The Runesmith-Chapter 370: Fluffy Ears.

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Chapter 370: Fluffy Ears.

The sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the bustling city streets. People hurried along, their footsteps echoing against the newly assembled cobblestone street. While they went about their daily lives amongst the crowd, a figure emerged, drawing the attention of those nearby.

What drew in their gazes was the gleaming crimson armor that reflected the rays of the red sun. Its polished surface reflected the colors of the surroundings, creating an even more mesmerizing spectacle. The only thing that took away from the shininess was the unusual thickness of that piece of armor and how little sound it produced during movement.

“It’s the Knight Commander…”

The person encased in the armor glanced at the onlookers who were fixated on him. In the past, such gazes would have made him uncomfortable, but now they were as insignificant as the air he breathed. However, there was something peculiar about those looks he was receiving. Instead of the usual fear and anxiety that accompanied his appearances as a Knight, today the atmosphere was different. Curiosity had replaced the old emotions, and a sense of respect was also woven into the mix.

"Have you heard about what the knights have done?"

"Yes, they've finally apprehended that murderous bastard. I heard there's going to be a public trial!"

“A public trial? I hope it turns into a public execution. Those people deserve what’s coming to them!”

"They certainly do. I hope they burn for an eternity in the sun for what they did!"

Roland’s eyes had become enhanced so hearing those whispers was quite easy. The news about yesterday's raid had already spread. Now that the people realized that their city was getting protected by a formidable Knight Commander, their outlook was changing. They seemed a bit more lively and content. Alas, not everyone was on board yet. When glancing at some other onlookers and hearing their whispers he was given a different story.

“I bet they are just going to replace him with another hoodlum. All those nobles only think about lining their pockets with money!”

“Hey be quiet, what if they hear you, do you want to go to prison?”

Words similar to those were also tossed about. Convincing everyone in a city that was constantly expanding and advancing wouldn't be a simple task. However, he didn't view the reaction as a cause for concern. It would take time for the citizens to embrace the new and more proactive forces within the city. As long as Arthur remained without power, the guards were unable to shield the people from the members of the thieves guild. But now, after acquiring some proper forces, they could begin the eradication of the criminal element.

‘Well, at least that’s how it’s going to look on the surface, these streets will probably never be safe.’

There was a compelling reason why the Thieves Guild had successfully established its stronghold in this kingdom. Their defeat was not easily accomplished, and the nobles reluctantly acknowledged their existence. Eliminating them was not entirely impossible, but it seemed highly improbable. They resembled a hydra, with new heads sprouting to replace any that were severed. Survival was their expertise, and the relentless pursuit had already caused the downfall of several righteous noble houses.

“Make way.”

His train of thought was abruptly halted as one of the guards beckoned to the onlookers. To his men, it would be quite disrespectful if his stride was ever broken. Their behavior had started to take on an unusual aspect, as they seemed to have developed an even greater respect for him following his victory over the formidable tier 3 opponent. He couldn't quite determine whether it was due to their fear of his newfound power or the possibility of obtaining runic equipment for free. Nevertheless, his men treated him with the utmost reverence, never questioning his orders, which made his role as Knight Commander much easier.

The guards encircling him maintain a vigilant stance, their keen eyes scanning the surroundings for any potential threats. It appeared as though they were eager to demonstrate their dedication, hoping to earn some form of recognition. He found it somewhat amusing that a group of adult men were vying for his attention, but he couldn't deny that it hastened his movement through the city. However, the downside was that his arrival would be conspicuous from a considerable distance. He needed to anticipate encountering significant resistance if anything were to go awry in the red light district, as the Thieves Guild would likely not remain passive.

After around fifteen minutes they finally arrived at the entrance of the district in question. The entrance itself was unassuming, yet held an undeniable allure. A newly created archway made from freshly cut wood marked the threshold. In the corner, a symbol of the Thieves Guild was present and marked the beginning of their territory. The sound of distant laughter and hushed conversations trickled through, enticing those brave enough to venture within.

Passing through this archway on the street he found himself immersed in a plethora of vibrant colors and seductive sights. While there were no neon lights within this world they were replaced by magical counterparts. The words on the signs pulsated with magical light to entice the onlookers. Silhouettes of figures, both alluring and mysterious, beckoned from behind elegantly decorated windows.

The air was thick with the scent of exotic perfumes that were there to intensify everyone's desires. Directly in front of the arch was the main street which split out into many narrow ones. They created a net of passages that a person could easily lose themselves in and this was only the start. With time this place would continue to evolve into something more and an attack like he performed yesterday would not be as easy.

