The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2251: Zither Music Beneath The Waterfall

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Chapter 2251: Zither Music Beneath The Waterfall

When Lin Yun came out of the Iris Secret Realm, he raised his head and saw clouds enveloping the sky. Aside from that, there were many spatial cracks here. If Lin Yun fell down with his physique, he would have been torn apart, even if he had a divine physique.

He quickly turned to look at the Iris Secret Box. He saw many marks on it that were caused by the spatial cracks. He instantly realized that the sword box was a treasure since the spatial cracks didn’t even leave behind any cracks on the box. This also meant that he could use it as a shield, and there might also be many other uses for it. At that time, the sword box might have an unimaginable effect.

“Scumbag, look here!” Just when Lin Yun’s thoughts drifted away, Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded. She was standing on the opposite side of the sword box, and Lin Yun took a deep breath when she looked in the direction she was pointing at. Five cracks were on the back of the sword box, looking like a claw.

“What’s that?” Lin Yun exclaimed. He instantly realized that he was really lucky to be alive. These claw marks should be why the Iris Secret Realm nearly collapsed earlier. The spatial cracks only managed to leave behind some marks, while the claws nearly destroyed it, which was unbelievable.

Lil’ Purple was nervous, and didn’t reply to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun asked, “Can it be restored?”

Letting out a sigh, Lil’ Purple said as she raised her head, “It shouldn’t be a problem to repair it, but it will need some time. After all, there are two Sovereign Divine Runes within the Iris Secret Realm and a Phoenix Tree, but that’s not the current problemn--O1n

Lin Yun came to his senses and raised his head, “The problem is how to get back up, right?”

The gravity and spatial cracks had already made it impossible to get back up, and now they had to guard against that mysterious claw. In other words, it was practically impossible to get back up.

“Let’s see if there’s another way out,” Lin Yun said.

“Probably not.” Lil’ Purple took the lead, finding ten-odd corpses on this barren land. Amongst those corpses were many powerful beasts that were at the Saint Realm. After they died, the saint dao that they had left behind was gathered in the sky. There were also Saints who died over the past few thousand years, and their saint origin hadn’t dissipated yet, giving off light in this dark place.

“They’re all saints, trapped here without a way out. Scumbag, we might really be trapped here,” Lil’ Purple sighed.

Lin Yun wore a grave expression as he looked around. He was rather optimistic since he had no problems with being trapped here. He could wait till he becomes a Saint before trying to leave this place. But he had two objectives within the Heavenly Void, the Divine Blood Fruit and Su Ziyao. He had already obtained the Divine Blood Fruit but couldn’t give it away while being trapped here.

“Lin Yun, you won’t blame me, right?” Lil’ Purple said in a guilty tone.

Lin Yun caressed her head, and smiled, “At least we’re alive now, right? Furthermore, it’s not too boring if we’re together here, not to mention there’s a cat with us.”

Lil’ Purple’s eyes lit up, and she said, “That’s also what I thought! Why don’t we stay here, then?”

Seeing the sincerity in her tone and her eyes shining, Lin Yun smiled and wondered if Lil’ Purple was doing it on purpose.

“I can teach you the best martial techniques here. When you return to the Kunlun Realm a hundred years later, you might already become a Saint Lord. At that time, I would’ve recovered my strength. But if you don’t want fame, we can stay here to comprehend the profundity and ignore what happens in the outside world. You just have to focus on your path to becoming a Sword God!” Lil’ Purple said as she counted with her fingers, analyzing it for Lin Yun with a cunning light flashing in her eyes.

“Well, that’s not bad.” Lin Yun scouted around this place before he came back in disappointment. When he was going back and forth, he found one path that had a waterfall that was pouring into an even deeper abyss, and he could sense a terrifying aura coming from there. The other path had terrifying boiling magma that could melt even saint artifacts.

“It’s no wonder why so many Saints could only wait and die here,” Lin Yun said as he wore a grave expression. He executed the Divine Sunchasing Art, soaring into the sky before activating the Azure Dragon Divine Physique to bear the gravity. He managed to dodge a few spatial cracks and reached a hundred feet before he was pulled back down by gravity. Three hundred meters was his limit.

“It’s too difficult.” Lin Yun took a deep breath as he landed on the ground. He couldn't go back up with his current cultivation. He tried changing his mindset and used the Black Thunder Chains as a hook, allowing him to climb a hundred feet. But when he failed and fell, he suffered heavier injuries. This meant he only had two ways left: jumping into the magma or the waterfall, but both were dangerous.

“Let’s rest first.” Lin Yun was anxious in his heart, but he could do nothing about it now.

Three days later, Lin Yun’s saint aura and sword intent had recovered. Even his cultivation had improved, and what Lil’ Purple said was right. This place was filled with saint dao, the perfect place to cultivate.

After he rested well, he wanted to attempt the two paths, so he tried the magma first. When he put his hand into the magma, it didn’t take long before his hand was only left with bones. But a blue dragon aura surged when he pulled his hand out as flesh grew back on his hand.

Ten-odd breaths later, his hand had recovered. However, his face was pale after having greatly exhausted his saint aura.

