The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2089 2091-Destroying the Plan

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Chapter 2089 2091-Destroying the Plan

Jiang Rongguang did not know that Qi Xibei was traumatized by Ling Juan and Qi Xin.

Even Qi Xibei had only been reborn twice.

Ling Juan and Qi Xin had also been reborn twice, and each time was more terrifying than the last.

This left a deep shadow in Qi Xibei's heart.

If he had not killed Ling Juan and confirmed her death, Qi Xibei would not have been able to rest assured.

Who knew how Ling Juan would appear again?

If Ling Juan appeared again, Qi Xibei felt like he would collapse.

This was too illogical! Are they cockroaches?

Now, hearing Jiang Rongguang's anger, Qi Xibei heaved a sigh of relief.

The fact that Jiang Rongguang was so angry meant that they couldn't save Ling Juan anymore.

This was a good thing.

Qi Xibei did not panic because of his anger. Instead, he took out a bottle from his pocket, opened the cap, and poured the liquid on Ling Juan.

The liquid sizzled when it landed on Ling Juan's body.

Soon, Ling Juan's body turned into blood.

"How dare you!"

Jiang Rongguang's angry roar came from inside.

He did not expect Qi Xibei to still dare to do this!

If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't open the door, he might have already rushed in to teach Qi Xibei a lesson.

Not only did she kill Ling Juan, she even wanted to destroy the evidence?!

Jiang Rongguang was very annoyed. Who would have thought that Qi Xibei would do something like this?

Shouldn't a normal person be worried about their own life and death? How could he have the time to care about the life and death of others?

Hearing Jiang Rongguang's angry roar, Qi Xibei's smile became even brighter.

"You can come in." She raised her head and said proudly.

"If we don't go in, you don't have to come out either."Jiang Rongguang's cold voice sounded." It's okay. Even if she's dead, our plan will still continue."

Although Ling Juan's complete death was beyond their expectations, it didn't mean that they couldn't handle the situation.

The most important people in this plan were Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu.

As long as they were still around, the other problems were not big.

Her words made Qi Xibei's heart sink, but she quickly smiled again." That's good.""

After she finished speaking, she returned to Qiao Yanyu's side and gave them a look." You can start now.""

After confirming Ling Juan's death, Qiao Yanyu heaved a sigh of relief.

Not only was Qi Xibei traumatized, Qiao Yanyu was traumatized as well.

Seeing Qi Xin and Ling Juan, who were supposed to be dead, appear in front of him again and again, this feeling was really depressing.

This time, Ling Juan and Qi Xin were finally dead!

"Alright, get ready." Qiao Yanyu nodded.

Ling Yade and Ling Yajian nodded solemnly as well. They tried their best to stick to the wall, shrinking their bodies to the limit.

"What do you want?"

Yang Mo's voice was heard." Give up. You can't get out.""

Her voice was a little crazy, filled with excitement.

She was finally going to see Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu die in front of her!

"Is that so?" Qi Xibei smiled at the camera, then suddenly squatted down and threw an unknown object in his hand.

In order to minimize the danger, Qi Xibei chose a glass position diagonally opposite him.

This was the furthest distance, and the damage caused by the explosion would also be minimized.

Qi Xibei's eyesight and accuracy were not a problem.

When the small bomb touched the glass, it immediately emitted a violent explosion.

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