, she was also a musical genius who won many awards after learning the piano for less than three months. It’s a pity…”

Hearing this, Viola Thompson raised her eyebrows slightly.

No wonder she found Dean Legel familiar.

It turned out that he was the man who had been persistent and followed her around to learn the piano for a week back then.

Viola was sixteen at the time.

In order to avoid Dean Legel, she snuck away and didn’t even go to collect her awards.

Later, she entered the Laboratory…

At this moment, the assistant came over and looked at his watch, “Mr. Legel, our time is up.”

Only then did Dean Legel remember the matter, “I’m sorry, Miss Thompson. I have two more events coming up. We’ll talk on WhatsApp!”

“Ok.” Viola Thompson nodded faintly.

After Dean Legel left, Diana Hershey curiously approached, “Beautiful Thompson, who was that foreign uncle just now?”

Before Viola Thompson could answer, Fiona Knight continued, “Was that Dean Legel?”

It was time for the dancing segment.

The lighting in the banquet hall was not very bright. Since Fiona Knight had met Dean Legel for the first time in reality, she was still a little unsure.

“Yes, it was him.” Viola Thompson nodded slightly.

Fiona Knight almost screamed with excitement.

“Ah! Vio, was it really him?”

Diana Hershey was also very excited, “Holy shit! My idol! I can’t believe I just missed my idol!”

Viola Thompson laughed, “Do you two really like him that much?”

“Of course! Not only is my idol good at playing the piano, but he’s also so handsome!” Diana Hershey looked in the direction where Dean Legel had left, “If I had known it was my idol, I would have asked him for an autograph and a picture!”

Viola Thompson teased, “It’s simple, I’ll sign an autograph for you.”

Diana Hershey said, “You’re not Dean!”

“Maybe I am better than him?” Viola Thompson winked at her.

Diana Hershey said, “Better than Dean? Beautiful Thompson, don’t boast like that. You know, my idol is considered the best pianist! He is the idol of all of us who play the piano.”

Not only was Dean Legel famous in Uron Country.

He was also an international pianist.

Fiona Knight spoke at this moment, “Diana, haven’t you forgotten about Tilan Russell?”

Tilan Russell.

A true piano prodigy.

However, after learning the piano for only three months, she won ten international awards but never went to collect them.

Until now, everyone had only heard of her but had never seen her in person.

Fiona Knight continued, “Actually, I like Tilan more. I’ve heard that Dean wanted to study under her back then, but for some reason, she didn’t agree. Later, Tilan disappeared.”

Though she had disappeared.But the legend of Tilan has always been there.

Of course, Diana Hershey also knows about Tilan, laughing, “After all, Goddess Tilan has already retired. Dean is the real deal!”

Viola Thompson raised her eyebrows slightly, “What if I am Tilan?”

“Don’t joke around! If you are Tilan, Beautiful Thompson, then I must be Tilan’s big son!” Diana Hershey held up her proud little head.

Viola Thompson laughed softly, “Then you should call me dad.”

Diana Hershey said, “Goddess Tilan is my dad!”

Viola Thompson just smiled without saying anything.

These days, nobody believes the truth.

Sylvia Thompson returned to the banquet hall with Iris White.

She saw Viola Thompson chatting happily with Diana Hershey and Fiona Knight.

Iris White’s face was full of hatred.

It was all Viola Thompson’s fault.

If it weren’t for Viola Thompson, she would never have fallen to this point.

Her precious first time…

Sylvia Thompson sighed, speaking softly, “Iris, even though my sister did go too far this time, you just wanted to teach her a lesson. You didn’t expect her to be so cruel and ruin your innocence. But don’t blame her; it hasn’t been easy for her all these years either. I apologize to you on her behalf.”

Iris White clenched her hands, hatred almost dripping from her eyes.

This vengeance must be avenged!

The banquet neared its end.

Viola Thompson led Diana Hershey and Fiona Knight to Mrs. Thompson’s side, “Grandma, I’ll take these two to the hotel first.”

“Alright,” Mrs. Thompson, leaning on her cane, instructed, “Call Julie.”


Diana Hershey noticed that Mrs. Thompson was holding the cane upside down, reminding her, “Grandma, your cane is upside down.”

The dragon-headed cane should have the dragon’s head on top, but Mrs. Thompson had the dragon’s head facing down.

The scene was quite amusing. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒

Mrs. Thompson looked down and feigned innocence, “I intended to hold it this way. It’s more comfortable like this, feels good in the hand!”

Ha, she was just playing around!

Diana Hershey nodded, “Oh.”

She didn’t expect Mrs. Thompson to have such a personality.

As Viola Thompson and the others walked away, Mrs. Thompson looked around, making sure no one was paying attention to her, and quickly switched the cane back to the right way.

Thank goodness no one saw.

Otherwise, her old face would be completely lost.

“Old sister, congratulations! It’s been so many years, it hasn’t been easy at all.”

At this moment, an equally white-haired old lady walked over.

This was Mrs. Cooper of Capital City, who had the maiden name Barnett.

Mrs. Cooper had grown up with Mrs. Thompson since they were little, and the two shared an extraordinary friendship.

Hearing Mrs. Cooper’s voice, Mrs. Thompson immediately returned to a serious look, as if nothing had ever happened, laughing and looking back, “Mutual happiness, mutual happiness.”

Mrs. Cooper continued, “I just saw your granddaughter, with her looks, figure, and temperament, she is simply outstanding among the crowd, unmatched. ”

There might not even be a few people in the whole of Capital City who can compare to Viola Thompson’s appearance.

“And her piano playing is fantastic too,” Mrs. Cooper said with envy, “I’m so envious of you! If those good-for-nothings in my family hadn’t gotten married, I would have climbed up the social ladder to marry into your family.”

Mrs. Thompson said smugly, “Of course, you don’t see whose granddaughter she is!”

Could her own granddaughter not be outstanding?

Mrs. Cooper then asked, “By the way, how are things going between Sylvia and Viola? How compatible are the temperaments of the two children?”

Hearing this, Mrs. Thompson frowned slightly, “It’s a day of great joy. Why mention her?”

Mrs. Cooper smiled, “Actually, there’s nothing seriously wrong with Sylvia. She is just a spoiled child who has never experienced setbacks; she is bound to have some princess syndrome. Why do you care so much about a child?”

“Don’t talk if you don’t understand, do you even know what princess syndrome is?” Mrs. Thompson looked at Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper shook her head.

Mrs. Thompson continued, “Princess syndrome is when a princess throws a tantrum, while what Sylvia has is more like wild chicken emotional outburst syndrome!”