The supporting character's harem is very normal-Chapter 184 Do you know love?

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Chapter 184 Do you know love?

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"AAA!!!" Daton screamed in pain; his scream echoed everywhere, and the other three men also heard it.

However, they were no different from Daton, as they were injured so severely that they could not stand up, and their entire bodies were covered in burns.

Although they also had medicine to heal their wounds, they were not as rich as Daton, so the medicine they had was of poor quality.

Their outer skin had turned black, and even the slightest movement caused them so much pain that they wanted to cry.

That's why the three remaining men couldn't even take care of themselves, so there was no way they could save Daton or run away.

Daton cried like a child as he begged Claire: "Please, Claire, please forgive me. I'm sorry… sorry… please… I… I swear… I… AAA!!!!"

Claire didn't listen to him; she stuck the knife deeper, then dug into his wound, causing Daton to feel so much pain that he was about to die.

"If I had apologised to you, would you have forgiven me?" Claire said angrily, her voice as cold as ice: "You and those bastards have been constantly causing trouble for me and bothering me."

"If I had apologised to you today and begged you, would you have forgiven me?"

"I.. I…" Daton felt both pain and shame. If he had known that Lathel was so strong, even if he had nine lives, he would not have dared to cause trouble with Lathel.

But there is no medicine for regret in this world.

"Daton, if Lathel wasn't strong enough, I'm afraid that today he and I would both become two cold bodies lying deep in the ground."

"You should ask yourself... Is there any reason why I think I should let you continue to live?"

Claire's eyes gradually lost their humanity; there was no more light and no more emotion in those eyes. There was only an extremely cold, dead grey colour.

"Do not! Don't… please… I… I swear… I won't bother you anymore! I…"


Claire pulled out the knife, then stabbed his other shoulder: "Do you think I will believe you?"

"Even if you don't take revenge, you will find someone else to take revenge on us."

"However… hahaha… Thank you for giving me such useful information."

"No one is watching here. Even if you die, no one will find out."

"If someone discovers your bodies, they will think… you were killed by monsters."

"No! Please!" Daton screamed in fear: "Claire, you are evil! Damn whore!"

"My uncle is… Huk!"

"You're so noisy!" Claire stabbed the knife into Daton's throat as she spoke. Then she pulled out the knife, and blood gushed out from his throat like a stream.

"Hm… uk… ak…" Daton couldn't make a sound because his throat kept bleeding. He then tried to cover the hole in his neck with his hands.

However, it was all useless as blood continued to flow. Daton looked at Claire with hatred, as if he wanted to tear her into a hundred pieces.

A moment later, Daton fell to the ground, losing all his life. The other three men saw this and were also scared, and they continuously pleaded for Claire's mercy and kindness.

"Please, I… I… I want to live."

"I also want to live, please let me go."

"I have money, I will give it all to you, please."



"Claire! You are the devil! I curse you… AA!!!"


A moment later, Claire was done. The smell of burning grass mixed with the smell of blood created an extremely unpleasant scent mixture.

Four corpses lay on the ground, on their bodies, in addition to burns, there were also countless stab wounds.

Each knife strike did not hit vital locations, so the stabbed person could still survive and endure the torture for a short period of time.

Claire breathed a sigh of relief. The dress she was wearing was also stained with blood. She reached up and used her sleeve to wipe the blood on her cheek while smiling contentedly.

"Lathel… I'm sorry, I had to kill them so they wouldn't cause you any more trouble."

"Wait! No, OK…"

"The dress is dirty, and my whole body is covered in blood. I can't let Lathel see me like this."

She muttered, then ran into the woods.

In the royal palace, Catheryne looked at the scrolls on the table and glanced at the water membrane displaying Claire's image, then frowned.

"This girl… somewhat resembles Amleth." Catheryne muttered.

"Empress … can you… Can you let me rest a bit?" Suddenly, a voice rang out.

Catheryne looked towards the source of the voice. There was a girl sitting next to a small table; her table was also filled with scrolls.

The number of scrolls she needed to look through was even more than Catheryne's, and some had to be placed on the ground because there was no more space on the table.

Catheryne shook her head and said: "Go ahead, you need to get used to these jobs. In the future, you will replace me for a long time."

The girl was startled when she heard that: "Heh?! Queen, you... where are you going? I cannot do these things."

"Don't worry, I'm still here. However, I will step back and leave everything for you and others to manage." Catheryne smiled and said softly.

"Ah! But…" The girl wanted to say something more, but Catheryne interrupted.

"Don't worry, if you have any trouble, I will help you."

