Thunder God's Reincarnation-Chapter 238

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Chapter 238

"Yes. However, Your Majesty, if you aspire to represent the Anti-Demon God Alliance, it's imperative to exhibit a resolute commitment to fight for the entirety of Avalon, transcending the interests of the Pamar Empire," Mu-Gun advised Pamar IV.

“How do I show my commitment?”

“Are you willing to sacrifice for Avalon?”

“Naturally, I plan to do so.”

“Then, can you deploy the empire’s knights inside the great mountain ranges?”


"The Demon God aims to ravage Avalon by deploying monsters until they regain strength in the Middle Realm. Our strategy involves preemptive action—we'll venture into the great mountain ranges and eliminate the monsters beforehand. This approach aims to minimize the damage inflicted upon Avalon."

“You are saying that we should go into the great mountain range and launch a preemptive strike at the monsters.”

"Indeed. There may be sacrifices among the knights, given the heightened strength of the monsters within the great mountain range," Mu-Gun added, fixing his gaze on Pamar IV as he concluded his statement.

Mu-Gun's gaze carried the unspoken question, asking Pamar IV if he could make such sacrifices for the greater good of Avalon. Pamar IV hesitated; the very foundation of the Pamar Empire might be shaken if the knights sent into the great mountain ranges incurred substantial losses.

“Is Your Majesty perhaps greedy for status without willing to give up any sacrifices?”

“Such insolence!” Raphael shouted, unable to withhold himself at Mu-Gun’s provocative question.

He was ready to unsheathe his sword at any moment. The other knights also revealed their anger toward Mu-Gun. Baffled by the sudden hostility directed at him, Mu-Gun chuckled. However, the amusement was fleeting. Mu-Gun ceased smiling and fixed a stern gaze upon the knights.

“How dare you show hostility towards God’s Representative?”

Mu-Gun unleashed the concealed energy within him, sending a formidable wave rippling through his entire being, exerting pressure on the assembled knights.


The knights within the throne room appeared stifled by the immense energy Mu-Gun had unleashed, and even the Grand Masters felt its weight. Witnessing this, Pamar IV's expression hardened. The conviction settled in—Mu-Gun undeniably held the rank of God Master.

Had Mu-Gun not attained the status of God Master, the suppression of Grand Masters through sheer energy would have been impossible. Pamar IV briefly entertained the thought of all the knights charging at Mu-Gun, questioning whether it would be possible to defeat him. Yet, he quickly dismissed the notion, shaking his head.

Even with his formidable abilities and the support of Coelho, an Eighth Circle Archmage, Pamar IV couldn't assure victory in an assault against Mu-Gun. The realization dawned on Pamar IV about the immense stature of a God's Representative.

“Calm down. Please forgive them, for my knights have erred in their loyalty to me.”

Pamar IV, swallowing his pride as an Emperor, offered apologies to Mu-Gun on behalf of the knights. The concession stung, but it seemed a preferable choice to having God's Representative as an enemy.

“I will let it go this time out of respect for Your Majesty. But if this happens again, it will not end with words then.”

As Pamar IV spoke humbly, Mu-Gun ceased emitting his energy out of respect for Pamar IV's dignity. However, he made sure not to overlook the opportunity to issue a warning.

“We will bear that in mind.”

"So, what is your course of action? I hope the Pamar Empire will spearhead the effort to thwart the Demon God as the representative of the Anti-Demon God Alliance. However, if you seek the status without a willingness to make sacrifices, you won't truly embody the alliance," Mu-Gun asserted.

“What will you do if our Empire refuses to join the Anti-Demon God Alliance?”

"If you lack the intention to sacrifice for Avalon, your presence or absence with us won't matter. Yet, one certainty remains: should the Anti-Demon God Alliance fail to halt the Demon God, the Pamar Empire will also face its end.”

"You're suggesting that the existence of any Empire hinges on the survival of Avalon. Your observation is correct. Very well, as you propose, our Empire is prepared to endure sacrifices for the greater good of Avalon."

“Wise choice. As promised, I will support the Pamar Empire as the representative of the Anti-Demon God Alliance as God’s Representative.”

“If you support our Empire, the Pantheon Kingdom will be disappointed. Will that be okay?”

“My mission is to protect Avalon, not to revive Pantheon.”

Pamar IV nodded in satisfaction at Mu-Gun's resolute words. At least, it appeared Mu-Gun had no intention of leveraging God's power exclusively for his homeland, the Pantheon Kingdom.

