The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead-Chapter 295 - : Her Number Was Sold

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Chapter 295: Her Number Was Sold

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It was rare for Xia Wei to see Jian Tan’s serious side. After being silent for two seconds, she nodded obediently, indicating that she understood.

She was naturally not someone who did not know what was good for her. It was obvious that Jian Tan was being so cautious for her own good. This might be some of Jian Tan’s experience as an international superstar!

“I’m worried that someone will sell your communication information. Get Brother Wang to help you change your phone number after you go back today. Remember to be careful in the future. Don’t casually exchange your number with others.” Jian Tan looked at Xia Wei’s obedient appearance and suggested in a soft voice.

When Xia Wei heard this, she did not respond to Jian Tan immediately. Instead, she looked at him seriously. “Why are you so familiar with these things? Have you met anyone who harassed you like this before?”

She was a big star in her previous life, so she naturally knew about these things. She asked this because she wanted to know if there had been similar harassment incidents around Jian Tan.

Jian Tan did not expect Xia Wei to suddenly mention this. After being stunned for a moment, he nodded very honestly.

Before he could explain these things, Big Manager Wu, who was sitting in front of him and Xia Wei, quickly picked up the topic.

“Speaking of this, 1 have to tell the two of you properly! As artists, you have to protect all kinds of information about yourself carefully. We have to be careful in everything. You can hand over some unnecessary social etiquette to your manager and assistant. Don’t foolishly sell yourself!”

Wu Fan said this to Wang Ming and Xia Wei, who were beside him. He looked very serious.

Hearing that Wu Fan did not say what she wanted to know after talking for a long time, Xia Wei retracted her gaze and looked at Jian Tan again. However, she did not continue to ask about this matter. If Jian Tan was willing to tell her, he would have told her directly.

Jiang Xiao, who had insisted on calling Xia Wei for a few days but failed, finally succeeded once tonight. However, he did not expect himself to become a living example of Wu Fan explaining how to prevent phone harassment!

He held the cell phone that had suddenly been hung up on by the conversation. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Xia Wei’s number for a long time before smiling with interest. He looked up at the television that was playing the show in the ward again.

If it was in the past, Jiang Xiao would definitely not waste his time watching such a boring show. It was just a few small celebrities gathering together to put on a show. There was nothing to see!

However, time had passed. Jiang Xiao suddenly felt that this show was very interesting, especially its latest episode. Looking at the live-stream camera where the protagonist’s figure was suddenly lost by the cameraman, the divine light in Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up.

This scene was quickly replaced by another long-range camera. What landed in Jiang Xiao’s vision was Xia Wei’s figure floating on the water and swimming towards the waterfall.

Actually, if one watched carefully, they could see that the cameraman carrying this live-stream camera was trembling and nervous!

That’s right! Jiang Xiao was watching the live-stream recording of Xia Wei saving him from the pool after he fell into the water that day. It was the latest episode of [Heartthrob TA] that had been stopped.

Jiang Xiao held the remote control of the television and skillfully pulled back the progress bar.

He was very interested in this female celebrity who had saved his life. The second day after he woke up in the hospital, he got his subordinates to find the other party’s phone number and kept trying to contact her.

Of course, the final outcome was unsuccessful. Xia Wei was very guarded, so Jiang Xiao could not talk to her like this. However, Jiang Xiao still had to stay in the hospital for the time being and could not go directly to Xia Wei. Hence, there was the “bombardment” over the past few days and the scene just now.

He watched the video of Xia Wei saving him again and leaned against the pillow behind him in a good mood, as if he was not angry at all that the other party had just hung up on him.

Naturally, Xia Wei did not know that she had already been targeted by Jiang Xiao. After returning to the hotel where the production team was staying with Jian Tan, she returned to her room. She had to return to the production team tomorrow to continue work and had to rest well tonight..