There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System-Chapter 490 - : 326, Who’s the one pulling me!_1

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Chapter 490: 326, Who’s the one pulling me!_1

Translator: 549690339

The customer’s face was red from eating, and his mouth was red from the spiciness, but he still insisted on eating heartily.

Apart from the fact that it was really delicious, this food called ‘Mala Tang’ was also a new delicacy that he had never come into contact with before.

As the God of Cooking, Ji Ruo’s culinary skills were superb. After Ji Ruo’s ingenious handling of the small problem of spiciness and stimulation, it became a rare delicacy that even the guests of this foreign world could accept.

” It’s really delicious, Siha-”

The customer couldn’t stop himself from saying,’”‘l’ve really never eaten this kind of thing before!”

Ji Ruo smiled.” As long as you like it.”‘

As expected, there was something wrong with this guy.

Not only was the style unusual, but he was also the first customer of the day.

One had to know that even if it was the Kitchen God, the food he cooked would be incomparably delicious. This spicy hotpot with wild vegetables as the main ingredient would not be accepted by the people of the Mother Earth Continent so quickly.

After all, wild vegetables, in their ‘normal cognition’, were things that couldn’t be eaten, or rather, they were very low-level food. Although many wild vegetables were actually more nutritious, no one knew.

Therefore, the first batch of customers that Ji Ruo ‘set’ were actually those who had sworn to become believers of the Kitchen God last night for a full meal.

When he was looking for wild vegetables, he had told everyone in their dreams. Jonathan and the others had also gone to show their divinity, so the first batch of customers would not be a problem.

After that, the customer base would open up, and word of mouth would spread. Everything would proceed smoothly.

That was what Ji Ruo thought.

This customer had come up so early in the morning for no reason. He had a strange look on his face and was even planning to try a food like spicy hotpot that he had never touched before.

Even if Ji Ruo provoked him with words, he did not show any dissatisfaction at all. This was too abnormal. It felt as if this fellow had specially come over…Contact Ji Ruo.

Although it might sound a little narcissistic to say this, Ji Ruo really thought so.

Of course, the reason why he first noticed the problem was actually because the style was not right, or rather, it was the intuition of a martial artist.

The customer finished a bowl of spicy hot pot and let out a long sigh.”How satisfying! Boss, I’ve never eaten such delicious food before. Let me introduce myself. My name is…”

“You can call me the Kitchen God.” “Sir, if you’re full, please make way. We’re in trouble.” Ji Ruo said hurriedly.”


The customer who couldn’t say his fake name was stunned. Why was this situation different from what he had seen?

“It’s them!”

Just as he was in a daze, a roar suddenly came from behind him. He turned around in confusion.

A dozen or so people who were obviously natives of Lucky Street rushed over with abnormally serious expressions.

“What’s going on? Kitchen God, did you offend someone somewhere?”

“There’s no time to explain!”

Ji Ruo roared and turned his kitchen knife, chopping vegetables and melons. The soup spoon danced and the soup spread out!

The stall was completely busy, and the customers who didn’t look right were pushed to the side with dumbfounded expressions.

He really thought that these guys were here to cause trouble, but in the end, they were here to eat?!

He felt a little numb.

If you guys are eating, just eat. Why are your expressions so serious?

However, what he didn’t know was that Ji Ruo had used his divine power to summon these guys in their dreams last night, and the effect was unusually remarkable.

One had to know that although they lived on the Lucky Street and believed in the God of Luck, they had never been blessed by the God.

He had never even received the simplest revelation, let alone a dream.

And this was the result of them living on Lucky Street.

Yesterday, the ‘missionary’ who was promoting the Kitchen God had just arrived and had already visited them in their dreams that night.

With this efficiency, what believer wouldn’t go crazy?

Because they were his followers, Ji Ruo did not charge them too much.

He had just accepted five copper coins from the first customer mainly because he wanted to test the waters.

“God! It’s really delicious!”

“The Kitchen God didn’t lie to me. Sob, sob, sob. I’m being watched by the gods!”

The people sat down and ate the wild vegetables and spicy hotpot. They were so touched that they cried.

Seeing this, the guy with the wrong style pondered.”He’s preaching? Why did he choose such an inefficient method? Also, why didn’t I see this scene in the future?”

Obviously, this guy was Charles. (Thanks to the author, otherwise I would have been kept in the dark for the rest of my life.))

Charles wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Ji Ruo, but Ji Ruo and the others were already completely busy and could not be bothered with him.

Moreover, it seemed a little abnormal for a customer like him to stay here after eating and drinking to his heart’s content.

So Charles left.

“Kitchen God… Is it a divine name?”

In a corner, Charles recalled his first encounter with Ji Ruo, his expression uncertain.


“Yay! He had successfully made contact! He knew his name! It also released my goodwill! Everything was developing in a good direction!

Yay, yay, yay!”

‘ He ” actually clenched his fists and cheered like a child.

“The Kitchen God was joking with me, as if we were friends! ‘He’ definitely treats me as a friend! Hehe!”

“It wasn’t in vain for me to transform into the appearance that he could accept the most through the life simulation! This method is indeed correct!”

Charles was as excited as a child in the corner, forming an unusually strong contrast with his identity as the supreme god..