Thunder God's Reincarnation-Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

Mu-Gun harbored no intentions of marrying Princess Elena. Once he completed his mission, he planned to depart from the region. Furthermore, Argon, whose body was preserved by Mu-Gun's Origin Spirit, had already passed away. Should Mu-Gun's Origin Spirit disengage from Argon's body, Argon's physical form would cease to exist. Knowing this, it would be irresponsible for Mu-Gun to entertain the idea of marrying Princess Elena.

“I have no intention of marrying Princess Elena.” Mu-Gun made it clear to Count Wackins.

“His Majesty the King prepared this himself. Also, Princess Elena has already come to our fiefdom. If we send her back, it would be a disgrace to the Royal Family.” Count Wackins said in a troubled tone.

“Even if so, I cannot marry Princess Elena.”

Mu-Gun did not change his mind even after seeing Count Wackins’ troubled expression. 𝗳𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦

“Do you think that Princess Elena is not good enough as your partner?”

“That’s not it. I have no intention of marrying anyone, not just Princess Elena.”

“What do you mean by that?”

"Now is the moment for me to channel all my energy into halting the Demon God as God's Representative. This is not the juncture to focus on personal matters like marriage. Moreover, battling the Demon God is a mission where life and death are uncertain. It feels appropriate for me to refrain from marrying anyone if I cannot assume the responsibility."

"Hmmm, how about we approach it this way? You could be engaged to Princess Elena first and proceed with the marriage after the Demon God is defeated. This way, it won't bring any disgrace to the Royal Family, and it won't interfere with your mission."

Count Wackins considered it disloyal to reject the King’s marriage proposal and tried to persuade Mu-Gun one way or another.

“I am sorry, but I cannot do that. If it is troubling for you to refuse it, I will reject it myself.”

"Hmm, if you're not okay with it, I won't compel you. As for His Majesty and the Princess, let this father of yours speak directly and seek their understanding."

“No, I do not want to put such a burden on you, Father. I will take care of it myself.”

Following the conversation with Count Wackins, Mu-Gun promptly made his way to the annex where Princess Elena was lodged. The area was guarded by the knights assigned as guardians accompanying Princess Elena.

“I’m Argon. I am here to see the Princess.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The knight went inside, and he came back shortly afterward.

“I think you will have to wait a little while.”

“Then, I will be back in an hour. Please convey it to the Princess.”

Mu-Gun had no intention of waiting in front of the annex. He planned to return to his residence first and come back later.

An hour later, Mu-Gun returned to the annex. With the advantage of prior notice, he entered without any delay. Upon entering, he found Elena waiting for him, adorned in a splendid outfit.

Mu-Gun quickly surmised that Elena had utilized the time he spent waiting to enhance her appearance. As he laid eyes on her face for the first time, he could confirm the truth of the rumors – Elena was indeed exceptionally beautiful, her features standing out even more in her elegant attire.

‘She is a great beauty.’

Mu-Gun couldn't help but be awestruck by Elena's beauty. In terms of looks alone, she surpassed Dan Seol-Young or Namgung Hyun-Ah. However, Mu-Gun concealed any hint of his admiration and greeted Elena politely.

“I, Argon Laonia Venatia, greet the Princess of Pantheon.”

“Please be at ease. I am in no place to receive such courtesy from you, God’s Representative.” Elena hurriedly replied.

“I have heard about the marriage proposal to you, Princess. I have something to tell you regarding that.”

Upon Elena's prompt, Mu-Gun stood and cut straight to the point without any preamble.

“Looking at your expression, it seems like you plan to refuse to marry me,” Elena said when she saw Mu-Gun’s stiff expression.

“That is correct. I have no intention of marrying you, Princess.”

“May I ask why? Even if I were to say so myself, I think I would be a decent bride.” Princess Elena asked curiously.

Elena's expression showed no signs of displeasure; she appeared genuinely curious about Mu-Gun's reasons for refusing to marry her.

"I don't say this lightly; you are exceptionally beautiful, Princess, and that alone could be reason enough for me to marry you. However, my reluctance stems from the uncertainty of my survival in the battle against the Demon God. If we were to marry and something unfortunate were to befall me, you might become a widow overnight. I believe it's only fair for me to refrain from marriage if I cannot assume such responsibility in the first place."

