The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife-Chapter 500: The Formidable Gu Family Army

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The youth wore a set of armor and helmet, revealing only a pair of sharp eyes akin to that of eagles. It was impossible to see the youth’s face or age clearly, but ‘his’ every move exuded the spirit of a young hero.

Numerous State of Chen soldiers climbed up to the tower, yet not a single one could successfully approach the flag of the State of Zhao. Without exception, they were all pierced down by the youth's red-tasseled spear!

Blood stained ‘his’ armor and the rubble beneath ‘him’, but the flag ‘he’ guarded remained untouched.

‘He’ was like the God of Slaughter, safeguarding the military spirit of the State of Zhao.

"When did Yuegu City produce such a formidable individual?" Rong Fu frowned.

If he had gone to Lingguan City, he would have heard about this person from the Imperial Son-in-law. Unfortunately, he hadn't been there yet.

Rong Fu commanded his subordinate, "Bring me a bow and arrows."

"Yes!" The subordinate handed him a bow and arrows accordingly.

Rong Fu pulled the bowstring and shot an arrow towards the flagpole above Gu Jiao's head.

Gu Jiao's eyes flashed coldly as she planted the red-tasseled spear into the ground, using it to propel herself into the air. Then, with a powerful kick, she deflected the incoming arrow.

Rong Fu shot a second arrow, then a third, and a fourth!

By the fifth arrow, he no longer aimed at the flagpole but directly targeted Gu Jiao's head!

He aimed to pierce through the youth’s skull!

Let's see how he can block this arrow!

Just as Rong Fu drew the bowstring tight, ready to release, a resonant horn suddenly echoed from not far behind him, as if breaking through the ancient wilderness and arriving with the momentum of the rivers and mountains, causing everyone's hearts to tremble!

Accompanying the horn was a drumbeat that started slow and gradually intensified, roaring like thunder and shaking the mountains.

"Hou! Hou! Hou!"

Uniform and powerful shouts echoed through the heavens and the earth with an imposing dominance!

The ground began to tremble, dust swirling into the air. Rong Fu, watching the earth quiver beneath the horse hooves, suddenly realized something!

Scout from the State of Chen’s army rushed in a panic from the rear, shouting, "Report—Report— The Gu Family Army is here!"

This terrified scream tore through the pitch-black night sky, as if something had erupted from behind the clouds.

As the scout's words fell, an arrow pierced through him viciously. His eyes widened, and he fell straight to the ground in front of Rong Fu's horse.

Rong Fu, witnessing the sudden demise of the scout, felt an inexplicable surge of fear in his heart!

It couldn't be.

How could he be hit from such a distance?

No, more importantly, the Gu Family Army was supposed to be very far away. How could they arrive so quickly?

If Rong Fu hadn't been certain that the Gu Family Army wouldn't arrive so quickly, how could he dare to lead a force of twenty thousand to attack the city?

His elder brothers had all earned military merits, but he had none. He came here seeking military achievements. If he could capture Yuegu City, kill Gu Chao and Tang Yueshan, he could be rewarded with titles and lands, just like his brothers.

His luck couldn't be this bad! This must be another scheme by Tang Yueshan!

The defenders of the State of Zhao were now reduced to a few hundred, victory was within reach, and retreating at this moment would be the biggest mistake!

Rong Fu drew his sword from his waist and solemnly shouted, "The information is wrong! It's not the Gu Family Army! It's just a few State of Zhao captives playing tricks in the woods! Continue the siege! Whoever can take the heads of Tang Yueshan and Gu Chao will be rewarded with a thousand gold pieces! And that youth!"

He pointed towards the youth who had slain numerous State of Chen soldiers while fiercely guarding the State of Zhao’s flag, "Whoever cuts off his head will become a general in my Rong Family!"

At Rong Fu’s words, the initially somewhat demoralized State of Chen’s army suddenly surged with enthusiasm!

A thousand gold pieces, and a general position in the Rong Family— each of this reward was indeed enticing!

However, this enthusiasm did not last long. Suddenly, Rong Fu's subordinates beside him pointed to the rear with terror in their eyes and said, "Ge-gen-general, look..."

"What's there to look at? It's just—" Rong Fu turned his head as he spoke with impatience, and his words got stuck in his throat.

The darkness of the night sky had dissipated at some point, and yet they couldn’t see the dawn, as the horizon was painted in shades of murky gray.

Under this vast expanse of sky, tens of thousands of cavalry charged forward like a dark tide. Each person wore icy silver armor, and even their war horses were draped in silver.

With a command from their leader, all the cavalrymen took out black cloth and covered the eyes of their horses simultaneously.

"It-it-it’s..." The subordinates were too astonished to say more.

This scene was too shocking!

This was a true cavalry!

Gu Changqing rode ahead, breaking through the falling snow. The white cloak behind his silver armor fluttered in the wind, like the purest snow color in the world, exuding an extremely cold and icy killing intent.

Rong Fu's breath caught in his throat!

Wherever the Gu Family's iron cavalry went, the State of Chen soldiers were defeated and unable to form an organized resistance.

Gu Changqing didn't go elsewhere; he charged straight at Rong Fu. The first light of dawn chased behind him, gradually illuminating the sky.

Rong Fu raised his sword to meet his attack!

However, before he could make a move, Gu Changqing swiftly swung his sword and beheaded him!

Many people's fates had changed, such as the city's residents, but some fates remained unchanged, like Rong Fu's, as he still left his life behind in this place.

If there was anything different from the dream, it would be that this time he didn't die with an intact body.

Rong Fu's head fell, and the morale of the State of Chen’s army greatly plummeted. The blades they held in their hands lost their precision!

The State of Chen soldiers, who thought victory was within their grasp, watched as the Gu Family's iron cavalry surged towards them like a torrent. Their speed was too fast, and their momentum too overwhelming, leaving the State of Chen soldiers dumbfounded!

The Gu Family's iron cavalry effortlessly broke through the ranks of the State of Chen's army. However, instead of lingering outside the city, they followed Gu Changqing and charged through the city gates!

Just as the State of Chen's army outside the city breathed a sigh of relief, the infantry of the Gu Family Army arrived. Armed with swords and shields, they charged towards the State of Chen soldiers with a grand momentum!

It was a crushing victory without suspense!

Meanwhile, Gu Chengfeng, who had been fighting tirelessly against the State of Chen soldiers throughout the night, was already numb. He had almost forgotten who he was and where he was. All he remembered was that as long as he had breath, he had to keep on fighting...

"Watch out, Lord Gu!"

Dozens of steps away, Deputy General Li, having just blocked an attack from a State of Chen soldier, saw Gu Chengfeng being surrounded from three sides. One of the State of Chen soldiers swung his long sword at Gu Chengfeng's back. The armor on his back had long been shattered, and the sword tore through it completely.

Covered in wounds, Gu Chengfeng was exposed under the enemy's swords.

Gu Chengfeng had no strength left.

He couldn't even take a final breath.

He was really going to die.

Sorry. Eldest brother, grandfather. I couldn't hold on...

He fell down with his whole body facing downwards.

The swords of the State of Chen soldiers stabbed fiercely towards his back.

However, their swords had not yet reached Gu Chengfeng when a gleaming long sword blocked them. With a swift sweep, the long sword released a rainbow-like aura, instantly claiming the lives of three State of Chen soldiers!

Gu Chengfeng didn't fall hard as he was caught by a strong arm.

Gu Changqing knelt in front of him, supporting his bloodied brother.

Gu Chengfeng looked at him with a blurry vision before everything went black and he passed out...

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