The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 39 - : 39 dead perverts

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Chapter 39: 39 dead perverts

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Su Oinzvue laughed so hard her whole bodv trembled. and her iniured internal organs suddenly cramped in pain.

One should never laugh at disabled people, and now karma was striking back. Damn, laughing was tearing apart her own internal injuries. Her insides were cramping and aching, causing her so much pain.

Seeing her laughter stopped, Xiao Yuchuan took a big step forward, “Why aren’t you laughing anymore? Your face looks off, are you feeling unwell somewhere?” As he spoke, he raised his hand to gently pat her chest. She lifted her uninjured left hand to slap his hand away, silently mouthing three words, “Pervert!”

Seeing his wife’s clear words, Xiao Yuchuan was stunned, “When did I ever lust after you? With your looks, even if you begged me to lust for you, I wouldn’t.” He was just caring for her, and his goodwill was being treated like a donkey’s lungs.

Su Qingyue glared at him and ‘heard’ him speak, then snorted silently, “You’re uglier than me right now.” freew ebnove

She rolled her eyes at him and pushed him away before heading to the kitchen. She needed to check when the second brother would finish preparing lunch.

People need iron, food is steel, she was starving if she didn’t eat lunch. Eating a meal was already so difficult with so many twists and turns – the harder it was, the more determined she was to eat!

Receiving his wife’s contemptuous gaze, Xiao Yuchuan became unhappy, “Wife, I really didn’t want to lust after you…” He thought about how he had tried to pat her chest just now… could this gesture have caused her misunderstanding?

He’s her husband, even if it was a misunderstanding, what’s wrong with him wanting to touch her!

Seeing his wife didn’t reply, he touched his swollen face, “Wife, if my handsome face really becomes ugly, you must not despise me.”

Her silence gave him the impression she was disliking him, and his voice became unhappy, “Su Qingyue, you stinky old woman!”

No response.

She wasn’t deaf, she just loved to ignore him. He was so angry that he didn’t choose his words carefully, “Don’t worry, even if I become uglier, I’m still better-looking than you. So, wife, you absolutely cannot despise me!”

Dragging his aching body, he ran over to press her shoulder. She looked at him doubtfully.

“Despise or not, can you at least give me a human response?” He wouldn’t let this go.

“Despise.” She grinned and mouthed the word without making a sound. She only ‘saw’ his last sentence, and the answer she awarded him was a matter of course. Who wouldn’t despise a pig head? The fat pig head in front of her was even more annoying.

“You dead mute, you can’t even speak, but the words you blurt out sure hurt a lot. It’s hurting my heart and liver, all twisted up.” He made a bitter melon face.

“Hmph.” She looked at his lips. The fat pig head’s lips were swollen and unclear, she could only see him calling her a mute, and couldn’t make out the rest of his ramblings, so she simply snorted.

“Hmph!” Xiao Yuchuan snorted even louder than her.

“Third brother, your wife is injured. Doctor Sun said she has serious internal injuries and should rest in bed for a few days. After she has eaten lunch, let her go to sleep immediately. Don’t always upset her.” Xiao Yishan’s calm and stable voice came from the kitchen.

“Wife, are your injuries really that serious?” Xiao Yuchuan looked at Su Qingyue with an urgent expression in his eyes.

Although Doctor Sun had said her injuries were severe last night, he was preoccupied with wanting to sell her and not to keep her at home then. Today, when he saw that she never cried out in pain and even walked to the village well, he thought her injuries weren’t too severe.

Actually, Su Qingyue also wanted to have a good rest, but her body was dirty, and her yellow teeth were both sticky and dirty, so dirty that it made her almost die..

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