The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead-Chapter 296 - : Recording Song, "Breaking Dawn"

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Chapter 296: Recording Song, “Breaking Dawn”

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Jian Tan was obviously more concerned about the interlude of that unfamiliar call than Xia Wei herself!

He had been thinking about this matter ever since he returned to his room. After a while, he took out his cell phone and called Wu Fan.

Wu Fan naturally understood what Jian Tan meant. He promised to help Jian Tan find out who that number belonged to before noon tomorrow. Only then did Jian Tan feel relieved and wash up to rest.

His scenes today were quite heavy, but it was very smooth.

Actually, this was the first time Jian Tan had encountered a production team that was in such a hurry to catch up. He could understand why Xu Kai was so worried and tried his best to cooperate with him. The filming progress of “Female Assassin” had been delayed too much by Lu Man previously. Jian Tan had to bear the time difference between them.

Fortunately, Jian Tan was not an ordinary actor. This level of pressure was not enough to make things difficult for him. He was just a little tired. What made him feel even more troubled was actually how to woo Xia Wei. The difficulty of this matter was obviously more than a hundred times higher than the former!

Five days after Jian Tan entered the production team of “Female Assassin”, Xia Wei finally stopped staying at the studio to watch him act. Early that morning, Wang Ming came to the studio and took Xia Wei away.

Jian Tan thought that the MV recording of “Diablossom”‘ was about to start. When Xia Wei left the event location, he even chuckled and said that he wanted to treat Xia Wei to a meal after it was over. Xia Wei looked at him and smiled without saying anything. Then, she left with Wang Ming.

Jian Tan and Xia Wei had been rushing to film the scenes for the past few days. They were all scenes of Underworld Emperor and Shadow Girl in the script. Good actors would enhance each other when they acted together. This was extremely obvious from him and Xia Wei!

Xu Kai had been in a very good mood recently. Although he was very rushed and tired every day, he felt glad to see outstanding actors like Jian Tan and Xia Wei acting no matter how hard and tiring it was.

At this moment, he did not know that he was creating a miracle and legend in the film and television industry with two genius actors.

Actually, who would have thought that such an unknown production team, which was so poor that only two actors saved them every day, could achieve such outstanding results?

Later on, when people were amazed by the high quality of this web drama and its gambling-like boldness, they checked its cast list and felt that it was only right and worth it!

With Best Actor Jian Tan’s participation and the passionate acting of the popular female celebrity, Xia Wei, this web drama was no longer a low-budget drama. It was directly led away by the two main leads.

Of course, this was only for later. There was no need to mention it for the time being.

Xia Wei had applied for leave from Director Xu Kai today to attend He Shi’s appointment. The collaboration project that she and He Shi had agreed on a long time ago was finally going to be implemented today!

Previously, she had fallen out with Fang Ting and Ming Mai in this recording studio. Today was the second time Xia Wei had returned.

Of course, today’s collaboration had nothing to do with the two of them. Xia Wei was here to record a song for He Shi. It was the masterpiece that He Shi had mentioned at Su Chu’s concert—”Breaking Dawn”.

He Shi pinched his earphones and listened to Xia Wei’s first audition in the recording studio. The demo of this song had been sent to Xia Wei previously. She must have practiced it many times in private, which was why today’s first audition went so smoothly.

Xia Wei, who was behind the soundproof glass, made an OK gesture. He Shi smiled and gestured for Xia Wei to come out and rest before continuing.

“I’ll get your sister-in-law to make some soup and send it over in the afternoon to help nourish your throat and lungs. You can recover after recording today. This won’t affect your future work,” He Shi said as he stood up and gave Xia Wei a seat.

Xia Wei smiled at He Shi when she heard that. She put on her earphones and replied slowly before listening to the song, “That’s great. Thank you, Sister-in-law!”

He Shi smiled and replied that there was no need to be polite. He lowered his head and told Xia Wei what she needed to pay attention to when she re-recorded later.

Wang Ming looked at the two of them interacting very warmly and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although Xia Wei parted on bad terms with Fang Ting and Ming Mai that day, her tone towards He Shi was not polite at all. He was a little worried about what He Shi was thinking.

However, reality proved that Wang Ming was overthinking. He Shi was not a narrow-minded person. He cherished talent deep in his bones and did not allow him to miss Xia Wei’s talent..