The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2088 2090-Death Confirmed

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Chapter 2088 2090-Death Confirmed

Although he had a bomb in his hand, how to get out of here was still a problem.

The area of this pit was not small, but it was not big either. If he detonated the bomb here, the final result might hurt him.

It would be fun if the glass didn't shatter and they were blown up instead.

Although it was a little dangerous, it was the only way for them to leave this place.

Of course, they could also use all their strength to attack the glass above. However, if they used up all their strength, they would still be fish meat.

The two of them discussed softly for a while and decided to go all out.

He wondered what Jiang Rongguang and the others were doing now. If they started to move, they would be dead for sure.

"Later, I will throw the bomb up and you will protect us."Qi Xibei said to Qiao Yanyu.

"Alright." Qiao Yanyu nodded.

They had already discussed their next course of action.

Once the bomb detonated, they would use their Yuan Qi barrier to protect themselves and block the remaining force of the bomb.

"What are we going to do?" Ling Yade and Ling Yajian asked softly.

"You guys just hide here and don't move.""Also, protect yourself," said Qi Xibei."

Only by protecting himself could he leave this place.

Lingyad and Ling Yajian exchanged a glance and nodded.

They couldn't help much, so they could only obey.

Protecting himself and not giving them trouble was the best help.

Before he made his move, Qi Xibei suddenly moved his head and walked out.

The three of them were stunned for a moment. They looked over and saw her walking to Ling Juan's side.

Ling Juan had returned to her original appearance, and her clothes were already tattered.

However, even without her clothes, her body was still very scary.

She no longer belonged to the category of a human. There were many strange things on her body.

Even his skin did not look like human skin. Instead, it looked like some special metal.

Qi Xibei did not care what it was. She squatted down and reached out to feel Ling Juan's pulse.

Ling Juan was still breathing. Although her breathing was weak, she was still alive.

Ling Juan was lying in the middle. She should be part of the plan.

Qi Xibei's eyes turned cold. He then took out his flexible sword and slashed it down, cutting her neck.

Ling Juan's eyes widened, and she lost her breath in the next second.

Qi Xibei finally heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at Ling Juan's corpse.

Ling Juan was definitely dead this time!

She didn't believe that Ling Juan could live a third time!

When Ling Juan died, Jiang Rongguang's angry roar came from the loudspeaker." What are you doing?!"

Jiang Rongguang's voice suddenly came out, giving them a fright.

Jiang Rongguang was furious. He did not expect Qi Xibei to have the time to care about Ling Juan's life!

Ling Juan was a part of their plan this time, and also one of the sacrifices.

As long as Ling Juan wasn't completely dead, she could become a sacrifice.

However, he did not expect Qi Xibei to still dare to make a move at a time like this!

Was she crazy?

Logically speaking, Qi Xibei should be worried and uneasy at this time. How could he have the time to care about other things?

Shouldn't she be looking for a way to leave? Shouldn't she care about Ling Juan, who looked like she was dead?

Now, Ling Juan was really dead!

He was killed by Qi Xibei!

Hearing Jiang Rongguang's anger, Qi Xibei came to a realization.

As expected, Ling Juan was also part of this plan. After killing Ling Juan, their plan was affected to a certain extent.

Otherwise, Jiang Rongguang would not be so angry.

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