The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife-Chapter 587: Regaining Consciousness

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The wind was gentle, and the sun was shining brightly, a graceful and charming time.

Gu Jiao woke up amidst the chirping of birds, finding herself lying in a strange room.

Given her nature, she would usually be alert immediately, but strangely she wasn't.

The familiar scent and fragrance emanated from the pillow and blanket, inexplicably calming her.


The door was slightly pushed open from outside, and a tall figure stepped in.

It was Long Yi.

He held a large ladle as he strolled into the room.

Gu Jiao almost closed her eyes in an instant.

Long Yi leaned down, staring at Gu Jiao's face for a while, seemingly puzzled why she hadn't woken up despite hearing the movements.

Finally, Long Yi left with his ladle.

Gu Jiao breathed a sigh of relief.

She didn't want Long Yi feeding her with his ladle.

The scent on the bed and Long Yi guarding the door assured Gu Jiao that her current situation was safe.


The door was pushed open again, and Gu Jiao instinctively closed her eyes, fearing it was Long Yi coming to disturb her again.

But it wasn't Long Yi's footsteps she heard.

Gu Jiao opened her eyes and looked towards the door.

Xiao Heng walked towards the bed, and seeing her open her eyes, he asked, "Awake?"

"Mm." Gu Jiao responded.

Xiao Heng approached the bed, bent down, and reached out his slender hand to touch her forehead. "No fever."

"How long have I been sleeping?" Gu Jiao asked.

"Three days." Xiao Heng replied.

"So long." Gu Jiao murmured.

"This is the residence on Zhuque Street. I told the family that my mother had chest pain, so you're here to take care of her." Xiao Heng sat down on the stool by the bed, looking closely at Gu Jiao and softly asking, "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Gu Jiao shook her head, "No, just a bit weak from sleeping too much."

"That's normal after sleeping for so long. Let me help you sit up."

Xiao Heng said it a bit too late as Gu Jiao was already trying to sit up on her own. But then her small body froze in mid-air, her eyes flickered, and she lay back down, "Seems like I'm really weak right now."

Xiao Heng: "..."

Xiao Heng helped the "weak" person up.

She was wearing thin sleeping attire, and his fingertips and palms could almost feel the softness of her arms.

Xiao Heng's eyelashes trembled slightly. He fetched a cushion and placed it behind her back, then took a thin jacket from the wardrobe and draped it over her.

It was a garment tailored by a seamstress for Gu Jiao, but Princess Xinyang never mentioned it or actively gave it to her.

"Thank you." Gu Jiao said after putting on the jacket.

Spring had arrived, and the weather wasn't as cold, but to help Gu Jiao recover, the room still burned smokeless silver charcoal.

With the jacket on, Gu Jiao felt warm enough.

She subconsciously touched her neck and felt an amulet tied with a red string, making a sound of realization.

Xiao Heng looked at the safety amulet on her neck and said, "It's not the original one. It couldn't be found, so my mother had another one made."

It was too chaotic at the time. The safety amulet had long been mixed with blood and mud in the dimly lit darkness. Gu Jiao had also lost her sanity, making it impossible for her to find it.

Xiao Heng sent people to look for it, but the damage at the scene was so severe, and the safety amulet had long been broken into pieces.

Gu Jiao's memory after removing the safety amulet was somewhat fragmented. She knew she had killed the expert from the State of Yan, but what happened afterward? What happened to her?

She opened her mouth, "Antidote..."

Xiao Heng said, "It's been delivered. You sent the antidote to the capital and handed it to the guards at the city gate. Little Seven's poison has been cured, and he's recuperating in the Kunning Palace. When you have time, I'll bring him over to thank you."

Gu Jiao thought seriously for a moment before saying, "Verbal thanks alone are not enough."

Xiao Heng couldn't help but chuckle and said, "Alright, we'll have the Kunning Palace reward you generously."

"What about Princess Xinyang's Dragon Shadow Guards?" Gu Jiao remembered they were poisoned too.

Bringing up this topic, Xiao Heng couldn't help but feel proud of her, "The antidote for that kind of poison was also among the medicine you brought back. Lady Nan Xiang has already helped them cleanse the remaining toxins from their bodies."

Gu Jiao then asked, "What about my bugs...?"

Xiao Heng smiled and replied, "They're with Lady Nan Xiang. She said those bugs need to be nurtured; otherwise, they would die within two days. She'll keep them for you until you recover."

Gu Jiao nodded, satisfied with the arrangement.

Gu Jiao then inquired, "What about my red-tasseled spear?"

Xiao Heng answered, "It's been retrieved."

Gu Jiao was about to ask if anyone else had been injured, but as she turned her head, she noticed the wound on Xiao Heng's neck.

Upon closer inspection, it wasn't caused by a sharp weapon but by two rows of very conspicuous bite marks.

The suddenly speechless Gu Jiao: "…"

Seeing her noticing, Xiao Heng didn't try to hide it anymore and teasingly asked, "Remember now?"

Gu Jiao denied it, shaking her head, "No."

Xiao Heng smiled and said, "Your teeth are really strong."

Gu Jiao adamantly denied, "They’re not."

Xiao Heng suddenly stood up, leaned closer to her, and whispered in her ear, "Next time, choose a different spot to bite. My colleagues are teasing me about it."

Gu Jiao playfully tugged at his earlobe and replied, "Oh."

Xiao Heng stopped teasing her, knowing his limits. After all, he wasn't very experienced, and if he kept teasing, he didn’t know who would end up embarrassed in the end.

"There's some millet porridge in the kitchen, I'll go get it for you."




"Okay, more."

"Be good, too much might be too hard for you."

"I can handle it, more."

Princess Xinyang had just arrived at Gu Jiao's door and overheard this thought-provoking conversation. What did "more" mean? And what about "too much might be too hard for you"?

It was broad daylight! Such lack of restraint!

Moreover, that girl was injured. Was such indulgence appropriate?

"Don’t these people know how to close the door!"

Princess Xinyang took a sharp breath and approached quietly, about to reach out and gently close the door of the two individuals.


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