The Steward Demonic Emperor-Chapter 1273: Saint Stage

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Chapter 1273: Saint Stage

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Sword Child snickered, Dad, you

Watch over me.

With no time to set up a defensive array, Zhuo Fan sat down with a stern look. Sword Child knew this was serious and looked around with scrutiny.


A violent wind blew away the dust high up in the sky while the ground quaked. Zhuo Fans power surged higher and higher, seeping into the earth and forcing Sword Child back a few steps.

[Dad has many Sovereign legacies, and now hes entering Saint Stage, stronger than ever. The only way for the Seven Sacred Mountains to get the upper hand against dad is if they surround him.]

[The hidden Sovereign aside, dad is the strongest in the Sacred Domain!]


Zhuo Fan shook and a black image flew out of his body. It kept growing until it formed a black giant behind him, like a shadow. It reached five hundred meters and roared at the heavens.


A draconic roar echoed out as a blacker energy seeped from his body and wrapped the giant. Following cracking sounds, the giant now had black dragon scales all over it. A pitch-black cape fluttered behind, while a dragon maw was emblazoned on its chest with flickering eyes.

The draconic roar shook the world around, making Sword Child cover his ears as he felt his soul shaking.

He gasped, looking in awe at the huge shadow.

[This is dads Sacred Body? Amazing!]

He never felt such a powerful soul attack in his life. Not even the dragon Saints could do it.

Zhuo Fan eased a breath and turned grave. He flew up and entered the giants forehead.

Its eyes shone black and golden, with Zhuo Fans Divine Eye of the Void and Apocalyptic Thunderflame Eye.

He looked like a demonic god ready to bring down the end of days.

Sword Child staggered in shock.

Zhuo Fan shouted, Come, my sword!


Sword Child shot for Zhuo Fan and turned into the Sovereign weapon.


Gripping the blade, Zhuo Fan grinned and slashed.

As the giant shadow copied him, a two hundred meter long pitch-black sword appeared in its hand, surging with black flames.

This was his true Sacred Body, the peak form to cause untold destruction. With the Apocalyptic Sword in his hand, he was at full strength

In the Luo clans main city, Luo Yunchang and the girls chatted with Chu Qingcheng about Zhuo Fan. At Zhuo Fans request, they never revealed the twos past, just talking about his temper and annoying quirks.

The girls laughed and giggled sometimes, while complaining the rest. What was constant was their admiration for him.

Chu Qingcheng was puzzled, Young miss Luo, you all like Zhuo Fan?

Uh, well The girls blinked and shook their heads in silence.

Chu Qingcheng found it even more peculiar, Why then is he only coming at me? I know that all of you are prettier than me, and like Zhuo Fan more as well, so why

Sister Qingcheng dont think too hard about it. He likes you and thats a fact. We also wish him happiness and bless

Is he just using me?

Chu Qingcheng turned nervous.

Luo Yunchang guffawed, H-how can you think that?

I saw the Eight Emperors tokens in his room. Just when my master died, he burned her token. So I figured, did he plan on striking the Eight Emperors from the start?

Chu Qingcheng looked crushed, Did he get close to me for another reason entirely? Staying in the Luo clan for so long, I can tell that he has a special status, controlling everything. Even your Clan Head listens to his words. He has nothing to worry about being punished by the Clan Head. He lied to me from the start.

Luo Yunchang sighed and held her shoulder, Sister Qingcheng, you have to believe me, Zhuo Fan can betray the world, but he would never betray you.

Why? We only met a couple of times, so why Im sure he approached me on purpose too. Besides getting at my master, there must be another reason

Sister Qingcheng, big brother Zhuos reason for approaching you is honest. He truly likes you. Shuanger smiled as she explained.

This explanation had no real reason and only got Chu Qingcheng more worried, How is it that you all know the reason while Im the only one in the dark? You all say hes sincere and I also feel it, but I just cant understand why he would ignore all the beauties around him and go for me? Im not that charming.

Silly sister, its enough to know hes sincere. Why nitpick about it?

Luo Yunchang sighed, You two are alike in that, following your own paths. Youre the one trying to unravel everything while hes determined to hide it. ๐’‡๐“ป๐’†๐’†๐’˜๐’†๐™—๐“ท๐’๐™ซ๐’†๐“ต.๐™˜๐’๐’Ž


I dont know.

Luo Yunchang shrugged, Maybe he doesnt want to burden you or make you sad. Since you have a new life, he wants to bury the past.

Chu Qingcheng looked confused, but the knowing girls just gave her a reassuring nod.

[Just what is going on?]

She held her head, more confused than ever. freewebno m

Luo Yunchang comforted, Silly sister, isnt it enough to know he cares? Why bother thinking so much? Ha-ha-ha

Chu Qingcheng gave a reluctant nod

Luo clan, come out this instance!

The sudden shout made the sky tremble. The Luo clan shuddered, with roof tiles falling down.

The girls turned to Luo Yunchang.

She was grave, Zhuo Fan had all our strongest people sent to kill the lunatics. Now, with no one capable of defending our home, someone comes knocking

Sister Yunchang, lets check the situation first. Yun Shuang proposed.

Luo Yunchang nodded and the girls went to the entrance of the Luo clan manor. Luo Yunhai already brought the few Emperors he had outside, staring at the four in the sky.

A middle-aged man led them, the 6th Mountain Lord.

Senior, how may I address you? I am the Clan Head Luo Yunhai. What have we done to offend you, senior?

Luo Yunhai cupped his hands.

He Haodong sneered. Xu Tianchuan was the one to speak with pride, Wheres Zhuo Fan? Tell him to come out now!

Oh, Steward Zhuo, hes been awfully busy in the Emperor lands. Hes taken people to settle matters. Youll have to wait a few months for his return.

Theres someone stirring things in Emperor lands? Why dont I know of this?

Xu Tianchuan roared, Zhuo Fan has some nerve, moving as he wants, not even informing us three of the Emperor lands situation. He plans on taking them from us. Curses, I had high hopes for him giving him such a crucial position, but he took advantage of my goodwill. God damn it!

Xu Tianchuan raved and Luo Yunhai cupped his hands, Sir

We are the true rulers of the Emperor lands, the Sacred Mountains three representatives within the Eight Emperors!

Xu Tianchuans nostrils flared, then pointed at He Haodong with respect, He is the 6th Sacred Mountains Lord. Your clan dared to deceive us and now shall receive the capital punishment.

Luo Yunhai gasped.

[The 6th Sacred Mountain? Here so soon? But we have yet to hear from the dragons]

He Haodong huffed, Stop wasting time and just kill them, to preserve the Sacred Mountains dignity. Once Zhuo Fan returns, deal with him as well. Let all of the Eight Emperors lands know today that theyre under your control while the Luo clan seized power and were executed.


The trio snickered and turned to the Luo clan with savage glints in their eyes

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