“Your sense of duty is admirable. I see why the Sky God appointed you as their representative.”

“I will take it as a compliment. Also, I trust that you will keep your promise to deploy the Empire’s knights into the great mountain ranges.”

“The Emperor of an Empire doesn’t go back on his words. Don’t worry, I will keep my promises.” Pamar IV assured.


“Do you have any plans later? If you are free, I am thinking of preparing a dinner banquet for you this evening.”

“I am sorry, but I think we will have to postpone the dinner to another date. There is a lot of work to be done for the Anti-Demon God Alliance.”

“It can’t be helped then. In return, make sure to spare some time next time we meet.”

“Understood. Then, I shall see you again.”

Together with Philford, Mu-Gun took his leave from Pamar IV and exited the throne room. Coelho trailed behind, accompanying the two as they departed.

“Are you going to leave right away?”

“Yes, please. I think I will have to make a trip to the Pantheon Kingdom’s Royal Capital.”

“Then, let’s go to the central portal. I will send someone separately to bring the knights resting at the guest hall.” Coelho said.

“Thank you.” novelbuddy.c(o)m

Accompanied by Coelho, Mu-Gun, and Philford made their way to the central portal, which served as a hub connecting to portals in the capitals of different nations. Arriving ahead of the Golden Lion Order, Mu-Gun and Philford patiently awaited their companions. Meanwhile, Coelho initiated a communication request to the Pantheon Kingdom, seeking the opening of the portal.

Upon receiving word that Argon and the Golden Lion Order were on their way back, the Pantheon Kingdom swiftly granted permission to open the portal.

“Thank you. Then, I will see you next time.”

Expressing gratitude to Coelho, Mu-Gun entered the portal with Philford, traversing to the Pantheon Kingdom's Royal Capital. Without delay, he sought an audience with Pantheon IV through Leon, the Court Magician. Pantheon IV promptly accepted Mu-Gun's request, summoning him to the throne room.

“I greet Your Royal Majesty.”

“Be at ease.”

At Pantheon IV’s words, Mu-Gun stood straight back up.

"I've been informed of your accomplishments. Thanks to your efforts, the prestige of our Pantheon Kingdom is on the ascent. I'm genuinely pleased. With this progress, there's a chance for us to assume the role of the chair nation within the Anti-Demon God Alliance."

Pantheon IV made no effort to conceal his aspiration to lead the Anti-Demon God Alliance as its chairman.

“With all due respect, I think the Pamar Empire should become the chair nation of the Anti-Demon God Alliance.”

“What? What do you mean by that? This is an opportunity to raise Pantheon’s reputation.” Pantheon IV asked wide-eyed at Mu-Gun’s remarks.

"If the Pamar Empire chooses not to join the Anti-Demon God Alliance, the collective strength of the alliance may be significantly compromised," Mu-Gun reasoned.

“Don’t we have you, God’s Representative?”

"Despite being God's Representative, I cannot accomplish everything alone. Without the support of Avalon's Grand Masters and Archmages, thwarting the Demon God becomes a formidable challenge. If the Pamar Empire, Avalon's mightiest nation, abstains from the Anti-Demon God Alliance, we forfeit half of Avalon's strength. To consolidate Avalon's forces effectively, it's ideal for the Pamar Empire to assume the role of the alliance's chair nation."

“That being said... Can’t you use your power to bring the Pamar Empire to its knees?”

“With all due respect, I can only use the power granted to me to stop the Demon God. If I use that power to dominate humans and gain supremacy over Avalon, it will incur God’s wrath.”

"Ehem, are we to continue living in constant vigilance against the Pamar Empire?"

"Now is not the time for disputes over who holds dominion over Avalon. All the nations in Avalon must come together to thwart the Demon God. Avalon's destruction is imminent if we fail to stop the Demon God. Prioritizing the safeguarding of Avalon is essential if we aim for supremacy over the entire realm.”

"I comprehend your perspective. As you rightly stated, defeating the Demon God and safeguarding Avalon take precedence over who chairs the Anti-Demon God Alliance. Let us lend our support to the Pamar Empire as the chair nation of the alliance."

“Thank you for making such a difficult decision for the sake of Avalon, Your Majesty.”

“If you are truly grateful, I hope you will accept my request from your family.”

“May I ask what Your Majesty has requested of our Venatia House?” Mu-Gun asked out of curiosity.