"Empress!!!" The girl shouted: "You saying that makes me even more worried!" I don't want to become the empress, huhuhu…"

Catheryne sighed; however, her eyes still looked up at the membrane of water floating in mid-air.

The membrane showed four frames of images, one is of Claire, another is of Alec, one is of Harris, and the last one shows an image of Lathel.

Naturally, Lathel's display frame remains the largest and clearest.

Catheryne rested her chin, stared at the water film in front of her, and muttered: "Lathel... when will I have time to be by your side?"

"My Queen…" Suddenly, Akna appeared from the darkness in the corner of the room, walked to the middle of the room, and knelt down.

"AAA!!! Akna, you startled me." The girl screamed extremely shrilly.

Akna just glanced at the girl, then bowed her head and said: "I have all the information about the girl named Claire."

Catheryne didn't look at Akna at all. She just stared at Lathel's image on the water film and said: "Is she clean?"

"Yes." "She is completely clean," Akna replied. However, her past before she was taken in by Malina as a servant remains a mystery."

"However, I think her identity is not simple."

Catheryne frowned and said, "I also think so. She has a healing talent of rank B; a normal person cannot possess healing talent that high."

"I'm afraid the Church also suspectssomething, so it has begun to act."

"Yes." Akna nodded and replied: "The church has sent an invitation to Karol Magic Academy. Maybe in 2 to 4 days this letter will arrive at Karol."

"I don't know the specific content of that letter, however, perhaps other than inviting Claire to become a priest of the church, I can't think of any other circumstances."

"The Church also has the right to observe this round of the competition." Catheryne frowned and said: "Healing Rank B, this girl will be very useful to the Royal Family, however... we need to investigate more thoroughly."

"Yes, I understand." Akna replied: "I have sent a few people to find out Claire's identity. Maybe we will have the answer soon."

Catheryne sighed: "Hopefully the church won't do stupid things. Is Lafien still silent?"

"Yes. Lafien seems shocked, she doesn't want to talk to anyone, she just wants to see Lathel." Akna replied.

"Stupid girl, it seems… The Church has made these girls pitiful, just like their killing tools." Catheryne shook her head and said.

"It's okay, just let her be detained for a while. If Lathel wants to save her, support him a little."

"Tell Laura… There's no need to make things difficult for Lafien."

Akna bowed her head and replied: "Yes, I understand."

"Good!" Catheryne waved her hand, Akna bowed her head, then retreated into the darkness in the corner of the room and disappeared.

The girl sitting and reviewing the official dispatch also breathed a sigh of relief when Akna left.

"Are you afraid of her?" Catheryne felt amused and asked.

"Heh?! Queen, that girl is scary." The girl immediately replied, it looked like she had just encountered something extremely terrible: "Every time she appears, the atmosphere becomes extremely cold and gloomy."

"I even felt like if I just breathed a little hard, she would kill me, cut off my head, and hang it on the city gate."

Catheryne: ( ¬ _ ¬ ;)

"It seems like you're thinking too much."

"No!!! I didn't think much." The girl shouted, her expression extremely frightened and worried: "Queen, you should be careful with that girl. I feel like she is not a good person."

"Besides… this is your private room, why can she come in and out naturally? She even entered the room without the Queen's permission."

"I fear that one day, she will… do terrible things to the Queen."

"Oy! You... you're worrying too much." Catheryne sighed, she felt that this girl was a bit cowardly.

No, it must be said that she is extremely cowardly and suffers from overthinking syndrome.

This girl is Catheryne's student, her name is Fuxian.

Fuxian is very smart, she learns very quickly, and her ability to handle political and administrative issues is also very good.

However, she has a fatal weakness: she has extremely low self-

esteem, cowardice, and overthinking syndrome.

Catheryne sighed, She chose Fuxian because, among all the geniuses, she was the most trustworthy and smartest.

"Fuxian, I don't know when you will be able to replace me and run this empire."

"Heh?!" Fuxian was startled when she heard that. She quickly ran in front of Catheryne, knelt down, cried, and said: "Queen, don't die!"

Catheryne frowned: "What the hell are you talking about? Why will I die?"

"Heh?! But… you just said you wanted to train me so I could replace you." Fuxian asked confusedly: "Only when you die can I replace you, right?"

Catheryne: "…"

"What the hell are these thoughts in your head? I'm not dying, I'm just retiring to enjoy the happy days with the person I love."

"So that's how it is…" Fuxian breathed a sigh of relief: "Wait! The person you love… the Queen… you… you… do you know how to love?"

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