The Omnistore System-Chapter 283 Promise to not change

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Chapter 283 Promise to not change

?"So, what do you have today?" an auburn-haired man asked as Kevin retrieved a sealed plate from his space ring. "It's grilled fish with rice and some pickled vegetables and pickle juice."

The auburn-haired man, an acquaintance Kevin had made at the city's training center named Austin, eyed Kevin's plate. With three pieces of hot grilled fish, green juice-infused vegetables, and steamed rice on the side, Austin's mouth watered, and he requested, "Looks tasty, give me one?"

Kevin didn't mind and handed him a plate, while in exchange, Austin passed him a silver foil-wrapped package. "Check this out, it's a beef patty burger. The beef is the best you can get here in the den, and it's quite healthy with natural qi," he said, and Kevin accepted it with a smile. freew(e)

Eating at night had become a sort of routine activity for the entire party. It was the only time they could enjoy a meal with less worry about their lives. They often shared food and tried each other's dishes, creating a sense of camaraderie within the team.

Cultivators, burning more calories than regular humans, had a voracious appetite, and their meals usually consisted of monster meat or qi-dense herbs. The fish meat Kevin was enjoying came from an aquatic monster called Aquaraptor. Known for aiding recovery and increasing the body's vitality, it proved beneficial in healing injuries.

That's why Kevin's new friend was eating it with an excited smile. Well, the taste also played a significant role in his enthusiasm. After finishing the plate and retrieving another item to eat from his space ring, he inquired, "When are you leaving then?"

Kevin, who was also on his second helping, looked a bit down and replied, "I'll be leaving from here any minute now, and the transport vessel to Den is scheduled for tomorrow night."

"Can't you stay? I saw your girlfriend earlier, she looked a bit sad too," the man said, expressing sympathy for the couple.

"I can, but still, I have to make the trip back home. My family is there, and I also have to take care of the store," Kevin said, contemplating the system mission he had to complete. Lately, he found himself pondering why he got the system and why it designated his store type. He enjoyed fighting and wondered why he didn't get a system related to combat. Truth be told, if it weren't for the consequences like the death penalty, he might have forgotten about it altogether.

However, he acknowledged that he had to pay the price for his second life. Thus, he resolved to complete the mission and return in a month or two if everything went well. He also missed Maria and Riya, thinking, 'It would be nice to see them after a while.' Observing Keith sitting with the dark-skinned woman, he continued his internal musings. 'As for Keith...' With that thought, he got up, and seeing him stand, Austin asked with surprise, "Are you done already? Where are you going?" as he walked away.

"Just here," the black-haired boy stated, walking toward his lover. He then said, "Keith, can I have a word with you?" This caused the blonde woman to be surprised, and the woman sitting with her smiled but didn't say anything. Keith nodded, and Kevin, smiling, continued, "Then let's find somewhere quiet."

Walking a bit further from the crowd, not far, just where the sound of chatter could still be heard, both of them stopped. Kevin, noticing Keith looking nervous, remarked, "Why are you fidgeting? Are you nervous?"

Keith shook her head in response and asked, "What did you want to talk about?"

Without saying anything, Kevin put his hands on her waist, pulling her close. Looking into her sad eyes, he inquired, "Are you sad that I am leaving?"

This caused her to blush, looking down from his face to his chest. "Who said I am sad?" she retorted, looking cute to her boyfriend, which his smile brightened a bit, and with a teasing glint in his eyes, he said, "Well," Kevin continued with a playful tone, "your eyes told me the whole story, and they're not very good at keeping secrets."

Keith huffed in response, trying to maintain her composure. "Maybe you're just imagining things," she countered, avoiding eye contact.

Kevin chuckled, gently lifting her chin to meet his gaze. "Imagining? No way. I know my girl, and I can tell when something's bothering her."

Keith's blush deepened, and she mumbled, "It's just... I'll miss you, okay?"

Kevin's teasing expression softened, and he pulled her into a comforting embrace. "I'll miss you too, babe. But it's not forever. I'll be back before you know it."

Keith nestled into his embrace with a brightening smile and said, "I'm gonna miss your dick."

Hearing it, Kevin's hands slipped down from her waist to her buttocks, and squeezing them, he said, "I'm also gonna miss this hot body of yours..."

"Liar... How would you miss me when you have that beautiful lady at home, and my sister and grandma are going with you? You'll be busy going from one to another so much you won't have time to even think about me," Keith said, sounding a bit hurt.

Kevin noticed her discomfort, and looking down and gently making her look at him, he said, "You don't want me to be with other women?"

The blonde woman's eyes flashed with guilt, and she looked hesitant as she explained, "It's not like that... It's just I don't want you to do it without me."

"You know that's how I roll, Keith. I told you before, it's important for me. I have to have sex to become strong," Kevin said, reminding her that he needed intimate connections for cultivation. He assured her that while he could pause during their time together, it wouldn't be feasible on every occasion, especially during extended trips that cultivators often undertook which is not always with their partners.

Keith sighed, understanding the nature of Kevin's cultivation practice, yet her concerns lingered. "I know, but it still makes me uncomfortable thinking about it," she admitted, her eyes reflecting a mix of emotions.

Kevin tightened his embrace, reassuringly murmuring, "I get it, Keith. It's not about replacing you or anything. It's just a part of my cultivation method, and it doesn't change how I feel about you."

She nodded, leaning into his comforting hold. "I trust you, Kevin. Just... promise me you won't change."

"I promise," he replied, pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I'll be back, and we'll have plenty of time together, also with other's of course."

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