There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System-Chapter 489 - : Inheritance (3)

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Chapter 489: Inheritance (3)

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“What do you mean?”

“Ji Ruo, do you know him?” Liang Shixian asked seriously. Or did you discover something?”

“Can’t you see, class monitor? There’s something wrong with him!” f reewe bnovel

Liang Shixian rolled his eyes.

What the f * Ck was wrong!

How did you know that?

This person was just a little handsome and pleasing to the eye. What was so strange about that?

However, pleasing to the eye was the problem.

Ji Ruo’s first impression of this man was that he was ‘as handsome as jade’.

If this was Great Xia, this description would not be a problem. However, this was the Mother Earth Continent.

How could a blond westerner be described as a ‘divine and jade-like’?

“I’ve never seen you guys before. Are you guys from outside? What are you buying?” The man asked curiously. “This is spicy hotpot.” “Food,” Ji Ruo explained simply.”

“Food?” The man was stunned.!”

Ji Ruo’s stall was filled with all kinds of plants. To the people of the Mother Earth Continent, it was a little strange. No matter what, he couldn’t associate these things with food.

“That’s right. As we’ve just opened, we haven’t had time to prepare all kinds of vermicelli. The spicy hotpot only has wild vegetable soup for the time being, but it’s also very delicious. It’s spicy and refreshing.”

Ji Ruo said enthusiastically.

Rosie followed Meow Meow’s lead and said,”Meow -“(Yeah, yeah, it’s delicious!) )

The others had no experience in this field, so they could only watch Ji Ruo promote.

Liang Shixian was still confused by Ji Ruo’s words.

Yashu was seriously learning Ji Ruo’s ‘speech technique’. This would be one of the skills he would rely on to survive in the future.

“Is it really that delicious?” The man was a little hesitant, “It smells quite fragrant…” How much?”

“Customer, you can choose any side dish according to your preference. A bowl only costs five copper coins.”

Ji Ruo wasn’t very clear about the prices on the Mother Earth Continent, but since the bread sold under the name of the Heaven Horn War God was five copper coins each, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to charge five copper coins as the Kitchen God.

Ji Ruo counted with his fingers.” Five copper coins. With a 1% discount, it’s 4-95 copper coins. Rounding it up, five copper coins is just right.””


He gasped.” Where did you get this discount?””

“It’s mainly because it’s in the middle of the calculation.” Ji Ruo said to Ya Xiu cheerfully,”Oh right, don’t learn this.”

“Oh.” Yashu nodded in confusion.

. Give me a cup of water

In the end, the weird customer still decided to eat a bowl.

Although eating spicy hotpot early in the morning was not good for his stomach, he did not know.

“Alright! Please wait a moment!”

Ji Ruo cooked on the spot. Because he was mainly teaching the Yaxiu siblings, Ji Ruo did not use the human palm technique, and the process was very standard.

A moment later.

“Hiss-so spicy!”

The customer’s eyes reddened on the spot.”But it tastes so good! It’s so delicious!”

“Right? Hehe.”

“Is it really delicious?” Nancy asked curiously. Kitchen God, can I have some

“No.” Ji Ruo shook his head slightly.” Eating spicy hot pot early in the morning is not good for your stomach. Your bodies are weak. I’ll make some medicinal porridge for you later.”‘

“Oh. ”

The corners of the customer’s mouth twitched, but he pretended not to hear it.

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