“If I say it does not matter, then will you marry me?”

“Are you going to marry me even if I could die in the war against the Demon God?”

"There's no certainty that you'll perish in the battle against the Demon God. Moreover, you are God's Representative. Chosen by God, I believe you will triumph over the Demon God and return as a hero to Avalon," Elena asserted with confidence.

“No, I will most surely die,” Mu-Gun said.

“What do you mean? Do you mean that it is already decided that you will die?”

"To be honest, I am already a dead man. My current existence is nothing more than God granting me some additional time. Once I fulfill my duty as God's Representative, I will succumb to my original destiny and lose my life. As you mentioned, my death is predetermined. Consequently, I cannot, under any circumstances, enter into marriage with you, Princess," Mu-Gun disclosed somberly.

“Is what you just said true?”

“It may be hard to believe, but it is all the truth.”

“Hmm, if, as you said, your death is already decided anyway, is there a need for you to become God’s Representative and suffer an arduous time fighting against the Demon God?”

“It is because there are many people in Avalon who I care about.”

“I see.”

“In any case, I cannot marry you for that reason, Princess. So, I think it would be better if you returned to the palace.”

“I can’t reveal what you just told me, right?”

“Of course.”

“Then, people around the world will think that I have been rejected by you. How are you going to take responsibility for that? You are not planning to tell me to live with that humiliation, are you?”

“Then announce to the world that you broke the marriage first because I am impotent as a man.”

“Are you serious?”

“My life is as good as finished anyway. Public reputation does not matter to me.”

“But you are not impotent, are you?” Elena asked, trying to sound Mu-Gun out.

“Does it matter?”

“I am just curious.”

“It doesn’t matter since we are not going to get married anyway, right?”

“If we are not going to get married, then yes.”

“Then, I don’t see a need to answer.” freewe(b)novel

“But I never said that I won’t get married to you just yet, though.” Princess Elena said with a big smile.

“You are not planning to actually marry me, are you?”

“Since you have been honest, I will be honest with you too. I intend to become the King of Pantheon. I wanted to marry you because I thought you would make me King.”

Mu-Gun looked surprised at Elena’s ambition.

“Why? Do you also think that women cannot become Kings?”

“No. Why would gender be important for a King’s position? The important thing is the ability you possess.” Mu-Gun said honestly.

“You are not saying it just because you stand before me, are you?”

“No. I think there is no reason why you cannot become King should you be more apt at ruling Pantheon than the many princes.”

“If you really think so, it means you may even help me to become King of Pantheon.”

“Let me be clear, I have no intention of intervening in the succession battle for the position of Pantheon’s King.”

“You don’t have to intervene in the succession battle. You just have to lend me your name.”

“You want to borrow my name?”

"If I were to marry you, I could revel in the splendor of your being God’s Representative. That, in itself, would greatly aid my quest for the throne. Plus, I'd secure the robust backing of House Venatia. From your perspective, there’s really nothing to lose. Should I claim the throne, House Venatia stands to share in the prosperity that follows," Elena remarked with a smile.

"I must politely decline. I have no desire for my role as God’s Representative to be exploited for any other agenda. Moreover, if you genuinely possess the qualifications and capability to become the King of Pantheon, you should ascend to the throne on your own merit, without leaning on my name," Mu-Gun firmly conveyed his refusal.

"If you reject my proposal, I'll be entirely ousted from the succession race. My father has been pressing me to make this marriage happen. Regardless of the rationale, if we don't tie the knot, my father will be disappointed, and I'll be sidelined in the quest for the throne. Doesn't that seem unjust to me?"

"This marriage is solely your unilateral decision, unrelated to my intentions. Consequently, it seems fitting for you to bear responsibility for the ensuing consequences," Mu-Gun asserted.

Elena's expression stiffened for the first time. She realized that, regardless of her words or conditions, she wouldn't be able to sway Mu-Gun's decision.

"Well, it appears you won't agree to marry me, no matter what I do."

“That is right.”

