The Beloved and Pampered Girl-Chapter 75 - : Public Display of Affection

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Chapter 75: Public Display of Affection

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“You two know each other?”

Qianqian was the first to speak!

“Yes! I’m the teaching assistant in Ling Xiaoyang’s class.”

She did not expect Ling Xiaoyang to be Qianqian and Jihao’s son. What a small world!

“What a coincidence.”

Jihao said in disbelief.

“Take a seat first. Let s talk while eating! ”

Qianqian said when she saw that the two of them had not taken their seats.


Chu Liyuan slowly pulled out a chair for Jian Dan before taking the seat beside her.

From the moment Jian Dan walked in the door until now, Ling Xiaoyang’s gaze had been fixed on her.

How can this be? Howls this possible? How can Jian Dan be Uncle Chu’s wife? Impossible! This cant be true! If snot true!

Ling Xiaoyang could not believe it.

Upon the arrival of Jian Dan and Chu Liyuan, Qianqian asked the server to start serving the dishes.

“What a coincidence. I didn’t expect Jian Dan to be the teaching assistant in Xiaoyang’s class.”

“I’m just helping the professor deal with rhe miscellaneous matters.”

“Did this cheeky lad cause you any trouble?”

Qianqian knew very well what her son was like!

“Of course not! Not only did he not, but he also did me a huge favor.”

Ling Xiaoyang was her benefactor now!

“Favor? What favor did this lad do you?”

Qianqian turned to look at her son.

“Well… I’ve always been very poor in physical education, so 1 haven’t earned enough credits for it. However under Xiaoyang’s tireless guidance -I finally completed my physical education credits today.”

Jian Dan said excitedly.

Jian Dan was very relieved to finally get the monkey off her back. Hence, she was in a very good mood.


Obviously, she did not expect her son to be so helpful. He had always been uninterested in the affairs of others. He was so helpful this time?


Jian Dan stood up and raised the wine glass. “Xiaoyang, I didn’t expect you to be Qianqian and Jihao’s son. Based on seniority, wouldn’t that make me your aunt? But no matter what, thank you for helping me earn my physical education credits. Let me toast you.”

Ling Xiaoyang snapped out of his reverie and slowly stood up. He tried his best to suppress his emotions, afraid that others would see through him.

However, Jian Dan had just brought the wine glass to her lips when…

“Kids shouldn’t drink.”

Chu Liyuan took the wine glass from Jian Dan’s hand. “My lass is still young. I’ll drink on her behalf.”

He downed the wine in one gulp.

“Uncle, I’m not a kid anymore. 1 can drink now.”

She was already 20 years old. How could she still be a kid?

Chu Liyuan cast a sharp glare…

“But I don’t drink.”

Jian Dan immediately acquiesced.

“Oh, come on. You can’t even bear to let her drink a glass of wine?”

Ling Jihao mocked.

“Why? Do you have a problem with that?”

Chu Liyuan retorted coldly.

“No, I wouldn’t dare! Let’s eat! Let’s eat!

Jian Dan looked at the sumptuous spread and drooled.

Jian Dan tried a piece of mutton… “Mmm! Yummy!”

“Uncle, try it!” She picked one piece for Chu Liyuan and brought it to his mouth.

Chu Liyuan smiled and opened his mouth to eat. “Not bad indeed!”


Witnessing their intimate actions, Ling Xiaoyang’s heart seemed to be bleeding…

“Ouch! ” Jian Dan was peeling a prawn when she accidentally pricked her finger.

Chu Liyuan immediately pulled Jian Dan’s hand over popped her finger in his mouth and sucked gently… “So dumb. You can prick your finger while peeling a prawn?”

Jian Dan never expected Chu Liyuan to do this in front of so many people.

Although Chu Liyuan chided Jian Dan, he reached out to take the prawn that Jian Dan had not finished peeling and continued peeling… “Open your mouth!”

Jian Dan smiled and obediently opened her mouth. Chu Liyuan popped the peeled prawn into Jian Dan’s mouth. “Mmm! The prawn today feels especially yummy!”

Jian Dan looked at Chu Liyuan with a lovestruck gaze.

“Are the two of you even going to let us eat? There are so many people here! Get a room!”

Ling Jihao teased as he witnessed their public display of affection.

The two of them acted as if there was no one else around, showing off their affection so unabashedly.

“No one forced you to watch. You can cover your eyes!”

Chu Liyuan said as he took a tissue.

“How did you get your mouth so oily?”

Ignoring Ling Jihao’s words completely, he wiped Jian Dan’s mouth.

“F*ck! Qianqian, look at how lovey-dovey they are. I really can’t stand it. Ugh… 1 want to puke!”

“Washroom! Go out and turn left!”

“Chu Liyuan! You…”

Chu Liyuan was too infuriating!

“Hmph! You think you’re the only one who can show off your love?! We can do it too! Come, Qianqian, have some fish!”

He brought a piece of fish to Qianqian’s mouth.

“The four of you… Can you be any more disgusting? How can I still eat? You know what? My roommate is looking for me. I ll make a move first! ”

Ling Xiaoyang stood up and left, leaving the four of them with a view of his departing figure..