The Runesmith-Chapter 371: Angry Fox.

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Chapter 371: Angry Fox.

“Is there a problem, Sir Wayland? Did my Isis pique your interest? She is usually off the table but perhaps for such a man of stature, we could work something out~”

Madam Natasha couldn't help but chuckle as she observed Roland. His helmet was concealing his face and tipped in the direction of Isis who was actually using a completely different name. The truth was unveiled when he explored her hidden status, exposing her true identity. 


L Hanako 247


T3 Enchantress L 97

T2 Blade of Illusion 50

T2 Magical Trickster L 50

T1 Spellthief L25

T1 Mage L25

As Roland continued to observe the woman, his suspicions grew stronger. It seemed that the person he should truly be negotiating with was not the Madam, but this mysterious Hanako. Her class combination was unique and hinted at her true abilities. An Enchantress with expertise in both combat and trickery, she possessed the power to manipulate magic and deceive her opponents.

Numerous thoughts raced through his mind as he attempted to decipher the purpose of this deception. The individual assuming the identity of Isis appeared to possess a significantly higher level compared to the person known as Viper. He had anticipated the snake-faced man to be his primary concern, yet in terms of power, he was closer to Kabir. Kabir's level did not surpass two hundred, and his classes were nothing extraordinary either.


Benjamin L 186


T3 Assassin L36

T2 Blade Rouge L50

T2 Rogue L50

T1 Scout L25

T1 Thief L25

Did they purchase this woman as a secret bodyguard for their own protection? Her name didn't even appear on his list of suspects. In the city, there were only four prominent bosses who controlled the pleasure district. Two of them were already imprisoned in the city dungeon. Once he dealt with those two, the trial could finally proceed.

‘Viper as expected is just a nickname... but wait, there was a fifth person… could she be…’

As the gears in his mind began to click, a realization dawned upon him. There had always been a fifth individual operating within the crime syndicate, known as the Thieves Guild Master. The identity of this person, who led the guild, remained a mystery even to the four bosses. It seemed highly likely that the person standing before him, Hanako, was actually the Guild Master in disguise.

To the uninformed, the Enchantress class could have been confused with a crafting profession like the Enchantsmith. However, the two shared very few similarities. Roland possessed only basic knowledge about it, understanding that illusory magic played a significant role in its repertoire. With tier 2 classes like Blade of Illusion and Magical Trickster at her disposal, Hanako would undoubtedly engage him in a battle of confusion.

“Work something out?”

He was out for but a second but Madam Natasha made quite the proposition that took him by surprise.

“Mhm. Isn’t that right dear Isis? I’m sure you wouldn’t be against entertaining someone like the Knight Commander~”

Natasha's response only added to the confusion. Was the Guild Master truly the mastermind behind everything, or was she attempting to deceive him and gain access to his bed for a quick assassination? It was difficult for him to fathom the leader of the guild willingly engaging in such activities. The Madam on the other hand appeared pleased at the idea of establishing stronger connections with someone of Roland's high position.

“If that is what the Madam wants…”

To his continued surprise, the woman in question was not against it at all. Then quickly after the whole situation got even stranger. The Madam clapped her hands together and on the sides, a few sliding doors opened up. From each side emerged a woman in revealing clothing with prepared alcohol.

“Splendid! Sir Wayland, how about we postpone our chat for later, the night is only beginning~”

“I uh…”

Roland surveyed the room, now filled with an intoxicating scent emanating from the alluring women surrounding him. Isis, ever attentive, poured a glass of wine that materialized out of nowhere. It became clear to him that these individuals intended to indulge him in alcohol and pleasurable encounters. They hoped that once he succumbed to their debauchery, he would emerge as a more favorable Knight Commander. However, Roland was not so easily swayed. He recognized their tactics as an attempt to manipulate him, to cloud his judgment with temporary pleasures. He understood that they sought to exploit his desires and vulnerabilities for their own gain.

However, this didn't mean that he would refuse. It was an opportunity to personally examine this woman. Now that they had given him the chance to speak with her privately in a room, they had made a mistake. They probably assumed that their leader would be able to charm and deceive the unsuspecting Commander with her enchanting skills. It was highly likely that his encounter with her would be nothing more than a vivid dream, similar to the cult relic he had encountered before.

As Roland found himself surrounded by the seductive women, he knew he had to tread carefully. He couldn't let himself be swept away by their allure, but he also couldn't afford to reveal his suspicions just yet. He needed to play along and gather more information. While gathering some strength and hoping that Elodia never found out about this, he decided to give it a try.

"Very well, Madam Natasha,"

He replied, his voice laced with a hint of intrigue.