“Fine, let’s pretend this marriage proposal never happened.”

Elena admitted, unable to resist. With anyone else, she might have used the influence of the Royal Family to press for the marriage. However, Mu-Gun was an exception. He held the position of God’s Representative.

Moreover, Mu-Gun's formidable battle prowess was potent enough to topple the Pantheon Kingdom. Forcing the authority of the Royal Family onto him would be akin to courting disaster. Elena felt disappointed, yet she had no alternative but to abandon her hopes of marrying Mu-Gun.

“Thank you for understanding.”

“You will find it uncomfortable if I continue staying here, so I will go back to the palace as soon as preparations are done.”

“Don’t mind me and take all the time you need.”

“Don’t worry, I will manage that myself.”

“Understood. Then, I will take my leave.”

Having bid farewell to Elena, Mu-Gun exited the annex. Subsequently, he relayed Elena’s decision to Count Wackins before retiring to his residence for some rest.

Later that evening, Elena returned to the palace through the portal. With the marriage matter settled, Mu-Gun delved into his planned efforts to enhance the ranks of the Golden Lion Knights.

Mu-Gun selected two individuals daily and cast the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell on them. The Golden Lion Order comprised twelve knights, with Schwartz serving as the Knight Captain. Excluding the five who had already undergone the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell, the remaining seven members received their empowerment within four days.

Consequently, the newly empowered knights reached the esteemed rank of Master, akin to their predecessors. They celebrated their achievement with unbridled joy as if they held the entire world in the palms of their hands.

Nonetheless, they remained mindful of their mission upon reaching the Master Rank. They renewed their solemn vow to dedicate themselves entirely to the war against the Demon God. One unfortunate reality lingered—those newly promoted to the Master Rank couldn't receive E-Class Chevalier Armor.

Having previously provided Leon with monsters' Mana Hearts, Mu-Gun requested the additional production of E-Class Chevalier Armors. However, the production of these armors required Mana Hearts from high-ranked monsters. It posed a challenge to craft an E-Class Chevalier Armor before embarking on the hunt for such monsters in the expansive mountain ranges.

Mu-Gun elucidated the circumstances to the newly promoted Master Rank knights, requesting their patience until they could obtain the Mana Hearts from high-ranked monsters. The recently appointed Masters expressed no grievances, understanding the delay in receiving their E-Class Chevalier Armors.

While receiving an E-Class Chevalier Armor would have been welcomed, the newly promoted Masters considered reaching the Master Rank through the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell as more than sufficient.

Meanwhile, Philford, the Grand Master of the Kraiss Kingdom, was utterly astonished to discover that the Golden Lion Knights had ascended to the rank of Masters overnight.

“To be able to turn Expert Rank Knights into Master Rank Knights overnight... You are truly amazing.”

“It is an authority that the Sky God has granted me.”

“Then, you mean that not only the Golden Lion Knights, but the other knights can also receive the same treatment.”

“Yes. However, the power of the Sky God cannot be used for personal reasons. The Golden Lion Knights pledged their lives to stop the Demon God. That was why they were able to receive the Sky God’s authority.”

“Does that mean that other knights can receive the Sky God’s authority if they also swear to put their lives on the line to stop the Demon God?”

“It seems like you are saying that with the Crimson Dragon Knights in mind.”

“Honestly, if possible, I would like that to happen. The Crimson Dragon Knights are all ready to give up their lives to stop the Demon God, and to protect Avalon.”

"Considering your proposal, I'll afford them an opportunity. Relay to the knights that we're embarking on a mission to eliminate high-ranked monsters in the great mountain ranges. Those who willingly partake in this endeavor will be bestowed with the authority of the Sky God. However, regarding the Sky God's authority, maintain silence and allow them to volunteer of their own accord."

“That means you will only choose those who are truly willing to risk their lives to protect Avalon,” Philford said.

“That is correct.”

“Understood, let’s do it that way then.”

“Once again, the Sky God’s authority must never be leaked to them in advance.”

“I assure you that I won’t.”

Philford then made his way back to the Kraiss Kingdom. A few days later, he returned to the Pantheon Kingdom accompanied by seventeen knights.

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