The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies-Chapter 403 - : 403

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Chapter 403: 403

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I Just Want to Be a Good Person

Wu Liang skillfully directed the logistics personnel at the scene.

From the arrangements of the wounded to the allocation of supplies, he had handled everything in an orderly manner.

The logisticians around him were also very convinced by his arrangements.

During this period of time, although Wu Liang had lost his combat ability, with his experience as a special agent, he quickly became an excellent management talent among the survivors.

After living here for a while, Wu Liang gradually fell in love with the life here.

In the apocalypse, it was indeed very rare to have such a quiet and peaceful living environment.

Relying on his personal charm, Wu Liang started a family here, found a young and beautiful wife, and adopted a five-year-old orphan.

This kind of life made him feel a rare warmth.

This time, the large-scale invasion of the zombie tide made Wu Liang somewhat worried.

He was afraid that his peaceful and beautiful life here would be broken.

Although he did not have the ability to fight, he had fully utilized his strength in logistics and managed the rear that he was responsible for in an orderly manner.

As for the purpose of coming to N City…

He had long thrown it aside.

“Young man, well done.”

Wang Ran came to Wu Liang’s side and patted his shoulder.

Wu Liang’s entire body trembled!

This was…The boss of N City, Wang Ran!

As an agent sent by the company, Wu Liang knew that Wang Ran was the target that the company wanted to get rid of.

However, Wu Liang’s mentality was completely different now.

He had already adapted to life here.

A company mission? It no longer had anything to do with him.

“Thank you, Boss!”

Wu Liang nodded in response to Wang Ran.

The moment he said this, it meant that he had completely cut ties with the past.

Wang Ran continued to wander around the scene for a while, giving the logistics staff and the injured a great encouragement.

Seeing that it was about time, Wang Ran drove the Tesla to East Lake Island.

There were still more than a dozen ” wounded ” there who needed to be injected.

On the way, Wang Ran turned on the auto-pilot and called Bei Du.

“Hello, this is Wang Ran.”

The call went through very quickly.

“Wang Ran! How’s the situation on your side?”

The person who answered the call was Lin Shuang. She was very excited to hear Wang Ran’s voice.

“Oh, I just finished it.”

” The enemy’s leader is Zhao Qi. I’ve already killed him.”

“We killed half of the zombies, and the remaining half escaped.”

” I think they will escape back to the Curry Kingdom. Anyway, they won’t dare to harass us again for the time being.”

Wang Ran said very casually.

“What?! Is it that bastard Zhao Qi?”

” I was wondering why the zombie horde was coming for Bei Du and N City…”

Lin Shuang could not help but curse.

“Oh right, how’s the situation in Bei Du?”

Wang Ran asked.

“Ah, it’s very difficult for us to fight here!”

” We lost the fifth ring just now. We’ve retreated to the fourth ring.”

“However, I should be able to defend my fourth ring.”

” Enough. I have to kill that Zombie Emperor!”

Lin Shuang hung up.

Wang Ran smiled. He was quite confident in Lin Shuang’s strength.

Bei Du had Lin Shuang and Lin Liye, as well as the more common kinetic skeletons, so it shouldn’t be a problem for them to defend it.

Soon, Wang Ran returned to the island.

Today, all the children on East Lake Island were arranged to camp in the East Lake Villa Complex.

The island was filled with girls who were crying for food.

As soon as Wang Ran got out of the car, Su Xiaoyu and Lin Momo picked him up and threw him into the villa.

In the villa, the girls were too lazy to put on their clothes. They were basically done with three band-aids…

Wang Ran took a deep breath.

This was a truly fierce battle…

The battle lasted from day to night, and then until dawn.

In order to save energy, Wang Ran even put on an S-class kinetic skeleton.

It had to be said that the kinetic skeleton was quite useful in saving energy. It even had an automatic vibration mode, which was very useful.

The girls were very satisfied…

Wang Ran got up from the crowd and put on his clothes.

Although he had won the battle, Wang Ran still felt that something was wrong.

The company only provided 1,000 vials of the drug in this zombie attack?

This wasn’t their style.

With the enmity that they had previously formed, it was impossible for them not to take advantage of this good opportunity to kill him.

The company definitely had a backup plan!

He absolutely could not let his guard down.

Wang Ran casually grabbed a piece of bread and finished his breakfast with the fresh milk that Lin Momo had squeezed last night.

Then, Wang Ran drove to the East Lake Villa Complex.

As soon as he entered, Wang Ran heard the children’s laughter.

“Ah! Uncle Wang Ran, you’re here!”

“They all said that you can’t walk today. I feel that you’re in good health!”

A child came over and said.

“Who the f * ck…Who said I can’t walk?”

Wang Ran quickly retracted his vulgarities.

“An uncle named Zhu Ming.”

“He told us to stay here for a few more days, or else we’ll disturb you.”

“Uncle Wang Ran, what are you doing behind our backs? We want to do it too!”

the child said innocently.

“Child, don’t ask so many questions…”

Wang Ran’s face twitched.

Zhu Ming, this kid, he really has a lot to say…

“Boss! Why are you here so early?”

Wu Jianguo came up to him.

“I just wanted to remind you.”

“Although we won this battle, we definitely can’t let our guard down.”

“I have a feeling that someone is still trying to stir up trouble.”

” Anyway, let’s restore the operations of the sentry posts as soon as possible.”

Wang Ran reminded.

“Understood, Boss.”

“I’ll make the arrangements.”

Wu Jianguo nodded.

“Boss! Boss!”

“Someone wants to see you! He said he had something important to report!”

Zhu Ming shouted as he ran over.

Wang Ran first glared at Zhu Ming, causing Zhu Ming to feel a little scared.

Did he offend Boss?

I don’t think so…

“Bring her over.”

Wang Ran said.

Zhu Ming nodded and immediately ran away.

Not long after, Zhu Ming came over with a man.

Wang Ran looked at it and felt that it looked familiar. He seemed to have seen it yesterday.

Ah! It was the team leader who was good at logistics!

What was his name…It seemed to be Wu Liang.

Wu Liang walked in front of Wang Ran with a solemn expression.

It was obvious that he had something important to tell Wang Ran.

“It’s okay. If there’s anything, just say it. Don’t be conflicted.”

Wang Ran said with a smile.

Zhu Ming nodded.

“Boss, actually…”

“I’m an undercover agent sent by the company…”


Wu Liang directly revealed his identity.

“What?! Are you from the company?”

Zhu Ming took out a dagger and pressed it against Wu Liang’s chest.

As one of Wang Ran’s younger brothers, Zhu Ming knew the company quite well.

The people in the company definitely had bad intentions.