"I shall indulge in your hospitality for now…”

“No need to be shy, please relax but isn’t that helmet a bit stuffy?

Madam Natasha said with a playful tone, her words dripping with seduction. She started urging Isis to take it off which led to a bit of an awkward moment of him having to raise his hand to stop this act. While his willpower stat was quite high, if he removed his helmet then he would become more susceptible to mind-affecting spells and skills.

Thanks to his extensive research on the abyssal relic, Roland knew that his helmet provided ample defense against illusions and mind-affecting spells. It was a crucial safeguard that he needed to maintain. Not only did it shield him from the enchantments and manipulations that might be present in this place, but it also had a built-in air purification system. This feature allowed him to breathe comfortably even in toxic environments, like the strange perfumed air that filled the room.

He suspected that the perfumes were laced with mind-altering drugs and aphrodisiacs, an attempt to weaken the willpower of unsuspecting guests. Roland was well aware that the group had likely realized his immunity to these effects, as he showed no symptoms of succumbing to their allure.

"I appreciate your concern, Madam Natasha." Roland replied with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"But I prefer to keep my helmet on for now. It's a symbol of my duty and commitment.”

"A symbol, you say? How intriguing.”

She mused, her voice tinged with curiosity.

"Very well, if that is your preference, I won't press the matter further but perhaps my dear Isis could make you forget about your duty, at least for now~”

“Perhaps she could, maybe we should change the location…”

The opportunity arose, and he seized it. He wanted to find a quieter spot where he could have a conversation with Isis, away from prying eyes. Revealing her true identity to these individuals could potentially harm their relationship, as they might be unaware of their leader's true identity. He realized that engaging in a physical confrontation with someone more than fifty levels above him would be unwise.

“Oh my, the Commander is quite daring. Girls, how about you prepare a room.”

“Madam Natasha, why don’t you leave this to me, my personal chambers will be the best place…”

“Is that so? I’ll leave it up to you then Isis, take your time~”

These people were quite fast as he was immediately taken out of this office and taken not that far off. This whole building was probably a front for Hanako who was supposed to be the owner. If she had a private room that she used herself then he needed to be careful. Attacking her wasn’t his intent but he needed to protect himself if the need arose. Soon the group reached their destination and he was left alone with this potential threat.

Once inside the room, Roland took a moment to survey his surroundings. It was elegantly decorated, with a plush bed, dim lighting, and a small table set with refreshments. The atmosphere was intimate, designed to encourage relaxation and vulnerability. But Roland was not one to be easily swayed by such tactics.

"Please, have a seat I just need a bit to freshen up and you should do the same, that armor must be heavy, should I help the Lord to disrobe?”

She gestured towards the side where the bed was, indicating that she had noticed one of the obstacles - his armor set. If she truly was the Guild Master, it seemed she had done her homework. It was evident that he remained unaffected by the enticing scents in the room. While the woman hadn't made any attempts to activate spells yet, he wouldn't be surprised if she was simply biding her time, waiting for him to remove his protective helmet. She had a mage class and could sense the mana that his armor was exuding.

“How about we stop here, this is not why I agreed to this meeting.”

“It’s not? Was there something else the Lord wishes for me?”

“Yes, how about we start with your name and why you are hiding it from me, Guild Master Hanako.”

It was just a theory that his mind cooked up but the moment he mentioned her name the air around the woman changed. His assumptions seemed to have been correct as a large spike of mana surrounded the room, the woman was ready to attack.

“Stop, I do not wish to fight you, I just want to talk. I am not your enemy.”

Roland placed a shield around his own body while holding his hand forward. If the two started a magical battle here then the whole building could go up in flames. While it might have seemed that a class like Enchantress lacked much fighting capability this wasn’t true. Strong enough illusions could become reality and even deliver damage to the environment. It was a field that he was not fully knowledgeable in and this woman was not yet his enemy.

“How do you know my name? Did they send you here?”

The woman inquired with a commanding tone, her presence becoming increasingly menacing. Simultaneously, her physical form underwent a remarkable transformation. Her ears gradually turned a pristine shade of snow white, while additional tails sprouted from her back, resembling a peacock’s tail. Her once smooth and delicate hands morphed into menacing claws, capable of slicing through flesh. The contours of her face took on a hybrid nature, resembling a striking blend of a fox and a human.

“They? No, I just read your status by disabling your magical items, I don’t know who ‘they’ are nor do I wish to continue, please calm yourself.”

“You want me to believe that? Who do you take me for?”

“Probably someone that doesn’t want to blow up a building full of people in it? As I understood, some people are after you? But would ‘they’ go through something like this to get to you and wouldn’t they figure out your location if you confront me here?”