“You should hear it for yourself. I hope you do not disappoint me.”

At Pantheon IV's rather coercive request, Mu-Gun offered a wry smile. While uncertain about the specifics of Pantheon IV's appeal, the intensity of the request suggested a challenging task. Otherwise, Pantheon IV wouldn't have pressed the matter so forcefully.

“I am sorry, but I cannot give you a definite answer. For now, I will confirm what Your Majesty’s request is before making a decision.”

While Mu-Gun held a deep respect for Pantheon IV as the king, he harbored no inclination to bend to Pantheon IV's every whim. Mu-Gun had no intention of accepting the king's request without conditions. If the request aligned with his principles, he would consider it; otherwise, he would staunchly refuse. 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

“Ehem, it seems like my dignity as King is not enough to reach you, God’s Representative, huh.” Pantheon IV said with a slight look of discontent.

Mu-Gun wasn't thrilled with Pantheon IV's display of royal authority, but he approached the situation with a calm understanding that kings were inherently instilled with a sense of dignity. Simultaneously, he mustered his energy and exerted a subtle pressure on Pantheon IV.

"As God's Representative, I must wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the defense of Avalon. This commitment remains steadfast, even if it's Your Majesty making the request. If you ask for my protection in the interest of Avalon, I'll gladly comply. However, if that's not the case, I'm afraid I cannot accede to your request. I believe you grasp my stance, especially if your intentions are genuinely aligned with the well-being of Avalon," Mu-Gun stated firmly, making his position clear.

Pantheon IV appeared to be under the weight of Mu-Gun's energy, sensing it as a warning. It was a clear signal that any attempt to impose requests upon Mu-Gun based solely on the dignity of the kingship would not be tolerated, and Mu-Gun would not passively accept such imposition.

“Your Majesty! Is there something wrong? You don’t look well.”

Observing Pantheon IV's complexion turned pale, Mu-Gun feigned ignorance and concealed his energy.

“Cough, I must be tired because I overworked myself. I think I have to get some rest, so you should go back.” Pantheon IV said hurriedly as he gasped for breath.

Fear flickered in Pantheon IV's eyes. Mu-Gun's strength was undeniable; if he chose, Mu-Gun could end Pantheon IV's life at any given moment. It became glaringly evident to Pantheon IV that Mu-Gun existed beyond the realm of individuals he could easily manipulate.

"You are the central pillar of this nation, Your Majesty. If anything were to befall you, the entire foundation of Pantheon would tremble. Please refrain from overexertion and take good care of your royal well-being."

With a calm expression on his face, Mu-Gun spoke, seemingly worried about Pantheon IV’s health. Pantheon IV was even more frightened at Mu-Gun’s nonchalant attitude.

“Yes, I will pay more attention to myself.”

“Then, I will take my leave now.”

After bidding farewell to Pantheon IV politely, Mu-Gun left the throne room.

“Phew...” When he left, Pantheon IV let out a long breath.

Following his audience with Pantheon IV and departing from the throne room, Mu-Gun, accompanied by Philford and the Golden Lion Order, headed to the Venatia fief. He intended to take a respite and employ the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell on the Golden Lion Knights at the Venatia fief, all while the Pamar Empire spearheaded the efforts of the Anti-Demon God Alliance.

Before proceeding to the Venatia fief, Mu-Gun arranged a separate meeting with Leon. Handing over the Mana Hearts acquired from monster defeats, Leon couldn't conceal his delight upon inspecting their quantity. In gratitude, he promptly opened a portal directly connecting to Venatia as a token of appreciation.

As he returned to the Venatia fief through the portal, Mu-Gun went straight to see his father, Count Wackins.

“Welcome back.” Count Wackins greeted Mu-Gun with a warm welcome.

“Have you been well? Were there any issues while I was gone?”

“I have been living comfortably here, so what issues will there be? What about you? Are you hurt anywhere?” Count Wackins expressed his concern.

“As you can see, I am fine.”

“That is a relief to hear.”

“But I heard that His Majesty the King requested something of you. What is it?”

“That is... He sent Princess Elena over.” Count Wackins said, looking perplexed.

“What? What do you mean by that? He sent Princess Elena here?” Mu-Gun asked in a baffled tone.

“His Majesty the King sent Princess Elena to the Venatia fief, ordering the marriage between you and Princess Elena.”

At the explanation of Count Wackins, Mu-Gun looked dumbfounded.

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