The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies-Chapter 402 - : 402

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Chapter 402: 402

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Chapter 402-Fleeing

Although this medicine could greatly increase one’s strength for a short period of time, it also had a very strong side effect.

However, at this moment, Zhao Qi couldn’t care less.

“Die! Wang Ran!”

Zhao Qi, who was lying on the ground, suddenly jumped up and clawed at Wang Ran’s chest.

Wang Ran did not dodge. Instead, he calmly threw a slap.


Zhao Qi was slapped to the ground.

“Yo, your strength is not bad.”

Wang Ran sighed.

If it were any other ordinary Corpse Emperor, his head would have been smashed into pieces.

Zhao Qi, who was lying on the ground, was so shocked that he did not move.


Why was this happening?

He was already so strong and had even been injected with the drug. Why was he slapped to the ground by Wang Ran with one slap?

Just how strong was Wang Ran?

Zhao Qi had completely lost his will to fight.

There was no way to fight, there was really no way to fight.

Wang Ran picked up the broken greatsword and stepped on Zhao Qi’s back.

“Any last words?”

Wang Ran asked indifferently.

“I only have one question. How did you become so strong?”

Zhao Qi had already given up resisting. He only wanted to know this.

If you want to become stronger, you can’t find a female zombie. You have to find a male zombie.”

Wang Ran said.

“Ah! This!”

” I see!!!”

Zhao Qi was a little regretful. He had hundreds of thousands of male zombies in his hands, but he didn’t try…

What a pity!


Wang Ran’s sword pierced through Zhao Qi’s heart from behind.

Dragon God Zhao Qi died just like that.

Wang Ran looked at the broken hoverbike on the ground and sighed.

It looked like he could only walk back. Sigh…

Wang Ran picked up Zhao Qi’s corpse with his greatsword and walked toward the city wall…

On the battlefield of the city walls, the corpses piled higher and higher.

The two sides were still fighting.

However, it was obvious that the morale of the zombies wasn’t as high as before.

And the defenders didn’t seem to have that much strength.

Both sides were a little numb to the battle.

Wang Ran carried Zhao Qi’s body and came to the back of the zombie army.

On the city wall, the sharp-eyed Wu Jianguo saw Wang Ran at a glance.

“Boss ‘beheading was a success!”

Wu Jianguo shouted.

The defenders were instantly invigorated!

Boss was indeed Boss!

“Boss is mighty!”

“Boss is mighty!”

“Lord Satan is mighty!”

The defenders shouted excitedly.

The zombies who were still attacking turned around to look.

Their Lord Dragon God…A large sword pierced through his body and landed on a human’s shoulder…

Was the Dragon God really dead?

The morale of the zombies, which had not been high to begin with, instantly collapsed.

They all stopped moving forward, wanting to see if any high-level zombies would come out and lead the team.

The few Zombie Emperors hiding among the zombies were on the verge of tears.

They didn’t dare to come out.

He had thought that this human boss could kill the Zombie Emperor easily, but who would have thought that he could even kill the Dragon God?

Wang Ran carried Zhao Qi’s corpse and walked slowly toward the city wall.

Wherever they passed by, all the zombies would make way for them.

No zombie would be stupid enough to ambush Wang Ran.

Wang Ran walked step by step along the mountain of corpses to the front of the city wall and stabbed his greatsword into the city wall!

Zhao Qi’s corpse was nailed to the city wall.

” Lord Dragon God is dead! Everyone, run!”

someone among the zombies shouted.

All the zombies were stunned at first, then turned around and ran like crazy!

Only half of the hundreds of thousands of zombies had been killed. They used their hands and feet to quickly roll down the mountain of corpses and escape to the west without looking back.

They couldn’t help but feel angry on the way to escape, but no one cared about order. Survival was the most important thing.

The zombies were fleeing towards the west. It was a spectacular scene.

Wang Ran walked up the city wall.

“You’ve worked hard!”

Wang Ran patted the shoulder of a young soldier.

The young warrior had broken a few ribs in the battle, but he did not take a step back.

With Wang Ran’s slap, the young soldier’s tears immediately flowed out.


The young warrior wiped his tears and trembled slightly.

“You’ve worked hard…You’ve worked hard…”

As Wang Ran walked, he took pictures of them one by one.

These Awakened ones and zombies had shown their loyalty to N City in this battle. They were worthy of Wang Ran’s hard work.

However, there were too many people. Wang Ran could not take pictures of everyone.

In the end, Wang Ran could only take the loudspeaker and thank everyone loudly.

“Boss, the battle losses are calculated.”

Wu Jianguo ran to Wang Ran’s side.

“This time, we lost 525 people and 1214 zombies.”

“There are also more than 10,000 injured.”

” 80% of the kinetic skeleton is useless and cannot be repaired.”

” The ammunition is almost exhausted.”

Wu Jianguo reported.

The battle this time was indeed quite exhausting.

However, N City was finally defended.

“Bury all the dead.”

“If they have family members, give them double the amount of supplies for a year as compensation.”

” Those who participate in the battle and logistics will be rewarded with double the amount of resources for a month.”

“For the injured, arrange for Shiyao to research the healing medicine as soon as possible.”

Wang Ran arranged everything one by one.

The healing drug was the latest product from Liu Shiyao’s laboratory.

It was made based on Wang Ran’s blood and nutrient solution.

Although the treatment effect was only a fraction of Wang Ran’s blood, it could be mass produced.

Otherwise, if these 10,000 injured people relied on Wang Ran’s blood, he would have to suck them dry at least a hundred times…



The girls also surrounded Wang Ran.

Wang Ran nodded. Fortunately, there were no fewer people.

“Master, we’re all injured this time. We need good treatment!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I seem to have suffered internal injuries.”

“My wound is also inside my body.”

The girls chattered.

Their meaning was obvious. They needed Wang Ran to treat their injuries, especially their internal injuries.

“Boss, my lower abdomen hurts a little. I think I have internal injuries too.”

Zhu Ming, who was unaware of the situation, also interjected.

“Go, go, go!”

“Why are you joining in the fun! Go to the logistics department and get the healing potion yourself!”

Wu Jianguo immediately pulled Zhu Ming away.

“Alright, you guys can go back first. I still have to continue patrolling.”

Wang Ran said to the girls.

The girls nodded obediently.

They knew that they would not be able to get away with the benefits at night, so they took the helicopter to East Lake Island in a good mood.

Wang Ran continued to patrol the logistics area when a figure caught his attention…