The Actress Queen’s Rebirth: She’s a Bigshot Loved by All Her Uncles!-Chapter 559 - : Shock

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Chapter 559: Shock

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Although there were many posts on the topic square, they were quickly taken down after the post was posted. However, there were still netizens who took screenshots in time. Before the account was canceled, many netizens asked about the accuracy of the source.

“Brother, are you serious? Are you bragging?”

“l don’t think so. If he wants to attract attention, there’s no need to be so afraid. He only dares to post the news on his alternate account. Moreover, he has to cancel his account after posting it.”

“Is that really the reason? Oh my god, I really don’t understand the world of the rich. Holding such a big fireworks show just to make a woman happy?

“Even idol dramas don’t dare to act like this.”

“l wouldn’t dream of doing that.”

“So, I witnessed someone else’s love yesterday? Can you let me bask in the glory and quickly find a girlfriend?”

“Good luck I’m not asking my boyfriend to prepare a fireworks show worth ten million yuan for me. It’s fine as long as he’s a normal person.”

After the account was canceled, the netizens’ discussions did not stop, but the style became a little strange. Many netizens reposted photos of the fireworks show while praying for love to descend on them. For a moment, the topic square became an event location.

Of course, this was only a small group of people. Most of them were speculating about more details based on the information revealed. “By the way, I remember something. You know about this.”

“l know what you’re trying to say. I remember it too.”

“Can’t you be more direct with your bullshit? Can’t you just say it? What exactly is going on?! ”

“Brother, I can tell that you’re not chasing after celebrities. It was Lu Zhen’s birthday yesterday! ‘

The netizens were completely shocked. The two things that they originally thought were unrelated were actually cause and effect? That big shot from the capital held such a luxurious small fireworks show to celebrate Lu Zhen’s birthday and make her happy?

This news quickly spread to the entertainment industry. In an instant, the entire entertainment industry was in an uproar.

“It was unexpected. The big boss in the capital spent so much money to celebrate Lu Zhen’s birthday?”

Half an hour later, the relevant topics rushed to the top of the entertainment trending list. A famous singer released a new album and the popularity of the publicity on the Internet was suppressed.

The netizens were so excited that it was as if they were celebrating the new year. They also rushed to Lu Zhen’s Weibo comments section to ask questions as if they were taking a train home during the new year.

“Zhenzhen, tell me quickly. Was that fireworks for you?”

“Do you know who did it for you? Are you tempted? If it were me, I would have put on a wedding dress and married that person on the spot.”

“This is too romantic. Zhenzhen, 1 beg you to be with the big boss in the capital! Brother-in-law can’t even give you a birthday present on your birthday. You won’t be happy with him!”

“No, no, no. Don’t be rash. What if the big boss in the capital is an old man in his fifties or sixties? An idol drama is an idol drama. How can there be so many rich, handsome and overbearing presidents in reality? There are only wretched male bosses with beer bellies and wrinkled faces who drool over beauties!”

“Ah? Now that you mention it, I’m no longer excited. Forget it, forget it. I’ll return to Brother-in-law’s camp. After all, Brother-in-law is definitely a handsome man from his figure. He’s just a little poor.”

For a moment, the comments section under Lu Zhen’s account was extremely lively. Some netizens felt that the big boss in the capital was too generous and diligent. As long as he was not too ugly or too old, Lu Zhen could still consider him. However, there were also netizens who felt that such a rich and bold big boss was definitely not young.

Moreover, the big shots or business tycoons in the wealthy families must be scheming. Spending so much money to hold a fireworks party for Lu Zhen might not be pure love. It was very likely just to get Lu Zhen.

As one of the most popular female celebrities, it was not a big deal to spend 10 million yuan to get her. Her market value was more than ten million yuan. The netizens! discussion became more and more intense. Not only did they analyze from all angles, but they also pulled Lu Zhen’s boyfriend, who had been silent, into the discussion.

When Lu Zhen woke up, she was faced with such a chaotic and lively situation. She stared blankly at the backstage where the comments kept increasing. She did not expect the netizens to link her to the fireworks show so quickly. Lu Zhen took a deep breath and decided to leave this matter to Song Jia..