Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess-Chapter 136 - : Threat Removed!

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Chapter 136: Threat Removed!

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“Shut up, you shut up!”

Liu Yuwei roared hysterically at Su Qingmei.

She naturally regretted it.

But now that they had come this far, her grandfather was already dead. There was no way to salvage the situation.

Therefore, she had to fight Yang Luo to the end and trample him under her feet.

Liu Yuting also said angrily, “Su Qingmei, you’d better speak less. Otherwise, we won’t be polite to you!”

If the person who kidnapped her was someone else, Su Qingmei might really be afraid.

However, after knowing that Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting had kidnapped her, she was not so afraid anymore.

Because she knew that Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting did not dare to really offend her.

Hence, she looked up at Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting and said, “I advise you to let me go quickly.

As long as you let me go now, 1 can pretend that nothing happened tonight.

Therefore, don’t make a big deal out of this. Once this matter blows up, even Jiang Mingyu won’t be able to protect you.

“Do you really think Jiang Mingyu will completely break off ties with our Su family for the sake of your Liu family?”

Hearing this, Liu Yuwei’s expression changed slightly. She also felt that it made sense.

At the side, Liu Yuting hurriedly said, “Sister, don’t be affected by her words.

“Young Master Jiang has already said that we’re his people now, so Young Master Jiang will definitely protect us.”

Hearing this, Liu Yuwei nodded and said coldly to Su Qingmei, “Su Qingmei, things have already come to this point. We won’t stop here!

1 have to see that bastard Yang Luo tonight. He has to kneel down in front of us and kowtow to apologize!”

Su Qingmei sighed deeply. She also knew that these two people were hopeless. They had already been completely blinded by hatred.

It was meaningless for her to say anything else.

She was very worried that if Yang Luo really came, she would become a burden to him.

However, she was tied up now and could not do anything.

Just as Su Qingmei was letting her imagination run wild…

Footsteps suddenly came from outside.

Two burly men carried a young man and walked in.

A large group of people followed behind.

“Yang Luo!”

Su Qingmei exclaimed when she saw the young man being held.

That’s right, this young man was Yang Luo.

Originally, dealing with these guys was effortless for Yang Luo.

However, he was worried that his resistance would hurt Su Qingmei, so he did not resist and let them carry him in.

“Qingmei, don’t worry. I’m fine!”

Yang Luo comforted her.

“You dog, you’re finally here!”

“Bastard, 1 have to settle some scores with you tonight!”

Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting were instantly excited.

Yang Luo turned to look at Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting with a complicated expression.

He sighed and said, “I’ve thought of many possibilities, but I didn’t expect you to be the ones who kidnapped Qingmei.”

Liu Yuwei sneered and said, “Why? Do you think we can’t do such a thing?”

“I didn’t think of that.”

Yang Luo shook his head and continued, “1 originally thought that no matter how bold you were, you wouldn’t be so bold.

Even Jiang Mingyu and the others didn’t dare to do it, but you did it.

1 really don’t know if you’re bold or stupid.

Haven’t you thought of the consequences of doing so?”


Liu Yuwei laughed mockingly and said, “Tell me, what will happen to us?”

Yang Luo said indifferently, “You have to be sentenced to at least three years for kidnapping Qingmei. Not only did you kidnap her, but you also illegally detained her. You have to be sentenced to at least another three years.

In that case, you’ll be in jail for at least six years.

Do you think what you’re doing is worth it?”

“You dog, stop scaring us here!”

Liu Yuwei shouted angrily, “We might have kidnapped and illegally detained someone, but as long as Young Master Jiang protects us, we won’t go to jail!”

Yang Luo shook his head and said, “Once the matter blows up, even Jiang

Mingyu won’t be able to protect you. You’re destined to go to jail.”


Liu Yuwei was about to speak when Liu Yuting interrupted, “Sister, stop talking nonsense with this kid. He’s just scaring you!”

As she spoke, she looked up at Yang Luo, her eyes filled with ruthlessness, “Bastard, if you want to save Su Qingmei, do as we say now!

As long as you kneel down and kowtow to us to apologize now and get our people to break your legs, we will let Su Qingmei off!”

“Yang Luo, don’t listen to them. They don’t dare to really touch me!”

Su Qingmei shook her head vigorously at Yang Luo.

“Shut up, or I’ll kill you!”

Scarface reached out and grabbed Su Qingmei’s throat.


Su Qingmei’s face turned red and she felt out of breath.

Liu Yuting even took out a dagger and waved it in front of Su Qingmei, “Bastard, if you don’t do as 1 say, I’ll slice her face!”

A cold glint flashed across Yang Luo’s eyes, and the anger in his heart surged.

He shouted, “Don’t touch her. I’ll do as you say!”

Hearing this, Liu Yuting removed the dagger.

Scarface also let go of Su Qingmei.

They had never really thought of killing Su Qingmei. They had only wanted to threaten Yang Luo.

“You dog, kneel down!”

Liu Yuwei shouted at Yang Luo.

“Alright, 1’11 kneel!”

Yang Luo took a deep breath and analyzed the situation. Then, he bent his legs and slowly knelt down.

“Yang Luo, don’t kneel!”

Su Qingmei shouted.

She knew very well how proud Yang Luo was and how important his dignity was.

But now, for the sake of not getting hurt, he really wanted to kneel down to Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting.

Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting’s faces were filled with excitement as they kept shouting, “Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!”

They had finally subdued this guy and could finally make him lower his head to them!

They wanted to step on Yang Luo again and again, but they were always not able to!

Today, it could finally come true!

However, just as Yang Luo was about to kneel down!

His right foot suddenly kicked at a solid wooden coffee table in front of him!

With a loud bang, the solid wooden coffee table flew out and sent the scar-faced man standing beside Su Qingmei flying!

“Bastard, what are you trying to do?!”

Liu Yuwei was shocked and roared.

“Since you’re dishonest, don’t blame me!”

Liu Yuting picked up the dagger and was about to slash Su Qingmei’s face.

However, at this moment!

Yang Luo’s figure moved and he rushed forward. He suddenly slapped Liu Yuting away and stood in front of Su Qingmei!

In just three seconds, Su Qingmei’s threats were completely resolved!