Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1377 But it is important.

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Chapter 1377 But it is important.

1377 But it is important.

"Hahhh... Haaahhh... Haaahhhh..."

Ember took deep breaths, in the process, her large breasts continued to move up and down, creating a scene so seductive that any man would start drooling the instant they saw it.

The Dragon didn't have any strength in her body, despite that, her pink nipples were hardened to the point where one would think that they would pierce through the hardest of metal. A simple flick of a finger on those hardened nipples was enough to make Ember's entire body tremble in unimaginable levels of pleasure.

Yes, the Dragon's body was currently that sensitive.

And how would it not be? They had done it so many times that she had even lost count. She didn't even know how much time have they spent in this place, heck, with how many times pleasure had assaulted her head, Ember was glad that she hadn't turned into a fool.

Even recalling her own name seemed like a chore for her current hazy mind.

"Heehh? Aren't you quite weak for a Dragon?"

Seeing her in this state, Nux questioned with a teasing smile on his face. The tired Ember glanced at Nux, looking at the pervert sitting on the bed naked without any signs of fatigue, she couldn't help but snort. Of course, she did that in her head, she didn't have enough energy to do it physically.


She used her connection and spoke in a weak voice.

Nux's smile widened.

Was he tired?

Of course he wasn't.

For him, feeling fatigued was difficult, even in his training with Vyriana, before he felt Fatigue, most of the time, Vyriana was forced to give him rest so that his Blood, which had adapted to her training return to normal and they could start training properly again.

That was just how monstrous the man's stamina was.

After all, a freaky combination of all the races in Yrniel couldn't possibly be a simple creature.

"Monster huh... quite strange coming from a woman who comprehended a Law that allows her to raise the strength of her army."

Nux commented, then, a smile appeared on his face as he glanced at the ceiling of the room, "If you had similar power back when we were in the Forgotten Continent, then you alone would have destroyed the Solid Earth Kingdom huh... No, it wouldn't have been just the Solid Earth Kingdom, that Dynast would have ordered you to win over Skyfall and Skadi as well. Then the two of us would have met as enemies, I wonder how we would have progressed then-"

Nux spoke as he turned towards Ember but suddenly, he noticed that the woman had closed her eyes, with her breathing stabilized. Yes, the Dragon was already asleep. She wasn't listening to anything he was saying.

Seeing that, Nux couldn't help but smile wryly.

Seeing his lovely Dragon sleeping so peacefully filled him with a strange sense of calmness. His eyes fell on those soft lips, the lips he had been sucking relentlessly just a while ago, and he chuckled.

Right now, Ember was naked, her entire body was covered with sweat and bodily juices, her black red hair was a mess, some of it was stuck on her face because of sweat, the sight made Nux's heart skip a beat.

It was not the first time he was seeing it, honestly, with how many times he had seen it, he should already be numb to it, however... the more he looked at the woman sleeping in front of him, the louder his heart started beating.

He knew deep in his heart that no matter how many times he saw it, getting numb to this artistic scene was simply impossible. That was just how deep his love for his wives was.

"I guess I should leave now huh..." freeweb(n)

Nux muttered.

Then, looking at Ember, he crawled towards her and one last time, he sucked on those lips that seemed to have been calling him out for a long time now.

Of course, this time, he made sure not to be too aggressive. He knew Ember was too tired and he wanted his wife to rest properly.

Thinking about it, Nux smiled as he finally stood up and stretched his body.

"Are you going to leave?"

Suddenly, Nux, who was about to open a Portal, heard a voice.

He paused and then, he saw his shadow tremble before it materialized into Lane.


Nux called out.

"I thought you would spend a little more time here," Lane spoke.

"You know huh..." Nux muttered with a wry smile on his face.

"It was very obvious." Lane nodded.

"I can't believe I am training to stay away from my wives." Nux laughed at himself.

"We do not like this either," Lane replied.

"I know." Nux nodded.

The two then looked into each other's eyes and,

"But it is important."

"But it is important."

