The Beloved and Pampered Girl-Chapter 76 - : She’s Not the Only Woman In This World

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Chapter 76: She’s Not the Only Woman In This World

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Ling Xiaoyang left the restaurant alone, a lonely soul…

lie finally understood what his father meant just now. In front of Jian Dan, Chu Liyuan was completely different from usual. Even though there were others present, he was not afraid to show his love and pampering for Jian Dan.

Looking at how intimate the two of them were—if he did not find an excuse to leave—he was really afraid that he would not be able to suppress his emotions.

“Han Yi, come out and have a drink with me!”

All he wanted to do now was get plastered and drown his sorrows. That way, he would not have to think about anything else.

“Aren’t you having dinner with your parents today? Why…”

“Cut the crap! Just get your a*s here!”

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll go over now.”

Han Yi could tell that Ling Xiaoyang was in a bad mood. He put on a jacket and went out.

By the time Han Yi arrived at Sense Bar, Ling Xiaoyang had already knocked back a few.

“What’s going on with you?”

He looked at Ling Xiaoyang, who was already sloshed.

“Come! Come, drink with me.”

It would stop hurting if he was drunk.

Ling Xiaoyang knew very well that his feelings for Jian Dan were different from his previous girlfriends. But why did she have to be Uncle Chu’s wife? Why?

‘You’ve had enough. What’s the matter with you? Has something happened?’

“If you’re my buddy, don’t ask anything. Just drink with me!”

“Alright! I’ll drink with you!”

Han Yi knew that something must have happened to Xiaoyang. But since he did not want to say it—as his buddy—he could only be there for him.

“Handsome, can you buy me a drink?”

A hot girl approached Ling Xiaoyang and kept grinding her body against Ling Xiaoyang.

Ling Xiaoyang looked at her with hooded eyes…

That’s right! There are so many women in this world; Jian Dan is not the only one.

“Of course I’ll buy a hottie like you a drink!”

Ling Xiaoyang snaked his arm around the woman’s slender waist and handed her a wine glass.

The woman took the glass—swirled the wine—and drank it. Then, she eye f*cked Ling Xiaoyang.

Just as Ling Xiaoyang was about to reciprocate, Han Yi pulled him over… “I’m sorry! He had too much to drink. We’ll make a move first.”

Han Yi helped Ling Xiaoyang up and stumbled out of Sense Bar…

This morning, he was still expressing his deep love for Jian Dan. It had only been a few hours. How did he suddenly become like this?

Ling Xiaoyang could not return to the dormitory after he was hammered, so he found a budget hotel nearby to stay for the night.

“Ow! My head hurts!”

Ling Xiaoyang rubbed his temples with one hand and sat up with great effort.

“Of course. How can you not have a hangover after drinking so much last night?”

Han Yi teased.

“Why are you here? Where am I?”

Ling Xiaoyang felt weak all over and his head was killing him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot everything about last night?”

This guy puked like a fountain last night… Han Yi took care of him for the entire night without sleeping. Great, he forgot all about it when he woke up.

“Last night??”

Ling Xiaoyang rubbed his head and tried to recall…

“I think I went to Sense Bar for a drink… After that… My memories are hazy.”

“If it weren’t for me last night, you would have been swallowed whole.”


When Ling Xiaoyang heard Han Yi’s words, a blurry figure appeared in his mind…


That’s it? That’s all he had to say?

“I’ll go wash my face first.”

Ling Xiaoyang got up and went to the bathroom. He turned on the faucet and washed his face with cold water. The cold water awakened him fully.

Only then did the events of last night slowly surface in his mind…

Jian Dan? Uncle Chu’s wife?