The Actress Queen’s Rebirth: She’s a Bigshot Loved by All Her Uncles!-Chapter 560 - : High-Definition Video

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Chapter 560: High-Definition Video

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It was impossible for this guy not to have expected this situation when he was preparing to set off the fireworks, right?

Lu Zhen had always thought that Song Jia was a low-key person, but who would have thought that he had become a different person recently? There was even a luxurious fireworks show on her birthday that attracted the attention of netizens all over the country!

Lu Zhen was indeed quite happy when she watched the fireworks yesterday. But from the looks of it, the price for that happiness was not small. It attracted the attention of so many people.

Song Jia wasn’t really low-key, but she was! Now that so many netizens were asking her what was going on, how could she answer?!

Lu Zhen pushed open the door. Xiaoxiao had already prepared breakfast. When she saw Lu Zhen, she smiled until her eyes were like slits. “You’re awake. Hurry up and eat.”

Lu Zhen looked at Xiaoxiao and said gloomily, “You still have the cheek to laugh! You knew it, didn’t you?!”

Xiaoxiao shook her head and said innocently, “Not really. I only found out a few days ago. To be honest, 1 was shocked.”

Lu Zhen looked at the air in front of her in a daze. “l was also very shocked when I watched the fireworks yesterday. When I woke up today and saw the situation on the Internet, I was even more shocked.’

Xiaoxiao covered her mouth and laughed. “Alright, don’t worry. President

Song will handle it anyway. He even told me not to worry.”

Lu Zhen frowned and asked, “Do you know how he’s going to deal with it?”

“l don’t know.”

Lu Zhen was speechless. “Then why do you trust him so much?”

“President Song has always been reliable. He’s so capable. He can definitely solve the problem. Zhenzhen, don’t worry. You have to maintain a good mood and relax when eating,” Xiaoxiao said happily.

In Xiaoxiao’s opinion, this kind of public opinion incident did not have any bad impact on Lu Zhen. Moreover, with Song Jia handling it, she was not very worried.

Lu Zhen strongly retorted Xiaoxiao’s words in her heart.

Song Jia was very reliable most of the time, but recently, he has become more and more…

Lu Zhen didn’t want to recall the scenes that made her blush. She shook her head and decided to see how Song Jia was going to deal with this matter first. If he could not handle such a huge public opinion incident, Ye Xuan would not let him off! Lu Zhen took a big bite of yogurt soaked in fruit cereal gloomily.

Lu Zhen took a nap in the afternoon. When she woke up, Xiaoxiao walked in excitedly with her phone. She guessed that something must have happened. Could it be that Song Jia had resolved the public opinion on the Internet?

Lu Zhen picked up her phone and prepared to see what was going on online.

Xiaoxiao snatched the phone over and said to Lu Zhen, “Zhenzhen, take a deep breath and be prepared.”

Lu Zhen:

“What’s wrong?” Lu Zhen had a bad feeling.

“l really never dreamed that a plot that even idol dramas don’t dare to act in could appear in reality.” Xiaoxiao sighed and the corners of her mouth kept curling up.

What happened? Lu Zhen began to feel uneasy.

“Take a look for yourself. It’s really exciting.” Xiaoxiao handed the phone to Lu


Lu Zhen turned on her cell phone and looked at it for more than twenty minutes.

After reading it, she was dumbfounded.

Song Jia had indeed taken measures. He had found an account from somewhere and posted a high-definition video of the fireworks show. Then, he tagged Lu Zhen. The high-definition video of the fireworks show was not taken in their neighborhood. It was taken from another viewing angle. This was probably to avoid revealing their addresses.

The photos of the fireworks show taken by netizens on the Internet were not very clear. Some of them were taken with cameras. As they were not the best viewing angle, they did not look shocking enough.

However, this high-definition video displayed the splendor of the fireworks show in the best viewing position. It made some foreign netizens who had not seen the fireworks show with their own eyes feel as if they were at the scene.

After this high-definition video was released, it became very popular. Netizens also ran to the comments section excitedly.

“Fuck, did the big boss of the capital appeared? Is this his personal account?” “It should be about time. Is he confessing? So high-profile!”

“It feels like forced love, The big boss in the capital must know that Lu Zhen has a boyfriend, but he still organized a fireworks party and even tagged Lu Zhen online in front of all the netizens. This kind of domineering attitude is too cool!”

“Capital’s big boss: You have a boyfriend? It’s fine. You’ll change soon.”

“Damn, my heart can’t take it anymore. Is there anyone in the comments section who can write a novel based on this? It must be very exciting!’

“Even idol dramas don’t dare to act like this. If I were Lu Zhen herself, I don’t know how tempted I would be..”