The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife-Chapter 588.1: Mother And Son Are Of One Mind

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Xiao Heng came out and saw Princess Xinyang.

He looked at her strangely as she was in a very peculiar position next to the door, asking, "What are you doing?"

Princess Xinyang stared dumbfounded at Xiao Heng who was still dressed neatly.

She blinked, then leaned closer to look at Gu Jiao on the bed, who was not in the slightest disheveled. She cleared her throat and said nonchalantly, "Nothing, I just passed by to take a look. There was something on the door earlier, but it's gone now."

"Is that so?" Xiao Heng turned to look at the spotless door.

"You..." Princess Xinyang's gaze fell on the empty bowl in Xiao Heng's hand. "You were eating porridge just now?"

Xiao Heng replied, "This is the second bowl. JiaoJiao must have been starving."

So they were eating. She thought they were finally coming to their senses.

Princess Xinyang said seriously, "She can't eat anymore!"

Xiao Heng said with a smile, "Mother is right. Do you want to go in and see JiaoJiao?"

Princess Xinyang looked at the empty bowl in his hand and said irritably, "With such a big appetite, does she need to be checked on? I came to find you!"

Xiao Heng casually remarked, "Who was it who comes to check on people three or four times a night."

"Shut your mouth!"

Princess Xinyang's face turned cold as she led someone to the study at the end of the corridor.

With Long Yi guarding the courtyard, Princess Xinyang wasn't worried about anyone eavesdropping in some corner.

The mother and son sat down in the study.

Princess Xinyang handed him a sealed letter, saying, "The person from the State of Zhao who frequents the villa has been identified. He's an aide of the Zhuang Family, named Jiang Ping. His household registration and background are clear. Take a look for yourself."

Xiao Heng opened the letter and read it carefully before saying to Princess Xinyang, "Jiang Ping is Grand Preceptor Zhuang’s subordinate?"

"Yes, he's one of his trusted confidants. It's said that many of the schemes against the Marquis Xuanping Estate were this confidant’s ideas." Princess Xinyang replied.

Xiao Heng analyzed, "If he's such an important confidant, then the likelihood of him being bought by others is very low."

Princess Xinyang nodded, "Grand Preceptor Zhuang is ambitious. Even after Ning Wang was placed under house arrest, he still persists, visiting Ning Wang every so often under the guise of continuing their familial ties, but in reality, he's inciting Ning Wang to rebel. Fortunately, Ning Wang's heart is dead and he completely doesn't pay attention to him.”

Xiao Heng said flatly, "Ning Wang ignores him, and Empress Dowager Zhuang no longer protects him, yet he still hasn’t given up."

"Once you've been sitting in the clouds for too long, you don't want to come down. Grand Preceptor Zhuang's ambitions are too great, but the Zhuang Family, riddled with holes, can no longer support his ambitions." Princess Xinyang snorted.

Xiao Heng asked, "And what about that General Nangong? What's his background?"

Princess Xinyang replied, "The Nangong Family is one of the sixteen major families of the State of Yan, ranking eleventh. Though I’m not entirely sure if this general comes from that Nangong Family. If he does, our opponent's background is quite substantial.”

“We can’t underestimate the Nangong Family just because they can't make it into the top ten. The State of Yan is the most powerful country in the past thirty years, and any prominent family from the State of Yan is not to be underestimated.”

“However, the State of Yan has its own laws, and even the Nangong Family cannot arbitrarily raise troops and cause trouble in other countries. They wouldn't dare to come openly, so we have ways to deal with them."

Xiao Heng listened attentively, not rushing to express his own opinion.

Princess Xinyang was teaching him how to survive and thrive among the six states, like an experienced eagle patiently instructing its fledgling.

He would learn with an open mind.

Princess Xinyang said lightly, "I originally planned to lead the army to suppress them, but then I thought that the price would be too high. Every soldier's life is precious."

Xiao Heng asked, "You change your mind after seeing JiaoJiao, didn’t you?"

Princess Xinyang glared at him with a dark expression, as if to say, are you really not going to stop until you tore your mother's mask to pieces?

Xiao Heng smiled and said, "I also think that subduing the enemy without fighting is the best strategy."

Princess Xinyang nodded, "A battle is inevitable, but we shouldn't mindlessly send our own people to fight. After all, the Dragon Shadow Guards are not to be underestimated. For every hundred we face, we'd lose a thousand."

This price was magnified to its extreme after seeing Gu Jiao return from a bloody battle.

Not everyone was born with a sense of responsibility towards the people of the world. She might be an imperial princess, but her awareness wasn't that high.

Indeed, Gu Jiao changed her perspective.

Didn’t Gu Jiao fiercely defend the city on the border?

She was like this, and so were the soldiers of the State of Zhao.

...They couldn’t afford to lose more lives.

"I'll handle the matter with the people from the State of Yan, as for Grand Preceptor Zhuang..." Princess Xinyang paused and looked at Xiao Heng with a smile that wasn't a smile. "Can I hand it over to you?"

Xiao Heng chuckled softly, "Sure."

Princess Xinyang paused again and said, "By the way, I want to remind you of something. It seems that those Yan people have reached some kind of agreement with Grand Preceptor Zhuang. When Jiang Ping left, he said to General Nangong, 'General Nangong, thank you very much.'"

In fact, Princess Xinyang knew much more information than this, but she didn't tell Xiao Heng.

She hoped he would figure it out on his own.

She couldn't protect him forever.

One day he would have to soar alone into the wider world, and she hoped he would have enough ability to handle everything.

After Xiao Heng left the study, Yu Jin walked in, who had been guarding the door and had heard everything.

She worriedly said, "Princess, Grand Preceptor Zhuang is cunning. Would it be too dangerous for the Little Marquis to deal with him?"

Princess Xinyang said solemnly, "Yu Jin, the people who want his life came from the Nangong Family. Do you understand how powerful the Nangong Family is?”

“The Nangong Family has over a thousand members and an army of two hundred thousand soldiers. The Zhuang Family is very powerful, but compared to the Nangong Family, it's insignificant.”

“If he can't even defeat Grand Preceptor Zhuang, how can he compete with the Nangong Family in the future? If he really doesn't have that ability, I'd rather he live in obscurity for the rest of his life and never get involved in worldly affairs!"

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