The Omnistore System-Chapter 284 Store Upgrade Requirements

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Chapter 284 Store Upgrade Requirements


Name :- Kevin Morison

Post: Store Owner

Store Level: Street Shop

Realm: None

STG : 44

AGI : 37

DEX : 46

STA : 40

CHM : 14

INT : 19

Attribute points : 0

Cultivation technique : Essence Harmonization Lv 1 (0.638%)(Divine)

Skills : Active skills:- Soldier blade Lv 5 (23%), Yin Rising Hands Lv 3 (1.63%)

Passive skills :- Lust Aura Lv 2 (67.63%)

Omnitokens :- 18290]

Kevin examined his status, which had undergone significant changes in the past months. Firstly, all of his attribute points had increased by at least 10 each, except for charm and intelligence, as they couldn't be enhanced through fighting or cultivation, at least as far as Kevin knew.

The completion progress of his cultivation techniques had finally crossed the halfway mark for the first percentile. In terms of fighting techniques, he had become proficient in using blades much better than before, thanks to continuous battles. Overall, there were notable improvements.

"Seems like the store is doing fine," Kevin remarked, observing the increasing number of omnitokens. However, a sigh escaped his mouth as he lay on the bed. "But it's nowhere near enough."

The young store owner returned from the jungle quite early and was now waiting for Keyara and Viana. In the meantime, he sought rest at the inn, which now belonged to Keyara. She had envisioned this city as a new starting base for her family.

Managed by the low-ranking cultivators of the Demitia family who had chosen to stay with them in Den, the inn had become a welcoming place since the establishment of a safe route by the Loviatro Emporium from the outside.

However, such family dynamics were not of immediate concern to Kevin. He had more pressing matters on his mind, particularly the system mission that he was currently scrutinizing with intensity.

[Main quest: Upgrade the store

Upgrade cost: 1 million Omni tokens

Requirements to upgrade the store: Four employees, Essence extractor, Ore processor, dimensional storage.

Duration: 1 year

Reward: Dimensional exchange, personnel cultivation room

Failure: Qi deviation.]

The 1-million price tag hung over him like executioner's swords, and the additional costs for extractors and processors seemed to cheer for it to sever his neck. The total tokens needed amounted to 1.2 million, and he only possessed a meager 18,000 – a mere 1.5 percent of the total required.

He needed to expedite the completion of the mission, with over two months already elapsed, leaving him with a mere 9 days to amass a whopping 1.18 million tokens. As the urgency settled in his mind, he reviewed the mission requirements and remarked, "Hiring four employees is the easiest," mulling over the store upgrade prerequisites. He already had two – Sia and Venice's older daughter – and securing the other two would be straightforward.

For the essence extractor, he required 44,000 tokens. This item held a particular significance for him, given its name suggested the extraction of essence from things like herbs, a resource he had in abundance in his storage.

He could earn tokens by selling the herbs, but it would result in a loss since the essence extracted from them fetched a higher price. Kevin was confident that the essence extractor provided by the system would yield the best quality essence, commanding a higher market value. Consequently, he set aside the herbs from selling and considered other items he could put up for sale.

His inventory included monster body parts, some weapons found here and there, and a few bottles of qi water. As he contemplated, Kevin hesitated when considering selling the miraculous water that could heal wounds in seconds and enhance his blood vitality.

"The monster parts would be easier to sell," he thought to himself. He began searching for valuable monster parts, and the first item he retrieved was a large, shiny black hide. Muttering to himself, he said, "Let's check how much this goes for."

As he spoke, a transparent system screen appeared in front of him.

[Item: Shadowcrest Lupins Fur

Tier: Earth

Level: B

Price: 1000 Omni tokens.]

The price was significantly less than half of what it could fetch in the market, but Kevin found it reasonable, especially considering he had almost three dozen of them stored in his ring. Additionally, he possessed other valuable parts, such as the long claws that could be fashioned into weapons, their teeth, and bones, all of which held considerable value.

The claws could be sold for prices ranging from 300 tokens to 1200 tokens, depending on their levels. Meanwhile, the bones, varying in size and levels, could fetch prices from 10 tokens to several hundred. Kevin realized that by selling these monster parts, he could make a substantial contribution towards reaching the required 44,000 tokens for the essence extractor.

Almost half of the monster parts in his space rings consist of these lupins and thinking about lupins he thought about the black cute pup he adopted pervious months and said. "I missed Noire."

The pup accompanied Keyara and the others this time, as their hunting party had a less dangerous assignment, and the pup was nowhere near grown enough to fight on its own. Kevin mused, 'It would be a year or two before it's big enough to take on other monsters.' The thought of his cute pet growing into a formidable fighter excited him as he thought about riding it and killing monsters. f(r)eewebn(o)

However, that was a distant future, and Kevin wasn't certain if he would be alive to witness it. He reminded himself to stay focused on the task at hand.

With this realization, Kevin turned his attention to other monster parts, including those from the most recent creature he had defeated.

[Item: Needle Spider's Leg

Tier: Earth

Level: B

Price: 2000 Omni tokens.]

A grin spread across the store owner's face as he eagerly observed the lucrative price for the sharp spider legs. Excitement welled up within him as he checked his inventory. Having slain seven of these creatures, each boasting six legs, Kevin found himself in possession of 42 legs. Accounting for their varying levels, which made their price ranged from 1800 tokens to 2500 tokens, his concern about meeting the requirements for the store upgrade began to dissipate.

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