The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 40 - : Prepare for the 40 encounter

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Chapter 40: Prepare for the 40 encounter

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So, enduring the pain, she had to brush her teeth and take a shower before going to sleep.

Fortunately, her teeth were clean after brushing, and she hoped to eat, take a bath in the river and then lie down for a while.

Being a disabled person is not easy, especially for her, a modern person who has time-traveled to ancient times with deafness, dirty injuries, hand injuries, and various other disabilities. It took her half a day just to brush her teeth.


Think about it; it only takes other people a few minutes to brush their teeth.

“Huh…” she took a deep breath and sniffed her nose. Her bad breath was gone, and she could be a little less smelly now.

Seeing that his wife didn’t make a sound, Xiao Yuchuan thought that even if she was mute, she could still hear and nod or shake her head. He couldn’t understand why she just took such a deep breath.

Although his wife had been in his house for a month, he hadn’t really interacted with her and didn’t understand her, Could it be that mute people are just missing a nerve?

His wife doesn’t seem stupid.

“Hey, stinky old woman, I’m asking if you’re in pain?” he kindly said, “If you tell me where you’re hurting, I can give you a free massage. But don’t call me a pervert anymore. Let me be clear; I have no interest in your body. I don’t even want to kiss you, let alone perv over you… Just thinking about it… I feel like there’s a serious problem…”

His swollen eyes stared at her seriously, sizing her up and down. Suddenly, he put on a sullen face, “Wife, what should I do if I’m not attracted to you? I don’t feel like doing anything to you even though you’re skinny, and you’re 15 years old. Some girls in the village who just got married are also 15, and some of them are even pregnant. I… I don’t want to be a father; it’s just that I really can’t…”

She just stared at Xiao Yishan, who was cooking in the kitchen, her mind and stomach filled with thoughts about when lunch would be ready…

“Wife, if I don’t touch you, you won’t have kids… I mean, if you can’t have a child, don’t blame me… I have my reasons. I was almost driven away by your smell even when I was far away from you. If I were face to face, mouth to mouth with you… I think I’d rather crash into a wall…” He grabbed at the back of his head, a troubled look on his face, glancing at second brother in the kitchen, “But second brother might be willing. You can ask him if he’s willing to touch you…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he stopped talking.

He looked at her dark, clear eyes, and even though she was truly ugly, he didn’t want second brother to touch her, “Never mind, wife, maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage to touch you. But that’s a tough job. You have to give me time to mentally prepare myself, okay?” f reeweb

While he continued to fret, she stared from the kitchen door to the chimney on the roof, idly calculating how much smoke was coming out and how much longer it would be before they could eat.

Xiao Yishan had also been watching the people in the yard, wondering why third brother, who had been beaten so badly, didn’t go rest. Wasn’t it agreed that he wouldn’t cook extra food and would only make lunch for his wife?

What was third brother doing standing there? If he had known, he would have beaten him harder, so he couldn’t get out of bed. That way, he wouldn’t…

Have to wait for third brother to leave before giving something to his wife.

Actually, he could give it to his wife with third brother there. What was the embarrassment? The moment this thought came out, he realized that his skin was thin.

Damn it, why did a big man like him have to drag his feet?

Xiao Yishan walked over to the pile of prey he had thrown in the yard earlier, picked up a cloth pocket tied with pheasants and wild rabbits, and walked over to Su Qingyue..

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