The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2250 - Fallen God Valley

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Chapter 2250 - Fallen God Valley

Facing a fourth-stage Saint Lord, Lin Yun didn’t dare to be careless and decided to bring out all his trump cards. His Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent, Sword Dao, Wind Dao, Lightning Dao, and even his constellation. As he circulated the two sword canons, he swung his sword and unleashed an even more powerful sword ray than before.

“How pathetic!” The Crow Shot Saint Lord was indifferent as he spread his arms apart with flames soaring to the sky, forming a pillar of flames. Clenching his fist together, boundless saint energy gathered in his hand as the Yin-Yang Millstone in his violet palace began to circulate.

When he clenched his fist, the aura that his fist gave off left fine cracks out in the space. His fist was like a bright sun, burning with flames that manifested into a terrifying skull. This was a martial technique of the Heavenly Flame Sect, the Heavenly Ghost Fist. Not only did it require high attainment in flames, but they also had to gather yin-attributed sacred flames, and the process was painful. This was why it was lethal.

Hearing what the Crow Shot Saint Lord said, Lin Yun didn’t dare to take the former’s strength lightly. As the punch and sword ray clashed, cracks appeared on the sword ray.

“Ha!” The Crow Shot Saint Lord was surprised before he wore a mocking expression, realizing that Lin Yun was only a Quasi-Saint.

Right then, Lin Yun performed the Profound Sword Form as the Crow Shot Saint Lord’s attack stuck to his sword before it was reflected, and Lin Yun flew out a few thousand miles.

In the Crow Shot Saint Lord’s eyes, this was the same as using his attack to escape, and it turned out that the earlier mood was all an act from Lin Yun. Realizing that he was fooled, the Crow Shot Saint Lord began to curse, “That bastard is too cunning!”

The two Saint Lords from the Myriad Lightning Sect and Ming Cult arrived, and the Ming Cult’s Heavenly Sage Saint Lord asked, “Who are you cursing at?”

The Crow Shot Saint Lord’s face was dark as he explained what happened earlier.

“We shouldn’t have chased after him. Flower Burial might be arrogant, but he’s not a fool,” the Myriad Lightning Sect’s Indigo Brave Saint Lord said.

“Don’t speak such dejected words since we’ve decided to make a move. We are three fourth-stage Saint Lords, and we would be embarrassed if we let him escape,” the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord said.

“Yeah.” The three Saint Lords calmly sped up after determining Lin Yun’s location.

They were so unbelievably fast that an ordinary Quasi-Saint wouldn’t even be able to see their shadows. They have reached a high understanding of space, and even the ordinary movement techniques that they executed would have unimaginable speed. The three had locked onto Lin Yun’s aura again in just a few minutes.

“Aren’t they a little too fast?” Lin Yun was shocked as he fled. He had already pushed the Divine Sunchasing Art to the limit, and each step would cause space to bend like a bow, shooting him forward faster. He was like a bright sun, appearing ten-odd miles away in the next second.

But even so, he couldn’t lose the three Saint Lords who were behind him, and they were slowly getting closer. Suddenly, a terrifying aura swept out that made Lin Yun shiver. His speed drastically decreased as the surrounding gravity increased.

When he descended, an eerie wind blew on his face, making his soul tremble. Raising his head, he could see the most terrifying forbidden ground in this place, the Fallen God Valley.

In the beginning, Lin Yun didn’t know why this place was called the Fallen God Valley. But he understood now because the aura in the place alone was terrifying, and he would die if he fell down the cliff. He was uncertain so he asked, “Empress, are you sure that it’s going to be fine?”

Lil' Purple suggested that he comes to the Fallen God Valley. He initially accepted the suggestion, but noticed that something wasn’t right with this place when he arrived. The danger level of the Fallen God Valley was far more terrifying than being pursued by three fourth-grade Saint Lords.

“Trust me,” Lil’ Purple said.

As powerful gales blew over, the three Saint Lords descended, taking a deep breath when they looked at the cliff behind Lin Yun.

“Seniors, do you guys have to take it this far? If you guys continue to push it, no one will be able to obtain this Divine Blood Fruit,” Lin Yun said, looking at the three approaching Saint Lords.

“You want to commit suicide? It won’t be that easy.” The Ming Cult’s Heavenly Sage Saint Lord sneered, soaring to the sky as his saint energy formed into a giant hand, reaching out for Lin Yun. He didn’t believe that Lin Yun dared to jump into the Fallen God Valley. After all, this was an extremely dangerous forbidden ground, while Lin Yun was still young with great potential. So why would he possibly commit suicide?

But Lin Yun flipped in mid-air as his sword intent tore apart gravity. When he landed on the ground again, he was already standing at the valley's edge.

Seeing that Lin Yun was standing at the edge of the valley, the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord became nervous, and said, “Lin Yun, there’s no need to take it so far. Hand over the Divine Blood Fruit, and we promise to let you off.”

“We’re willing to take the Heavenly Dao Oath that we won’t kill you after you hand it over.” The Crow Shot Saint Lord and Indigo Brave Saint Lord said as they took a step forth with sincerity on their faces. They didn’t want to lose the Divine Blood Fruit.

“Don’t be so sure about who will die.” Lin Yun smiled as he turned around. When he faced the valley, a terrifying aura blew over him. Lin Yun couldn’t maintain his smile anymore as he faced the terrifying aura.

He ultimately placed his trust in Lil’ Purple because the words of those three Saint Lords couldn’t be trusted. Even if they didn’t kill him, he didn’t doubt that they might imprison or torture him. So, under the disbelief of the three Saint Lords, Lin Yun jumped down into the Fallen God Valley.