“Don’t try it anymore,” Lil’ Purple said with heartache.

“It looks like we can’t pick this path,” Lin Yun sighed. There was a current in the magma, and he might be able to leave this place if he could cross it. But the gravity here was too dangerous, and he would be dragged back down if he wasn’t careful.

In the end, they came over to the waterfall. The current was fast, and the bottom was dark, as though there was an abyss down below.

“The aura here might be terrifying, but there might be a way. So why did so many people wait here and die?” Lin Yun asked, and he soon found an answer. When he threw a huge rock down, gravity instantly crushed the rock, showing that the gravity below was even more terrifying. Those rock fragments seemed to have alarmed a mysterious existence. Lin Yun and Lil’ Purple soon saw a bone hand converge that crushed the fragments into dust. But that wasn’t all. The hand also left behind a massive spatial vortex.

Lin Yun’s face was grave, and he said, “This thing is probably what had damaged the Iris Sword Box.”

Lil’ Purple was curious and said, “The Iris Sword Box is a treasure of time and space, forged with divine materials. Although you couldn’t activate the saint runes on it, it shouldn’t be something that could be damaged even if someone who reached the pinnacle of Saint Realm attacks it.”

“What’s the Iris Sword Box’s origin?” Lin Yun asked.

“I do have a speculation, but it’s best not to talk about it for now,” Lil’ Purple replied.

Seeing this, Lin Yun no longer asked her any questions. He took a deep breath, preparing to jump, and said, “Let me give it a try.”

Before Lil’ Purple could speak, Lin Yun had already jumped in, and he could instantly sense a huge gravity pulling him down. He ignited the Dragon’s Blood, pushing the Azure Dragon Divine physique to the limit with a dragon’s roar echoing.

As a dazzling radiance shone out from his body, Lin Yun could feel his blood boiling and a power filling his body. He finally managed to bear the gravity, and his body wasn’t torn apart. But before he could rejoice, the mysterious claw swept at him.

Just facing the gale released by the claw, Lin Yun could feel his soul trembling, and his body was slowly being torn apart before he could release his sword intent. This made Lin Yun throw out a mouthful of blood as he suffered a backlash from sword intent, with thousands of swords raging within his body.

Lin Yun didn’t dare to have any hesitation as he turned around, waving his hand with lightning bolts shooting out. When the serpents formed by the chains bit into the cliff, it drew him up while brushing past the claw. The Black Thunder Chains were like hooks that pulled him back up.

“This is a dead-end,” Lin Yun frowned with lingering fear. But he wasn’t willing to give up since he had to return to the Kunlun Realm with the Divine Blood Fruit. Furthermore, he still needed to look for Su Ziyao, so he couldn’t afford to be trapped here for long.

Seven days later, Lin Yun came before the waterfall again after recovering his injuries. But this time, he brought the Iris Sword Box with him.

“Don’t tell me that you’re thinking of Lil’ Purple asked in a surprised tone.

“Yeah.” Lin Yun nodded. The Iris Sword Box could withstand the blow from the claw; however, it would be damaged. He examined the sword box and said, “It should be able to block it three times.”

The damage that was on the sword box had been quickly recovered, so wasn’t as terrifying as before.

“The sword box will be destroyed after three times. This sword box has followed you to the Kunlun Realm. So, can you bear to lose it? Not to mention the Phoenix Tree and the two Sovereign Divine Runes Lil’ Purple muttered. She didn’t talk any further because she could also tell that Lin Yun was unwilling.

Lil’ Purple's feelings for the sword box far surpassed Lin Yun, and it holds her emotions. She had witnessed when the Iris Sword Box was at its prime, and the Iris Secret Realm was comparable to a holy land.

But Lin Yun was trapped here. So even if she wasn’t willing, she wouldn’t stop him from trying. She had a small heart, and she could only contain one person in her heart, which was Lin Yun.

“Let’s wait for a little longer,” Lin Yun said.

“Okay,” Lil’ Purple smiled as she hugged the Iris Sword Box.

Looking at how adorable she was, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling.

Suddenly, zither music came from beneath the cliff that echoed in the valley. Lil’ Purple and Lin Yun exchanged a gaze, and they could see the shock in each other’s eyes as they exclaimed, “There’s someone down below!”

Someone was playing the zither below, but Lin Yun’s face changed because the music sounded familiar. It sounded like the music he played with Luo Hua in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

“I don’t like to play the zither, but I like to play it with you. I don’t like the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, but I only want to stay here with you. I don’t like to be reasonable to others, but I’m willing to lower my head for you. I don’t like to drink, but I like to see you drink. I’m a crude person, but I like you. Because of you, even alcohol doesn’t seem that terrifying anymore

Lin Yun was stumped when he heard the music. This music had life in it, and he looked blankly down below when the music ended. This meant that Su Ziyao was below the waterfall, and it was no wonder she was nowhere to be seen. It turned out that she was trapped here, which was why the Blood Moon Sect and Demonspirit Clan couldn’t find her. He began to wonder how she had made it through.

“It’s her!” Lil’ Purple also recognized the music, and her gaze became complicated as she looked at the bottom of the waterfall with her fists clenching together.

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