The Steward Demonic Emperor-Chapter 1274: Taken

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Chapter 1274: Taken

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Luo Yunhai’s face twitched, his heart sank as he looked behind at his people.

They were average Emperors and couldn’t handle the three peak Emperors from the Sacred Mountains. It would’ve been great if that was all, but there was also the Mountain Lord.

The Mountain Lord was a peak Saint. With Steward Zhuo and all the other true experts gone, they stood no chance at even escaping.

Luo Yunhai lamented at their fate. Xu Tianchuan’s trio grinned with malice. Their bloodlust spiked and their auras surged, ready to crush the Luo clan into the dust.


A gentle voice came as a figure rushed before them and stalled the trio’s bloodthirst.

Xu Tianchuan sneered, “What is it, young miss, do you want to be our first victim?”

“Humph, kill me and you’re through!”

“Oh, quite the temper on you. We are the Sacred Mountains disciples, yet you think your backer can fight us?”

“Of course!”

“Who’s the suicidal moron?”

“Right under your nose.” The girl pointed straight at He Haodong.

The trio started.

He Haodong was curious, “Young miss, do you know me?”


“Why would I bother to protect you?”

“Because you want me.” The girl shouted.

He Haodong gave her a long look, more confused. Xu Tianchuan mocked, “Lass, don’t flatter yourself. You think you’re the most beautiful lady in the Sacred Domain?”

“Humph, who am I?”

The girl glared at He Xiaofeng, “Mountain Lord He, if you really are the 6th Mountain Lord, then you’d know I’m Chu Qingcheng, just like your son and my master.”

“You were actually here?”

He Haodong’s brow shot up, muttering, “So the Luo clan took you from the Ruby Cloud Sect when they found you missing?”

“I left and wasn’t taken.”

“I don’t care, this just means they have something to do with my son’s death.”

He Haodong’s fury grew, his terrible aura spreading over everyone and making Xu Tianchuan shiver back.

[Mountain Lord He is angry!]

“Talk! How did my son die? You were all ignored for so long thinking you were weaklings, but this proves I need to conduct a thorough investigation!” 

“Mountain Lord He, what are you saying? We had nothing to do with your son.”

Luo Yunhai played dumb. He knew the moment that the fact Zhuo Fan killed He Xiaofeng got out, the Luo clan would turn into a grave. They just had to bear through it for a bit and their lives would still hang on.

He had to, so Zhuo Fan and the others could arrive on time to save them.

He Haodong ignored their excuse, thirsty for vengeance, “Humph, I don’t need you to admit it either. You can’t escape involvement either. Xu Tianchuan, show no mercy.”


The trio laughed and shot down. Luo Yunhai panicked and got ready to fight.

Chu Qingcheng held a spiritual sword and brought it to her neck, shouting, “Just try it! If even one man dies today, I will join them in the afterlife. Your century of planning will all go to waste.”


He Haodong raised his hand, stopping the confused trio.

He Haodong glared at her, “What’s your relation to them? Why protect them?”

“You don’t need to know, since they had nothing to do with your son. Let them go and I’ll come with you. Or the only thing you’ll be getting are corpses and an unsolved riddle.”

Chu Qingcheng smiled.

He Haodong nodded, “Fine, the Enchanting Empress raised quite the stubborn disciple. Now put down the sword. I promise you. But you must also promise to listen to me and I’ll let them go.”

Chu Qingcheng looked back at the Luo clan with worry then gave a firm nod.

“Alright, now come with me.”

He Haodong was grave as he left, his voice echoing, “And the Clan Head, he’ll be coming with me to the Sacred Mountains. I need to clarify some things. As for the rest, I don’t care.”

Luo Yunhai gave the others a nod and flew up with Chu Qingcheng after him.

The three young masters remained behind with the Luo clan.

With the Clan Head gone and no experts, there was no telling when Steward Zhuo would be back to handle matters.


Then suddenly, explosions resounded around the Luo clan and people were crashing into the ground as they coughed blood.

Luo Yunchang cried out at the vile trio.

“What are you doing? The Mountain Lord promised to let us go…”

“The Mountain Lord promised not to kill you, but that didn’t mean we can’t beat you. We promised nothing!” 

The trio grinned with malice, “Zhuo Fan had the nerve to toy with us, making us receive punishment from the Sacred Mountains, so we’ll make him pay. Once he returns, I’ll show him what happens to bugs in the Eight Emperors’ lands who try to rise above their station!”

Luo Yunchang’s face sank…

A month later, Zhuo Fan smiled at the city coming up in front, “Almost home. I wonder if Qingcheng missed me.”

“She won’t be the only one.” Sword Child snickered.

Zhuo Fan shook his head.


Dozens of figures flew next to the two, Danqing Shen and the others.

They noticed Zhuo Fan was now at the 7th layer of Foundation Establishment Stage and they lit up, “Steward Zhuo, you advanced!”

“Yeah, dad is now a Saint!” Sword Child spoke with glee.

The others gasped, “So soon?”

“Ha-ha-ha, it was just luck.”

Zhuo Fan was casual, “I found it such a waste letting all the demonic energy Sword Emperor refined just vanish. So I took it and happened to break through. Since the source of his demonic energy is the same as mine, it was very easy to take it.”

Danqing Shen nodded and mentioned, “Steward Zhuo’s advancement is a reason to celebrate, but be careful not to stray like them. We witnessed just what happens when you lose your way. Their strength only increased while their path crumbled, just like a powerful wild animal. I’d rather be stuck than turn into such a Saint.”

“Yeah, but don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Did you handle the other three Eight Emperors?”

They all laughed, with Li Jingtian declaring, “Steward Zhuo, those madmen were nothing. It might’ve been a little tough with just one, but we were five against them, making it very easy.”

“Good, this is a big matter and we’ll make a statement when we return home, that the Sacred Mountains’ Saints are causing havoc and we’re waging war with them to stop them.”


Everyone nodded.


Sword Child gasped as he pointed, “Father, why are the flags crooked on the broken walls? Did someone come here?”

“Can’t be.”

Zhuo Fan frowned, “The Eight Emperors’ lands are ours and with the Sacred Mountains in the dark, none can challenge us. Unless..”

Zhuo Fan flew faster…