Roland was not sure what to do, the woman started turning into some kind of menacing fox creature with multiple tails. He was not sure if this was some kind of illusion or metamorphosis spell. His attempt to calm her down seemed to work as after his explanation the woman started thinking.

There were many hidden organizations working in the shadows. It became clear that she was on the run from someone and didn’t want to be discovered. If she went along and caused a scene here then the news would probably spread like wildfire. She had to be aware that this fight would not be easy and probably be taken outside. The advantage was on his side and she knew it.

“How can I trust someone that I’ve only met? How can you prove to me that you aren’t involved?”


“Yes, prove it! Start by taking off that helmet so I can see your face.”

The helmet that he was wearing was a major component of his safety. He had no way of telling what he would be bombarded with if he just revealed his face protection, it needed to remain on even if he had to sacrifice the safety of the people inside this building. However, he needed to convince this woman to put away those claws and only one thing crossed his mind.

“For my own safety, the helmet will stay but instead, what if I give you a mage contract instead?”

“A mage contract? You will offer up your mana?”

“I see that you heard about it, yes. I will make a vow on my mana that I am not related to whatever group you are hiding from. If that will give me some of your trust, how about it?”

Hanako took a step back and considered his proposal for a moment, her eyes narrowing as she assessed his offer. The mage contract was a powerful vow something similar to a binding contract that could be performed instantly. Just like a regular magic contract, it would have an adverse effect on the caster if they broke it.

Roland was uncertain about the workings of the spell, but he knew it had the ability to reveal truth in this realm. As a mage, if he uttered a false vow, his mana would become tainted, causing a drastic reduction of ninety percent in his mana points. Furthermore, this corruption would render it nearly impossible for him to cast any additional spells, as it would disrupt the intricate flow of mana necessary for spellcasting.

The spell was created by an ancient Archmage as a means to settle disputes among fellow mages. However, its usage was infrequent due to the negative consequences it carried. Only those with a clear conscience could safely perform the spell without experiencing any detrimental effects. It was one of the things Roland was made aware of with his interaction with the cat professor that brought it upon himself to enlighten the uneducated runesmith.

‘I wonder what that cat is doing…’

As Roland reminisced about the cat's scolding upon discovering his lack of formal mage training, he glanced at Hanako. The woman appeared deep in thought, possibly questioning the authenticity of the situation. Roland understood her hesitation, imagining himself in her position, being pursued by shadowy syndicates.

Trusting others would undoubtedly prove challenging. Considering how paranoid he was by nature, the possibility of this place being encircled by his enemies would probably cross his mind. If Hanako followed the same thought pattern, then perhaps she would attempt to flee instead of continuing the conversation. He would not follow her as his own problems were already enough of a headache.

“Fine, perform the spell, and don’t try anything funny, I’m watching you.”

To his surprise, the woman nodded and backed away for the time being. Her piercing gaze followed every movement as he performed the magical contract spell. Roland took a deep breath, centering himself before he began the incantation. He placed his palm onto his chest while trying not to perform any sudden actions. The room grew still as he spoke the words that he hoped the woman wanted to hear.

"I, hereby make a solemn vow on my mana that I am not affiliated with any group or organization that seeks to harm or capture you, Madam Hanako, Guild Master of the Thieves Guild. May my mana be corrupted and my powers diminished if I speak any falsehoods."

As the final syllable left his lips, a surge of energy pulsed through the room, the mana reacting to the powerful magic of the mage contract. The air crackled as the spell took hold, binding Roland's words to his very being. Hanako watched intently, her eyes searching for any signs of deception.

A blue aura of mana enveloped Roland's body, swirling and coalescing into intricate symbols resembling runes, yet distinct in their design. These symbols hung in the air, representing the words he had just spoken. As they merged together, they pulsated with an unfamiliar energy that resonated within his being. Gradually, the sensation subsided, indicating that no falsehoods had been detected. In a mesmerizing display, the magical text transformed into particles of light that swiftly dissipated, signifying the completion of the spell.

“I hope this will dispel the misunderstanding between us…”

The woman stood there, her animalistic features gradually fading away to reveal a more alluring face. The ferocity dissipated, replaced by a sense of acceptance. It appeared that she had deemed his vow as truthful and was now prepared to engage in a conversation. Roland felt a surge of relief, but he knew he had to maintain his solemn demeanor and not show any signs of weakness.

While one hurdle seemed to be overcome, another one loomed before him, reminding him of the challenges that still lay ahead. He pondered whether this person could be a potential ally or a dangerous adversary. Was it worth involving himself and Arthur in her unknown business? The decision weighed heavily on his mind as he prepared himself for the conversation that would determine his next course of action.