The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich-Chapter 1539 - : Question

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Chapter 1539: Question

Translator: Lonelytree

Lin Yuelan didn’t expect that so many things would happen at a cocktail party.

First, she was humiliated by Zhou Shishi, and blood was seen at the entrance of the inn. Then, Lin Laosan’s family and the villagers of the Lin family village were used to causing trouble, trying to pull her down. This also happened at the entrance of her inn.

Was this a bad year?

If it wasn’t for the old man’s help, and if it wasn’t for her special ability to use lightning to strike the Lin family until they couldn’t breathe, it would still be troublesome to resolve this matter. Of course, she could slowly resolve this.

However, she did not have the time to solve it.

This was because today was her first banquet in the capital. She could only succeed. Failure was not allowed. No accidents were allowed.

Hehe, the mastermind probably wouldn’t have thought that things would end up like this.

He was probably on tenterhooks and panicking.

However, being merciful to the enemy was being cruel to oneself!

Since you have the guts to provoke me, then you must be prepared for my revenge!

‘l, Lin Yuelan, have always been a person who repays grudges, favours, and grudges!’

Originally, she did not want to take the lives of the Lin family and the villagers of the Lin family village. After all, they were in the wrong, but that did not cross her bottom line. They did not deserve death!

However, she was kind enough to spare their lives. As long as she didn’t see them, she wouldn’t feel annoyed.

After all, if she really killed them, she would be adding a sin to her debt. It might cause her to have a mental obstacle when she wanted to cultivate. It was not appropriate.

However, her good intentions were not appreciated by others.

From a remote mountain village to the capital, even if there was someone behind the scenes, their goal was obvious. They wanted to kill her.

Since they had already hung a knife over her head, she could not let them live. She was a selfless saint.

Therefore, since she had decided not to let them off, she would use lightning to kill them and let everyone see the so-called retribution they were talking about.

What was the real retribution?

Killing without blood, this was the truth!

Other than her and Jiang Zhennan, no one knew that she had killed all these people, She had used lightning to kill them.

It was meaningless to keep these people.

Lin Yuelan’s beautiful eyes looked at the dozens of charred bodies lying on the street and the terrified villagers of Lin Family Village. She smiled silently.

She didn’t kill them all at once because she wanted to make them suffer. Secondly, it was also to warn the person behind the scenes to make them panic!

Because the villagers were still alive. As long as they were still breathing, they would definitely spit out how they had been bribed.

In that case, the person behind the scenes could only kill the villagers to silence them!

When the emperor, the crown prince, and the others followed Lin Yuelan into Ni Lai Wo Wang Inn, they deeply felt that this was different from any banquet they had ever held.

First of all, most of the banquets they held before were held outdoors, and very few were held indoors.

Normally, even when it was held indoors, other than a few tables and chairs, some fruits, tea, and wine, there was basically no decoration.

But at the inn, even if the banquet was indoors, the environment was very spacious. It was hundreds of square meters and could accommodate at least a thousand people.

In the end, the decoration was completely beautiful and trendy, like they had never seen before.

The layout of the first floor had not changed much. The lounge, children’s amusement park, reading room, tea room, etc. had not changed. The only change was the addition of some bright floral decorations. Lanterns fell from the ceiling, and the outer layer was covered with various colours and transparent coloured paper. With a clever design, it formed a modern neon light.

However, the banquet was held at 6 pm.

Guests from all over the world who were invited came to the inn early. Some of them stayed in the inn directly, while some of them stayed outside. Unlike modern VIPs, they would not come late. On the contrary, they had to come early.

With the identity of the princess of Guguo, in the entire capital, those who were qualified to attend the banquet of the princess of Guguo must be either rich or noble.

They had to arrive early and seize the opportunity to mingle..