Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations-Chapter 218 - Capitulate

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218 Capitulate

“What? You want me to beg Cao Aiguo? I have to get the right to use the Divine Dragon System?” Li Laide’s face turned black when he read the message in the telegram.

He had already lost all face in the conference just now! He no longer had the face to continue staying in the conference.

That was why he walked out of the venue in anger.

And now, the message in the telegram required Li Laide to obtain the right to use the Divine Dragon System no matter what.

If he couldn’t complete this mission, his current position would be revoked.

“These stupid pigs, why don’t they try it themselves!”

“How dare they threaten to revoke my position.” Li Laide was raging with so much anger that he punched the table in front of him.

Then, he sat down with a dejected expression. His expression kept changing as he stood up gloomily and left helplessly.

Although he was furious and very unwilling,

However, the situation was beyond his control. In the current situation, he had no right or opportunity to choose.

Soon, he came to Cao’s office again.

When Cao Aiguo saw that it was Li Laide, his smiling face instantly turned cold.

“Hey, isn’t this Ambassador Li? What brings you here?”

“Didn’t you just say that you wanted to go back and mobilize your domestic forces to crack the Doomsday Extortion Virus? Your speed is really unbelievably fast. Have you finished cracking it now?” Cao Aiguo said expressionlessly.

Li Laide almost lost his cool. He smiled awkwardly. “Minister Cao, I’m here to ask you for help.”

“Please grant us access to the Divine Dragon System in the Empire.”

“Now that you’ve opened up the right to use the Divine Dragon System in all countries, the only place that’s restricted is the Empire.”

“Oh? Ambassador Li, didn’t you just say that you will organize people to study it? You will definitely be able to defeat the Virus?” Cao Aiguo said coldly.

In the meeting room just now, if Li Laide had agreed directly, he wouldn’t have said anything.

After Li Laide flew into a rage in the conference room, he won’t make it so easy for him to use the Divine Dragon System.

If he wanted to use the Divine Dragon System, sure!

However, conditions must be offered in good faith.

Li Laide was extremely embarrassed. But he was experienced after all, and thus he suppressed his anger in an instant. He knew that it would take more than words to persuade Cao now.

This was within Li Laide’s expectations. Moreover, the Empire’s telegram to him also stated the relevant content.

“Minister Cao, we will cut to the chase. The conditions that the Empire can give you are…”

Hearing that Li Laide finally knew the right thing to do, Cao Aiguo smiled. He had been waiting for this moment ever since Li Laide stormed out of the venue.

Cao Aiguo didn’t stand on ceremony with Li Laide. He handed a document that he had prepared beforehand to Li Laide. “You don’t have to say anything. Our conditions are listed in this document.”

“As long as you can fulfill the conditions in this document, I will think of a way to get the Divine Dragon Software Company to lift the ban in your country.”

Li Laide’s expression was extremely serious. His heart skipped a beat. Looking at Cao’s smiling face, he felt a chill in his heart.

He looked down at the document handed to him by Cao Aiguo. When he saw the densely packed conditions on the document, his expression turned extremely ugly.

“Minister Cao, these conditions are too much…” The veins on Li Laide’s forehead bulged as he read at the conditions in the document. Every condition was an act of extortion against the Empire.

“Ambassador Li Laide, you are free to walk away.” Cao Aiguo said with a smile. Then, he looked at the time on his watch. “There are still 20 minutes before the Doomsday Extortion Virus outbreak.”

“Perhaps the Doomsday Extortion Virus will disappear after the deadline. It might not erase the data on the computers.”

“Perhaps your country can develop an antivirus software to eliminate the Doomsday Extortion Virus.” Cao Aiguo was calm and not in a hurry at all.

The veins on Li Laide’s forehead bulged again.

Cao Aiguo was threatening him.

It was a blatant threat.

If he had been his usual self, he would have turned around and left without a word. Google search 𝑓𝒓e𝑒w𝑒𝒃𝑛𝒐𝘃ℯ𝙡. c𝚘m

But now, he had a favor to ask!

He had no choice but to capitulate.

He knew that Cao Aiguo was mocking him, but he could only bear with it.

“Minister Cao…” Li Laide could only suppress the anger in his heart. Because time was too tight, he didn’t beat around the bush. He gritted his teeth and started marking a tick for those conditions that he could accept and a cross for those conditions that he couldn’t.

“These are the conditions that we can agree to! Please arrange for the Divine Dragon Software Company to immediately lift the restrictions and let us use the Divine Dragon System.” Li Laide handed the document over.

Cao Aiguo took a look. Although Li Laide had only agreed to a very small portion of the conditions in the document, every term was extremely important.

If it were any other time, Li Laide would definitely not relent on these issues. Now that he was coerced, he could only make concessions.

“What about the other conditions?” Cao frowned and looked at Li Laide.

“Minister Cao, these are all the conditions we can accept! We can’t accept any other conditions.”

“If these conditions are still not good enough, I’m out of here,” Lai Lide said with a stony face, looking intently at Aiguo Cao.

“Okay!” In fact, when he saw the conditions that Li Laide ticked, Cao Aiguo knew that this was already his limit.

Continuing to pressure him would only backfire. It was best to stop while he was ahead.

A minute later, the official document was printed and placed in front of Li Laide.

The reporter from the national television station was all ready to take photos of Li Laide signing the document.

A pen was handed to the reluctant Li Laide. “Ambassador Li Laide, please sign the official document!”

Li Laide hesitated for a moment. He was visibly upset. In the end, he signed his name on the document and said mockingly, “Minister Cao, you’re really well-prepared!”

Cao Aiguo had a smile on his face. He didn’t care about Li Laide’s mockery at all.

Li Laide had suffered such a huge loss after all, he had to give him a chance to vent.

“Minister Cao, I’ve signed the document. Please make arrangements immediately to lift the installation restrictions of the Divine Dragon System.” Li Laide’s tone was anxious.

“Alright!” Minister Cao asked his secretary to take the documents away for safekeeping. He smiled and called Li Chengqian. “Ambassador Li Laide, the installation restrictions have been lifted! You have obtained the right to use the Divine Dragon System.”

When Li Laide heard this, he immediately called the embassy and asked them to inform his country.

“I think it’s about time. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” Minister Cao said politely after Li Laide finished his call.

“I’ll definitely do so next time!” After suffering such a huge loss at the hands of Minister Cao, how could Li Laide possibly eat with him?

After saying this politely, Li Laide walked towards the embassy.

“Ambassador Li, wait a moment. I’ll get someone to make a copy of the document you just signed. When the internet in your country is restored, you can send it back to your country,” Cao Aiguo said loudly with a smile on his face. He handed a copy of the document to Li Laide.

“There’s something else I need to tell you first. We’ll be issuing a press release on the signing of this document soon! Do you want another photo of yourself? You didn’t look happy when you signed it just now.”

Li Laide’s eyes almost burst into flames. Then, he sped up and walked out. “This sly old fox is simply too evil.”

After suffering such a huge loss, how could he look good? He didn’t flare up because he was in a weaker position.

Moreover, when he was signing the contract just now, all the cameras were aimed at him. Would he dare to smile?

If he had really smiled and the image was sent back to the Empire, he would immediately be seen as a traitor.