“This…” The three Saint Lords were shocked as they watch Lin Yun disappear. They bore the pressure and came to the edge of the valley with their faces becoming ugly because Lin Yun actually jumped into the Fallen God Valley. They could see Lin Yun’s body pierce through the clouds as he fell.

“What ignorance. There has never been anyone who came out of the Fallen God Valley alive. Did he think that he wouldn’t die?” The Crow Shot Saint Lord said coldly with an ugly expression. He had to bear the main responsibility for being unable to capture Lin Yun.

If he had managed to hold Lin Yun down earlier, at least it wouldn’t be a problem for them to capture him. But he was too careless and didn’t treat Lin Yun seriously.

“Hmph, I want to see what he’s trying to play at!” The Heavenly Sage Saint Lord jumped off the cliff, shocking the two Saint Lords. But the moment he jumped off, his dipper aura was torn apart, with his saint dao starting to shatter. This immediately made his face change as he took out a secret treasure. This was a cauldron, a Fourspirit Glory Saint Artifact, and his greatest reliance.

As the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord jumped into the cauldron, the power of the Fourspirit Glory Saint Artifact was released, protecting his body from being ripped apart by gravity.

The Fourspirit Glory Saint Artifact was truly powerful, and it immediately alleviated the pressure that the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord was facing. But before he could smile, cracking voices began to come from the cauldron as the radiance released by it began to diminish.

This changed the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord’s face, and he didn’t dare to jump into the Fallen God Valley any longer. With a flip, he carried the cauldron and soared back up, activating the four glory spirits. But even so, the glory spirits were still constantly being torn apart by the saint dao, covering his body in blood. When he was only a thousand meters away from the cliff, he was horrified to discover that he had run out of saint energy.

“This doesn’t look good!” The two Saint Lords by the cliff quickly made a move and they jumped off the cliff to grab onto the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord. They were lucky that the latter was only a thousand meters away, and they managed to drag him back to the cliff using their treasures.

“That was too terrifying…” The Heavenly Sage Saint Lord’s face was pale with fright.

Seeing this, the Indigo Brave Saint Lord said, “It’s a pity that the most outstanding disciple of the Radiant Sword Saint would die in this manner.”

“That brat doesn’t have any trump cards to protect himself, right?” The Crow Shot Saint Lord asked in doubt.

“That’s impossible!” After the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord recovered some of his saint energy, he gritted his teeth, “Even a Sovereign Saint Artifact might not be able to save him. That’s the deity’s pressure, and I can only last briefly, even with a Fourspirit Glory Saint Artifact.”

“Even if he could last, he would be dead even if the treasure was fine,” the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord added. His face was ashen and pale as he nearly lost his life to the Fallen God Valley.

“We might not have obtained the Divine Blood Fruit, but we have at least eliminated a threat with his death,” the Crow Shot Saint Lord said.

Lin Yun's talent was so terrifying that even they felt a great pressure. Lin Yun gave them a feeling that he couldn’t be stopped, and they couldn’t imagine how powerful he would become after he reached the Saint Realm when he was already so terrifying as a Quasi-Saint. In the end, it was good news to them that Lin Yun was dead.

“Let’s go. There’s something weird about this place,” the Heavenly Sage Saint Lord said with lingering fear, not daring to look down at the Fallen God Valley anymore. Only the Indigo Brave Saint Lord looked down into the Fallen God Valley. He had a feeling that it wasn’t that simple. After all, Lin Yun had a clear gauge of his strength since he didn’t fight them, so why would he possibly commit suicide if he had such meticulous thoughts?

But looking down the Fallen God Valley, the Indigo Brave Saint Lord couldn’t figure out how Lin Yun could survive there.

Without knowing it, his intuition was right. Lin Yun was still alive, but he wasn’t in a good condition. When he jumped off the cliff, he followed Lil’ Purple’s instructions and formed the Iris Saint Seal, hiding within the Iris Sword Box. But he had underestimated the dangers of this place, and he had to bear great pain as he fell.

If it weren’t for the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, gravity alone would have crushed him to death. Even though he managed to bear the pain with his physique, he had difficulty circulating his saint aura under the deity’s pressure. But in the last moment, he managed to form the seal and entered the Iris Secret Realm just before he was about to be torn apart.

But before he could heave a sigh of relief, the Iris Sword Box fell to the ground, sending Lin Yun and Lil’ Purple flying within the Iris Secret Realm as they both threw out a mouthful of blood. Cracks also appeared within the Iris Secret Realm, as though this place would collapse anytime.

“Come here.” Lil’ Purple flew over, grabbing Lin Yun’s collar and dragging him to the Phoenix Tree.

Lin Yun coughed as the Iris Secret Realm violently trembled with signs of collapsing at any moment. But they were safe beneath the Phoenix Tree.

“How is it? I didn’t bluff you, right?” Lil’ Purple smiled as she winked.

Lin Yun calmed himself down and smiled after being affected by Lil’ Purple’s emotions, “You’re really optimistic when the Iris Secret Realm is about to collapse.”

“It won’t collapse with the Phoenix Tree around. This is why I told you to treat it better. Now, do you know the benefits of the Phoenix Tree?” Lil’ Purple smiled.

When Lin Yun looked at the Phoenix Tree, he realized that this entire realm had been stabilized even though the Phoenix Tree wasn’t tall. A long time later, after the shaking within the Iris Secret Realm calmed down, Lin Yun took a deep breath and asked, “You want to go out and take a look with me?”

“I share the same thoughts. Let me see what’s so special about this Fallen God Valley,” the Lil’ Purple said.

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