The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich-Chapter 1540 - : Question

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Chapter 1540: Question

Translator: Lonelytree

Therefore, most of them were waiting in the lounge area on the first floor. When they saw someone enter, they had to go up and welcome him.

The exceptions were Liu Yichen, Lin Yuelan, and a few of her subordinates.

Liu Yichen was a royal merchant. The amount of silver he contributed every year was one-third of the entire country’s. Even the emperor had to give him face. He wouldn’t need to please others.

Therefore, he went straight to the private room on the third floor to leisurely drink tea and enjoy the scenery below from the window.

After lunch, there were guests who came to the inn with invitations one after another. He only looked at them in boredom, especially when he saw those fawning faces. He was even more annoyed.

After an unknown period of time, Crown Prince Yuwen Yanyu arrived with the envoys of the four kingdoms.

He was also not interested.

In any case, he had never liked to interact with people, especially those from the royal family.

Therefore, even if these people came, he would not go out to welcome them. However, who would have thought that the change would happen in an instant?

Before Crown Prince Yuwen Yanyu could enter the inn, he was stopped.

The person who intercepted him was very familiar.

He had seen these people in Lin Family Village before.

When he saw these people, his face instantly darkened.

These people were really audacious.

A mere commoner had actually rushed to intercept the Crown Prince and sue the current Princess Gu. However, what infuriated him the most was that these people were twisting the truth and slandering Lin Yuelan.

These people were really despicable!

He was so angry that he ran back to the first floor from the third floor. At this time, many people had already walked out of the inn’s door and went to watch the commotion.

Of course, the invited guests were also nervous.

This was because the banquet held by the princess of the Guguo was closely related to their interests.

Once something happened to Lin Yuelan, their plan to get close to a noble person would very likely be ruined. Their business cooperation with Lin Yuelan might also fall apart and cause heavy losses!

Therefore, they were the ones who didn’t want anything to happen to Lin


However, in front of these nobles, these wealthy merchants were simply insignificant.

Therefore, they didn’t say anything at all. Moreover, they weren’t from the Lin Family Village, so they couldn’t prove Lin Yuelan’s innocence at all. Therefore, they could only sit by the side anxiously.

Then, their emotions fluctuated with the turn of events.

They had been in the business world for so long, but they had never experienced such a thrilling thing.

A moment ago, it was a crisis, but in the next moment, it was averted.

Just as she managed to avert the danger, the next moment, she was in danger again.

In short, this matter was full of twists and turns.

Liu Yichen looked indifferent on the surface, but he was actually very nervous.

He really wanted to go up and give Lin Laosan, Li Cuihua, and the others a few big slaps. However, he was rational and did not do that. Otherwise, he would give them something to use against him. At that time, it would be even more difficult to help Lin Yuelan.

However, he was stopped by Lin Yuelan before he could do anything. She said confidently,” Big Brother, just watch. I’ll be fine!”

Liu Yichen looked around and did not see Jiang Zhennan. His expression turned stern as he asked coldly,” Where’s Jiang Zhennan? Why isn’t he by your side when such a big thing happened?”

Lin Yuelan said,” When he came to the inn from the General’s Estate with me, he heard his subordinates report that they discovered a large number of villagers from the Lin Family Village gathered at the city gate. He then returned to the General’s Estate to investigate this matter!”

Liu Yichen was finally relieved after hearing Lin Yuelan’s words.

Then, he asked curiously,” What’s wrong with these people?”

Lin Yuelan laughed coldly and said,” Hehe, what else could it be? It’s nothing more than greed.”

Then, without saying anything, she turned around and left.

Liu Yichen followed her out, but she didn’t make a sound.

The only person who followed Lin Yuelan out was Lin Deshan.

Because this matter also involved him, he had the most right to defend himself.

However, the dramatic events that happened in the story really left them with lingering fear.

If it wasn’t for the good fortune of the heavens, would Lin Yuelan be cursed to suffer for a few days?

Of course, Liu Yichen didn’t think that those people wanted to send Lin Yuelan to hell in one go. They wanted to torture her slowly.

Fortunately, everything was just as Lin Yuelan had said. There was retribution!

Lin Laosan’s family had done something wrong. The heavens could not stand it anymore. A bolt of lightning struck them.

” Villa Head Liu, Villa Head Liu.” Liu Yichen, who was deep in thought, suddenly heard someone calling him. He looked towards the source of the voice and saw that it was Eunuch Zhang, who was beside the Emperor. He immediately reacted and clasped his hands at the Emperor.” Your Majesty!’

Eunuch Zhang said softly,” Villa Head Liu, His Majesty was asking you a question. How is the decoration of the Princess Guguo’s banquet?”

Liu Yichen’s expression immediately became a little excited as he said,” Your Majesty, I’ve never seen Princess Gu t s banquet venue before. It’s so beautiful that it’s like a dream. I can’t even imagine it!”

Yuwen Longyan stood in the hall on the first floor and looked around. Although there were some changes to the decorations, and they were very colourful, the changes were not too big. It was elegant and quiet, making people feel comfortable.

Yuwen Longyan smiled and said,” To be able to hear the words ‘like a dream’ from Villa Head Liu’s mouth, it seems that the girl’s venue decoration will definitely shock everyone. This has made me especially curious!”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said,” Your Majesty, you’ll have to see it for yourself.”

At this time, Xiao Jingrui’s cold voice suddenly came up and chuckled, “This has aroused the interest of this prince. To be able to get such a high evaluation from the richest man, Villa Head Liu, this banquet must be extraordinary.”

Liu Yichen looked at Xiao Jingrui and said,” Hehe, 1 think the Second Prince will be very surprised indeed..”