Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess-Chapter 137 - : Just Wait and See!

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Chapter 137: Just Wait and See!

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In an instant…

Everyone present was stunned, dumbfounded, and confused!

They clearly did not expect Yang Luo to suddenly explode!

Most importantly, Yang Luo’s resistance was too fast. It was so fast that no one could react!

Yang Luo ignored everyone’s shocked gazes. Instead, he picked up the knife from the ground and cut the rope on Su Qingmei’s hands and feet.

“Qingmei, stand behind me and don’t move.”

Yang Luo reminded her gently.


Su Qingmei nodded.

Looking at the man in front of her, she felt a strong sense of security.

As long as this man was around, all danger would no longer be dangerous. “Ahhh!”

Liu Yuting covered her face and screamed as she got up, “What are you waiting for? Cripple him!”

Upon hearing Liu Yuting’s words, the brigands present moved one after another and prepared to rush towards Yang Luo!

Yang Luo looked up at Liu Yuting and said coldly, “Are you sure you want to attack?

Once you start fighting, the severity of crime will be even worse. At that time, you and your sister will have to stay in prison for at least ten years!”

“Bastard, how dare you scare me!”

Liu Yuting roared, “Break this guy’s legs and hands. I’ll pay you another ten million!”

Upon hearing that they could get another 10 million, the brigands’ eyes began to light up. Without any hesitation, they pounced at Yang Luo!

Yang Luo, on the other hand, stood in front of Su Qingmei and knocked the everyone who pounced over to the ground!

In less than a few minutes.

Half of the twenty or so criminals in the hall fell!

Yang Luo hooked his finger at the remaining dozen or so people as he sneered, “Aren’t you going to cripple me?

Come on, continue!”

The eyes of those remaining flickered, and they did not dare to step forward again.

They also realized that this kid in front of them looked thin and weak, but his strength was too unbelievable. He was not someone they could subdue at all. Thinking of this, the dozen or so criminals turned around and prepared to escape.

“You still want to escape?


Yang Luo shouted coldly and took out silver needles from his storage ring, throwing it out!

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Silver needles whistled out and pierced into the legs of those trying to escape! The criminals only felt their legs lose all feeling before falling to the ground! Seeing that the 20-odd people they had invited had been defeated, Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting’s faces turned pale and they were instantly stunned. Unexpectedly, their carefully planned kidnapping ended in failure.

Seeing that the threat had been removed, Su Qingmei heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Yang Luo, let’s go!”

“Leave? Why do you want to leave?”

Yang Luo glanced coldly at Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting and said, “1 chose to let them go time and time again and ignored them, but they provoked me time and time again. Do they really think 1 have a good temper?

I can spare them, but they have to pay the price for this, so I’ll send them to prison to repent!”

Liu Yuwei sneered and said, “Dog, looking at the current situation, you’re clearly the one who hurt someone. Others can’t tell that we kidnapped Su Qingmei!

As long as we don’t admit it, no one will know!”

“What does it matter if you admit it or not?”

Yang Luo sneered and took out his cell phone from his pocket to play the recording.

Therefore, before entering, he had turned on the cell phone recording to confirm the crimes committed by Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting.

Hearing the contents of the recording, Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting’s faces turned even paler and their bodies trembled.

“Did you hear that?”

Yang Luo turned off the recording and said, “You personally admitted that you kidnapped, detained, and deliberately injured people. Do you think you can escape prison?”

Liu Yuwei gritted her teeth, “You dog, you’re so despicable!”

Yang Luo mocked, “In terms of despicableness, 1 can’t compare to you.”

Liu Yuting suddenly mocked, “Bastard, so what if there’s a recording?

“With Young Master Jiang around, it’s impossible for us to go to jail!”

“Is that so?”

Yang Luo narrowed his eyes and said, “Then just wait and see!”

With that, Yang Luo called the police.

Half an hour later.

A group of uniformed men walked in, led by a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man glanced at the hall and asked, “I’m Sun Zhihua, the captain of the first team of the Eastern Division Department. May 1 ask who called the police?”

“It’s me.”

Yang Luo responded.

Sun Zhihua said, “Please explain the situation.”

Yang Luo did not hide anything. He told Sun Zhihua the situation here truthfully and played the recording.

Just as Yang Luo explained the situation, Liu Yuwei secretly sent a message to her family.

After hearing the recording, Sun Zhihua waved his hand, “Take them all away!” For a moment, all the men in uniforms went forward and cuffed Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, and all the criminals present before leaving the villa.

Sun Zhihua then said to Yang Luo and Su Qingmei, “Please follow me back to make a statement.”


Yang Luo and Su Qingmei nodded in agreement.

Then, Yang Luo and the others left the villa in a car and arrived at the East Branch Office.

Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting were brought in for interrogation, while Yang Luo and Su Qingmei stayed in the office to take statements.

At the same time…

In the Liu family villa, in a room on the second floor.

In the hall.

“These two bastards are really too bold. They actually dared to kidnap the eldest daughter of the Su family!”

Liu Zhanhua roared angrily, his chest heaving in anger.

Ever since Liu Changhe died, Liu Zhanhua had become the head of the Liu family.

During this period of time, he had been busy managing the Liu family’s assets and stabilizing the Liu family.

Unexpectedly, something like this happened tonight!

He Xinlan cried, “Zhanhua, don’t be angry anymore. Hurry up and get Yuwei and Yuting out. You can’t let them go to jail!”

“Cry, all you know is to cry!”

Liu Zhanhua roared, “Yuwei and Yuting are spoiled by you. They’re simply lawless now!”

The second son of the Liu family, Liu Zhanyuan, interjected at this point, “Brother, stop talking. Hurry up and think of a way to save her.”

The third son of the Liu family, Liu Haiyan, also said, “That’s right, Brother. Let’s think of a way to get Yuwei and Yuting out first.”

Liu Zhanhua took a deep breath and said, “I’ll call Tianheng now and ask him to help think of a way.”

As he spoke, Liu Zhanhua called Zhao Tianheng.

Tianjiang Villa, Villa 13.

In a room on the second floor.

Zhao Tianheng was making out with his lover.

But suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Zhao Tianheng didn’t want to pick up the call at first, but the phone did not stop ringing, making him very angry.

He picked up the phone and picked up the call, “Who is it? Why are you calling so late at night?”

“Tianheng, it’s me!”

Liu Zhanhua’s voice sounded..