“I welcome thee, noble Knight Commander.”

‘She must be the courtesan that is supposed to guide us in.’

Before the soldiers could raise their pikes in the direction of the lone woman he made them stop. With the help of the Adventurer Guild Master, he had managed to make an appointment with one of the other crime bosses. Madam Natasha was her name and she was considered to be a non-combatant. The man named Viper was supposed to be responsible for her safety so if something went awry he would have to contend with some assassins.

“So you must be the guide.”

“Yes, the Madam is waiting for you, please follow after me.”

The girl went straight to the point and his group followed right after. There weren’t many of them but a group of armored soldiers being led by a large crimson knight was quite eye-catching. From afar, the sound of windows closing could be heard, indicating that the locals were wary, perhaps anticipating a repeat of yesterday's raid. As they made their way through, the hired muscle in the area shot them menacing glances to which some of his men almost responded.

“Leave them be, we are here to talk and not to shed more blood.”

Roland had to order one of his guards to stand down as he had almost charged at a man that spat in their direction. While it would have been easy to dispatch, they were here to make a deal and to make the place safer for everyone involved.

“I see that the Knight Commander is a magnanimous man.”

The woman they were with apologized for the behavior of the people in the streets and they continued through one of the alleyways. If any goons planned an attack then these cramped side streets would have been perfect for it. Using his mapping device for help was nonoptimal due to the high concentration of people here. Luckily, after a few minutes and more worrisome glances, they arrived at the meeting place, which was a brothel building.

‘From what I understand this isn’t the main brothel.’

The individuals Roland was about to meet harbored deep mistrust toward him. It would not be surprising if they were hesitant to use their primary location, fearing it could be obliterated. They were well aware of Roland's ability to wield destructive magic. It wouldn't be a difficult task for him to level a building, which would undoubtedly deal a significant blow to their financial interests if he were to destroy their main source of income.

“Welcome, to the Foxian Palace~”

Their guide led them only to the entrance of the brothel, a place that clearly specialized in a specific niche. With a swift glance, it was evident that this establishment excelled in providing services related to fox girls. Through the windows, the soldiers could observe women dressed in short kimono-like garments, adorned with prominent fox ears atop their heads. In this world, where various beast tribes existed, the women of the fox tribe were renowned for their enchanting allure and extraordinary beauty.

There was something in the air as the men could feel a strange attraction to the brothel they approached. Roland took a second to snap out of it but he could see that his men were actually being affected by something. Probably only thanks to his extremely high willpower was he able not be shaken by this strange place.

‘This place… is there some type of strong spell caster within? This feels off…’

Roland's alarm was blaring, yet the ten soldiers accompanying him seemed oblivious. Their eyes glazed over and their mouths hung open, almost as if they were being drawn towards the alluring Foxian Palace. It wasn't until one of the women who worked there emerged and clapped her hands that they snapped back to reality.

“Welcome noble warriors, please come in the Madam is expecting you.”

The woman sported long ears that were unmistakably genuine, not mere accessories. As she turned around, everyone caught sight of a large, red, bushy tail resembling that of a fox. Though Roland sensed something suspicious, he trusted in his strong resistances and high willpower stat to shield him from any mind-altering spells.

Following his extensive research on the cult relic, he had developed potent runic spells to enhance his protection. Unless he encountered the actual members of the abyssal cult, Roland was confident in maintaining his mental faculties. His men on the other hand would probably not be of much use. They were already acting strange even before they entered.

‘Mary, I’m entering the brothel now. I’m sensing that magic that attacks the mind is at play here.’

‘Mind-altering magic? Like the ones from the cult?’

‘No, these aren’t illusions, it’s something different. It tugs at the desires of people…’

Mary, who remained in the estate to guard Arthur, was still on the line. If something actually happened, he could probably only rely on her to get him out. The group of soldiers that didn’t have any magical protection or raw stats to resist wouldn’t be much help. Thus he decided to give them an order.

“Establish a perimeter around this building and monitor everyone's movement. I’ll be going inside alone.”

“But Sir, what if something goes wrong?”

“I’ve already considered it, just follow the order.”

“Y-yes, sir.”

The man seemed to still be slightly affected by whatever was inside this establishment. He could only attribute it to drugs or the presence of someone with extraordinary abilities. If they were capable of disorienting his men to this extent then their tier was probably above theirs. This was something that he expected and was ready for.

“Will the other guests be waiting outside? We have prepared to accommodate everyone, noble Knight.”


