The supporting character's harem is very normal-Chapter 185 There is poison inside the food!

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This 𝓬ontent is taken from 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

Chapter 185 There is poison inside the food!

?Catheryne frowned and said: "It seems like your head wants to travel, right?"

Fuxian heard this and said in fear: "Queen, sorry... sorry... I'm really sorry."

Catheryne held her forehead as she felt a bit tired: "Fuxian, when will you grow up?"

"Heh?! Why do I need to grow up? I… I feel very good right now."

Catheryne sighed, she did not know how to advise Fuxian. She also wondered who Fuxian had learned her cowardice and overthinking from or whether it came from her instincts.

"Okay, you should continue dealing with those scrolls, I will call you when I need you."

"Heh?!!!" Fuxian said, dissatisfied: "But... I've been doing this for two days in a row, Queen, Can you give me a day off?"

"Good! I will let you rest for a long time." Catheryne nodded, smiled, and spoke.

"Really?! Hehehe… thank you, Queen." Fuxian said happily.

"I also chose a place for you to rest."

"Wow! Thank you, Queen." Fuxian was really happy, and her eyes shone as if she saw a bright future ahead: "Where is it?"

Catheryne then answered with a cold voice: "Uhm! There are a lot of people living there, in the morning it's a bit deserted, but in the evening it's very bustling."

"Wow! Is there such a strange place?" Fuxian became curious, as she listened attentively to Catheryne.

Catheryne continued: "Of course, there are many people there, everyone is friendly and quiet, there's no noise, and it is very suitable for resting."

Fuxian started to feel something strange.

"I even prepared a good position for you. When you lie down your head will face towards the mountain, and your feet will face?towards the sea. The area of the room is also quite large. It's two metres wide, two metres long, and three metres deep."

"As long as you are there, I will never bother you again."

Fuxian tilted her head in thought. After a moment, she realised something and shouted: "The cemetery?!"

"Uhm! It's a wonderful place for you to rest."

Fuxian really wanted to cry: "Ack! This… Queen, I feel like I really like this job, I can do it for three days in a row… No, I won't get bored if I work for seven days in a row."

As soon as she finished speaking, she returned to the small table and started her work.

Catheryne smiled and shook her head, then continued to look at the water curtain.

"But…" She muttered to herself: "Lathel can use magic without chanting, which is… a bit strange."

"Maybe he has a secret that he doesn't want others to know."

"Now it's very troublesome, everything he does is seen by the observers, I'm afraid... I need to protect him more carefully." freewebno(v)

"Don't worry, Lathel. Your secret, your mommy... will help you keep it hidden."

Catheryne spoke and smiled gently, while thinking of happy images that perhaps no mother would dare to think of.

In another room, it was gloomy and a bit cold. A little girl with dirty and messy hair similar to that of a tumbleweed was sitting and looking at the film of water in front of her.

That little beggar girl was the person Lathel gave money to but then threw it all away.

As she looked at the water film in front of her, her eyes shone with excitement: "Hahaha... look, did you see what he just did?"

"He used magic without using a magic wand or incantation. So interesting, hahahaha…."

"Well… my sister, do you like him?" Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind the girl, making her frown.

"Brother, why are you here?" The girl frowned and spoke, her voice cold and filled with murderous intent.

"Ah! Can I not come to visit my sister, my little sister, Dorothy?"

Behind Dorothy stood a man that was over 190cm tall, his body was full of muscles, his face was quite square and masculine, and his brown hair was combed back.

He wore a strange outfit, but the patterns on that outfit somewhat resembled the two servants standing on either side of Dorothy.

"Huh! Are you really coming to visit me, or are you here to manage me?" Dorothy said annoyed.

"Hahaha…" The man laughed loudly: "I'm more interested in the young man you're watching, Dorothy."

"Who is he? The person you like?"

"Watch your mouth, Doran." Dorothy frowned and said: "I'm just interested in him."

"He's a bit different from the people I killed. I wonder... Where will his bad side, his cruelty, lie?"

"What is his limit?"

"Those who put on the mask of kindness, and pretend to be good people, are all liars."

"As soon as they encounter danger, that mask breaks, revealing their ugliness, cruelty, and greed."

"Interesting… hahaha… I want to find out… where the limit of that young man's kindness lies."

Hearing that, Doran just sighed, shook his head, and said: "It's up to you. Father said… You can play here for a while, however, don't cause trouble with the Royal Family, especially Catheryne, Farmyrth, and Lilith, understand?"

"Huh!" Dorothy snorted contemptuously: "You came here just to see that woman, right?"

Doran frowned and said: "Speak carefully, Dorothy, she could be your sister-in-law in the future."

"Hahaha… my sister-in-law?" Dorothy laughed loudly: "I feel like she doesn't even look at you. Do you think you have a chance?"