Both of them spoke at the same time.

Nux smiled, "Mother wouldn't have requested this if she wasn't worried about me."

"Her worries aren't unfounded."

Lane replied.

As someone who had experienced the Trials, she knew just how difficult it is to hold back and stay away from the fake Nux, as disgusting as the thought of staying together with a fake Nux was, knowing that she wouldn't see her Nux till this stupid trial was over was torture in its own way.

And Lane had only spent around 50 years in the Trial.

She was extremely worried about Nux who was going to spend 10,000 years. After all, Nux was the craziest of them all.

They all act like staying away from Nux is difficult and crave his attention every time they are separated from him, however, deep inside, they all knew that Nux was countless times more possessive than all of them combined.

Taking his feelings into account, spending 10,000 years without even one of his wives around him... Lane dreaded what the result would be.

Honestly, at times, she doesn't even want Nux to follow through with this foolish bet.

It was just about a Progenitor's Blood, wasn't it? It didn't matter. They didn't need it.

And Lane knew that both Allura and Aisha, the two candidates for the Blood had the same thought as her. Compared to Nux, no blood of whatever level mattered.

"Take care of your sister, Lane."

While Lane was thinking all of this, Nux spoke up as he then created a Portal.

"Where are you going?" Lane questioned with a frown on her face.

"Back to training," Nux replied with a big smile on his face.

Then, without looking at Lane, he entered the Portal.


Lane stayed silent.

Then, she glanced at Ember sleeping peacefully on the bed and decided to take care of this mess first. She couldn't think of any other way of helping her Nux.


"You are back."

Vyriana spoke as she glanced at Nux.

"Should we leave?" Nux questioned directly.

Both Faustina and Vyriana narrowed their eyes as if they noticed something, however, they decided not to say anything and nodded.

Vyriana threw the Artifact towards Nux and the three disappeared.

Back in Solitude's End, Nux training restarted.

Once again, it was time for Nux to continue the cruel Limbless Battle Variations training.

Yes, even after working on these variations for 100 years, Vyriana was still not satisfied.

No, she wasn't a sadist.

Well... maybe she was...

However, she wasn't doing this on purpose, she would admit, she might have started this training out of... jealousy... Initially, she only wanted to continue this for a few years, however, once she started noticing the changes, she couldn't stop. Even after 100 years had passed, she could still see many more variations and how it would benefit Nux in future.

Therefore, she continued.

And this time, unlike before, Nux didn't complain either.

Without a single change in his expression, he tore his right arm before Vyriana could do it, then, he looked right into the Dragon's eyes and, "Let's continue." He spoke with a big smile on his face.

Vyriana narrowed her eyes. She could sense the change in his usual attitude. She could sense that despite him smiling, something was different.

'Is it because he didn't get to meet all his wives?'

She wondered.

She knew it was very much possible. freewebnove

It wasn't just her.

Faustina was observing her son as well and had the same doubts on her mind, however, in the end, the Progenitor just stared at the Dragon and nodded, ordering her to continue.

Vyriana nodded back, the training continued.

This time, the three weren't bothered for a long time.

Decades after Decades passed, Nux's pain tolerance continued to increase to an absurd level, the same was true for the Zenith Flow, as more and more variations were added to the technique, its complexity and strength continued to increase as well.

After 200 years had passed, Vyriana finally decided to stop training the Limbless Variations, Nux simply nodded with a smile. There was no trace of relief on his face knowing that the torturous part of the training was over.

By now, however, both Vyriana and Faustina were already used to his... changed attitude... or at least that is how they acted.

Vyriana simply moved to the rest of the variations.

The training continued, Nux continued to absorb everything Vyriana threw at him like a sponge.

100 more years passed by and Nux had already mastered 4 million variations of the Zenith Flow, just 1 million more variations and his Mastery level would raise to Master Level.

However, before Vyriana could continue, their training time was interrupted once again as Lane made her entry.

And this time, the news she brought was shocking since the one who managed to form her Law was... Edda Leander.

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