He chose not to respond, understanding that silence often spoke louder than words. These individuals were not his allies, and he remained wary of potential attacks at any given moment. As he followed the woman who worked there, he made sure to activate his recording devices and kept a close eye on all his screens. Through them, he could even observe the expressions of disappointment on his men's faces, clearly displeased by being denied entry to this captivating establishment.

The interior of the brothel was adorned with luxurious furnishings, creating an ambiance that was both lavish and inviting. Soft, dimmed lighting cast a warm glow throughout the space, enhancing the allure of the fox girls who gracefully moved about. The fox girls, with their delicate features and striking eyes, were dressed in alluring attire that accentuated their curvy shapes. Their tails gently swayed behind them, adding an element of mystique to their presence.

‘There is certainly something in the air, it was a good call to leave those guys outside.’

When on the inside he was greeted by many gazes. There was a plethora of fox beauties everywhere and a certain lack of men. It appeared that the establishment had purposefully cleared out its usual clientele for this particular gathering. With no external influences present, Roland realized that it would be relatively simple for his enemies to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

As he made his way further into the establishment, he could hear soft laughter and melodic voices filling the air. Yet, in an instant, all the women who had been gazing at him fell silent. A figure emerged gracefully from a winding staircase, exuding an air of refinement that set her apart from the other ladies. In her hand, she held a peculiar pipe, from which she took a single inhalation before exhaling a perfect smoke ring.

“Greetings, honored guest we have been expecting you. Madam Natasha is already waiting for you.”

Her voice brought along something strange with it and thanks to his armor's sensors he was able to identify the source of his worries. Something was off about this woman who was presenting herself as a lesser member of this place.

‘Is she actually the real Madam? She doesn’t fit the description though, she clearly belongs to the fox beast tribes…’

Something wasn’t adding up, it was possible that she was a hidden expert. Kabir whom he faced yesterday was also a competent fighter so it was possible that there were more. As he was walking up those stairs he realized that her status screen had been faked. Her current class was set as an entertainer but several layers of magical devices were hindering him from peering through to the truth.

Name : 

Isis. L 86


T2 Entertainer L 36

T1 Performer L25

T1 Dancer L25

‘I bet that name is fake too, is she an assassin from Viper? But she has a strange presence around her…’

He was unsure of who he was interacting with but this wouldn’t stop him. After his run-in with the new Dwarven Union Chief, he had spent some time improving his status detection skills. The devices people used to tell if someone was going around the protections could be passed. With his current magical sense and expertise, it would only take a few moments before he had his answer. By taking his time he would be able to avoid getting detected but he needed to be careful.

“Honored guest? may I inquire if everything is in order?"

“Yes, everything is fine.”

“It's reassuring to know. We shouldn't keep the madam waiting for an extended duration, as she is quite occupied with her responsibilities.”


After a nod of understanding, he trailed behind the fox-like woman. Her hips swayed in rhythm to the music being played by one of the talented girls. The whole place seemed well-established and managed. He had anticipated encountering women with hollow stares, worn out from their profession, but instead, they appeared lively and cheerful. It was not something he expected to find in the red-light district. Perhaps not everyone was as bad as Ivor that was heading for the chopping block.

As he reached the end of the second floor, he arrived at his ultimate destination - the room that belonged to the proprietor of this establishment. The doors swung open even before the lady could guide him inside, confirming his expectations. The Madam, as anticipated, was not alone. To her left stood Viper, the man entrusted with her protection. In his hand, he spotted a sinister dark dagger, emanating an aura of cursed mana.As he glanced at his mapping device, he noticed the presence of a few concealed individuals. Judging from the dot placements, they were either positioned directly above them, hidden within the ceiling, or lurking beneath the floor. If a conflict were to arise, he would likely have to contend with these individuals, but causing trouble was not his intention.

“Isis, be a dear and bring us something to drink, I’m sure the Knight Commander is parched.”

“Of course.”

The woman momentarily removed herself from the room which left him some time to examine Viper. Just as he expected the man was similar to Kabir but of a lesser level and only a regular Assassin with no speciality. The lady he was to converse with was devoid of any combat classes which caused his mind to focus even more on the Isis person. After the woman returned he continued with his examination which finally bore fruit.

‘Those classes… she’s not an assassin or a mage but a…’

His confusion could not be seen as he was wearing his bulky armor. The woman that brought some wine over didn’t seem to realize that her status screen was exposed. If what he saw was right, then perhaps the one he should be talking to was not Madam Natasha but this person instead…