"Of course I have a chance. Besides… this marriage, our entire family agrees on it." Doran calmly said: "As long as we have her, we can hold the lives of countless kingdoms in our hands."

"At that time, our family will rival the Karol Empire."

"Hahahaha…" Dorothy laughed loudly, her laughter carried a kind of madness, and contempt for the entire world: "Compared to the Karol Empire? I feel like our family has gone crazy, hahaha…"

"This is a matter for the family leaders, you cannot understand." Doran frowned and said.

"That's right, I don't understand because what you guys are saying is stupid. I also cannot take the time to find out what stupid people are planning to do." Dorothy said, smiling.

"I think you should talk about this with the mute people, they will also laugh at you, but they just can't speak."

"At least, you don't have to listen to their insults, hahahaha…"

Doran shook his head, sighed, and said: "It's up to you. However, you must not cause trouble, this is father's order."

"Huh! I know." Dorothy snorted contemptuously.

"That boy uses magic without a magic wand and without chanting… That's quite special." Doran said: "But… that is still not enough for him to enter our clan."

Dorothy frowned: "If you continue to talk nonsense, I will take your tongue and use it as fishing bait."

Doran glanced at Dorothy, his eyes were extremely sharp, like those of a predator. But then, he turned and left without saying anything more.

Doran walked to the door and stopped. He sighed and said: "Next time, take a shower, I don't want to smell the stench from you anymore." 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

Then he disappeared. Dorothy looked at the two maids standing on either side, frowned, and asked: "Am I very smelly?"

The two maids bowed their heads and said nothing.

"Tch!" Dorothy clicked her tongue: "What's the use of washing myself? No matter how much a person showers, they can't clean their dirty personality."

"Lathel…" She looked at the water film in front of her and muttered: "I really want to see how terrible you will be when you become an evil and cruel person."

In the forest, Nina was carrying a box and a porcelain vase deep into the woods.

At this moment, another group of Yordles appeared, surrounding her.

"You… Nina, have you been in contact with that man?"

"I can't believe it, you... You betrayed the Yordle clan?"

"You betrayed us for a little food?"

"That's right, you… Wait, what's that smell? What is that sweet smell!"

"Um… so fragrant, so hungry."

Nina looked at the Yordles, who were questioning her angrily while staring at the meat box and the porcelain pot of soup, and laughed.

"Hahaha… you guys are such a bunch of idiots. I have researched very carefully, that young man is a good person."

"Look here, he even gave me more food so I can bring it back to you."

"Hehehe… You guys need to…"

"What?! Is this the food of evil humanity?" Before Nina could finish speaking, the Yordles screamed again.

"Impossible! How can dirty humans make such fragrant food?"

"You guys get out of the way, I want to try it first. No! You stay away, I suspect this food is poisonous, I will sacrifice, and use my body to test the food inside."

"You should stay away, I am braver than you, I will sacrifice myself and try the food."

"Don't fight with me."

"Stay away!"

The Yordles rushed to fight over the box and porcelain vase like a bunch of crazy zombies.

Nina was so angry seeing this that she shouted: "Shut up!!!"

The Yordles immediately stopped what they were doing and looked towards Nina.

She held her wand in her hand, then swung it towards the group of Yordles.

"Akukoun sakikinin…"

Immediately, the wooden box and porcelain vase suddenly flew into the air, startling the Yordles.

"You guys, be quiet for a bit." Nina glared and said: "I brought it back for you to eat, but you can't fight, understand?"

The Yordles stood still, nodding, their faces showing embarrassment and worry.

"Huh! A bunch of idiots!" Nina pouted and said contemptuously.

"But…" Another Yordle spoke up: "What if the food is poisonous?"

"Are you stupid?! If there was poison, I would have died a long time ago, and I would not have brought you food." Nina gritted her teeth and said that her expression was extremely arrogant.

"Okay, whoever wants to eat can stay, whoever doesn't want to eat can go away, don't cause trouble."

A male Yordle walked up to Nina, bowed his head, and said: "I want to try and see how delicious human food is."

"That's right." Another Yordle spoke up, his expression extremely serious: "Human cuisine is also a dangerous thing; we need to study it more carefully."

"I think there is poison in the food. I can sacrifice myself to help you people so you won't fall into humanity's traps."

"Me too."

"I also want to closely study greedy humans."

Nina: "..."

"Damn it! A bunch of gluttons, you are all a bunch of gluttons who act noble." She muttered.

In the end, no one left, everyone was given meat and soup. Of course, each person only had a little, and the soup was served in large leaves.

Even though the food was very fragrant and stimulated their appetite, no one dared to eat it.

A brave Yordle ate a piece of meat, then some more soup.

Immediately after, that Yordle screamed in fear: "Not good! Everyone, don't eat it, the food inside is poisonous!

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