The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter-Chapter 1070 - : Elder Brother Siming, I Miss Father and Mother

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Chapter 1070: Elder Brother Siming, I Miss Father and Mother

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Gu Nuo’er fantasized for a moment.

Although she had never been to the Snow Domain, she had heard of it.

There was no one there. It was a godforsaken place, let alone demons and immortals.

The child asked curiously, “Then, Elder Brother Siming came out from the place?”

The youth nodded. “I came back to the mortal world and started a massacre.”

After saying that, Ye Siming was stunned.

Why did he slip and said this?

He hurriedly looked up to see if Gu Nuo’er was angry.

He knew that the child didn’t like killing.

The two of them looked at each other. Gu Nuo’er’s eyes were watery on her round and tender face.

She looked at him obediently.

Gu Nuo’er blinked. Before she could say anything, Ye Siming immediately said, “That was in the past.”

However, the child suddenly asked, “Elder Brother Siming, do you think the Snow Domain is beautiful?”

Ye Siming’s long eyebrows paused.

He didn’t expect her to be concerned about this.

A moment later, Ye Siming nodded. “It looks very beautiful.

“In the Snow Domain, there’s a cold snow palace left behind by an ancient heavenly god before it was destroyed.

“There are icicles hanging everywhere, and the trees are made of snow.” Gu Nuo’er’s eyes immediately lit up.

“If there’s a chance, Elder Brother Siming, bring me to take a look! It’ll definitely be very beautiful!

“If I feel cold, I can still bury myself in Elder Brother Siming’s arms to keep warm!

“At that time, Elder Brother Siming won’t feel lonely anymore because I’m accompanying you! ”

The child cupped her face with her hands and looked up at the roof beam.

Her face was filled with joy and yearning, and her sparkling eyes seemed to be already fantasizing about how to build a snowman!

She didn’t notice that Ye Siming was revealing extreme joy on his face bit by bit.

It turned out that in the little thing’s thoughts of the future would include him by her side regardless where she was headed to.

“Mmm,” Ye Siming replied in a deep voice.

The depths of the youth’s eyes were like a spark that ignited the continuous grassland.

At that moment, everything he yearned for in the future was tied to Gu Nuo’er alone.

Wherever she was, it was his home.

It was night and time to sleep.

Ye Siming waved his long finger and the candlelight in the hall extinguished one after another.

Gu Nuo’er lay on the big and wide bed, her black hair scattering on the pillow like a black waterfall.

The child lay on her side, one small hand under her cheek, her watery eyes seeming to be brewing sleepiness.

Her long eyelashes also blinked slowly.

She watched as Ye Siming lay down on the ground at the side.

After a long silence, the youth asked with his eyes closed, “Why aren’t you sleeping? What are you thinking about?”

Gu Nuo’er rubbed her eyes.

It turned out that Elder Brother Siming knew that she wasn’t asleep!

She said in a soft voice, “Elder Brother Siming, what do you think Father is doing now?”

Ye Siming hesitated for a moment. “Sleeping?

The child on the bed shook her head.

“That’s not right. I think he must be busy with government affairs. The imperial study must be brightly lit.”

As for her father, he was likely to be bending over the table and busy facing the memorials that were as tall as a small mountain.

Gu Nuo’er sighed quietly.

“When I saw Emperor Ling, the pretty consort, and Brother Shen’er today, I missed Father.

“If I’m not around, he definitely doesn’t know how to rest early.”

In the past, when she was around, she would always pester Gu Yihan to tell stories and get him to coax her to sleep.

Actually, Gu Nuo’er wasn’t doing this to be coaxed.

Instead, she hoped that Gu Yihan would accompany her and sleep early.

He was her father, so her heart would naturally ache for him.

Ye Siming listened to her in silence.

After a while, the child’s voice seemed to be sobbing as she muttered.

“Elder Brother Siming, I miss Father and Mother..”