Top Student: Experience Infinite Occupations-Chapter 219 - Virus Outbreak

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219 Virus Outbreak

Academy of Sciences, Software Research Institute.

When the huge area that belonged to the Sunset Empire turned green, the entire control room erupted with excited cheering.

Then, Academician Lin Qu stood up and pulled Li Chengqian to the front of the control room.

His eyes were filled with tears as he picked up the microphone excitedly.

“Comrades, I now announce that the Iceman Project has achieved its goal!”

“The Iceman Project will replace the Sunset domain name administration as the internet’s infrastructure.” 𝘧𝘳𝑒ℯ𝔀𝘦𝒃𝘯𝒐𝐯e𝗹. co𝐦

“From today onwards, we have truly achieved autonomous control of the internet!”

“Our cybersecurity will no longer be threatened!”

Following Academician Lin Qu’s speech, the audience applauded again. The applause lasted for a long time. All the researchers who had participated in the Iceman Project clapped as if they wanted to express their 20 years of anticipation, 20 years of struggle, and 20 years of obscurity through this applause.

Academician Lin Qu waited for the researchers to vent for a while before raising his hand to gesture to everyone to stop clapping.

“My fellow comrades, although we have already won a huge victory!”

“But we haven’t completely succeeded!”

“We can’t be proud and stop here!”

“At the moment, we have just obtained control of the internet. What we have to do next will be even more difficult!”

“That is to guard the domain name server!”

“Only by guarding the domain name server firmly and preventing the enemy from entering can we obtain a true victory!”

Academician Lin Qu’s expression gradually turned solemn. The Sunset Empire was caught off guard by the Doomsday Extortion Virus. In addition, because they had not used the Divine Dragon System previously, they didn’t have the power to fight back the virus this time.

Once the multinational corporations in the Sunset Empire had some time to find their footing, and to consolidate their wealth of resources, they would definitely be able to catch up quickly.

Therefore, now was not the time to be proud, nor was it the time to celebrate.

Everyone’s expressions became serious again because of Academician Lin Qu’s words.

At this moment, Academician Lin Qu continued.

“It is all thanks to your 20 years of hard work that our Iceman Project has been able to achieve this stage of success! In the past 20 years, we have accumulated a lot of expertise on domain name servers and have also developed a lot of advanced technologies.”

“We have developed a most comprehensive and superior domain name and IP management system, together with the relevant software.”

At this moment, Academician Lin Qu pointed at Li Chengqian.

“However, the most important reason why the Iceman Project was successful this time is because of Li Chengqian! The person who needs to be thanked the most is Li Chengqian!”

“It’s the Divine Dragon System developed by Li Chengqian that gave the Iceman Project a chance to take off.”

“Actually, Li Chengqian had many options! If he chooses to cooperate with the Sunset Empire’s domain name management organization, he will definitely be able to obtain more benefits! It can even be said that as long as Li Chengqian names his terms, the Sunset Empire will definitely satisfy any of his requests.”

“However, Li Chengqian gave up on these benefits that were within his reach!”

“He chose to help us instead!”

“I propose that all of our researchers who participated in the Iceman Project stand up and bow to Mr. Li Chengqian together. Thank you!” Academician Lin Qu said loudly.

“Alright!” Everyone in the command center stood up and looked at Li Chengqian gratefully.

“Academician Lin Qu, you have overstated my contribution! Please don’t do this… This is what I should do.” Li Chengqian was very moved by what Academician Lin Qu said. This was a supreme honor.

He quickly went to support Academician Lin Qu. He felt that what he did was nothing compared to the respected Academician Lin Qu.

Moreover, he had his own selfish motives for doing all this.

He felt inferior compared to a truly selfless scientist like Academician Lin Qu!

Academician Lin Qu gently avoided Li Chengqian’s outstretched hands and said with an extremely serious expression, “Li Chengqian, thank you for everything you’ve done for the Iceman Project. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Divine Dragon Country.”

Then, he bowed to Li Chengqian. “Thank you!”

Li Chengqian held on to Academician Lin Qu and refused to let him bow.

“Thank you, Mr. Li!” While Li Chengqian could hold back Academician Lin Qu, he couldn’t hold back the other researchers in the room. Everyone thanked Li Chengqian gratefully and bowed deeply. Everyone did it sincerely throughout the entire process. Everyone looked at Li Chengqian with admiration in their eyes.

After Li Chengqian came to the Software Research Institute, everything he did was clear to them!

Li Chengqian deserved 99% of the credit for the success of the Iceman Project.

Without the support of Li Chengqian’s Divine Dragon System, the Iceman Project might not have taken off outside of the Divine Dragon Country in 50 years, let alone replace the Sunset domain name management structure.

And this time, with Li Chengqian’s support, the Iceman Project took down the global market in 12 hours!

And replaced the original domain name management organization!

No one would ever have dared imagined in the past that they could obtain control of the internet.

Therefore, everyone was sincerely grateful and impressed by Li Chengqian.

“Thank you, everyone. Thank you, everyone. Please everyone, please stop bowing,” Li Chengqian hurriedly said as he walked into the crowd to ask each one to stop bowing.

“Alright, everyone, please take a seat. Li Chengqian could be overwhelmed by our behavior.” Academician Lin Qu looked at Li Chengqian’s flustered appearance and said with a smile.

Only then did everyone smile and sat down.

“Everyone must pay a lot of attention during this period of time. We must not let down our guard. We must keep an eye on the domain name server! We must handle the domain name requests of other countries and formulate a perfect IP and domain name management method!” After Academician Lin Qu gave his instructions, he asked Li Chengqian very respectfully, “Is there anything you wish to add?”

Li Chengqian shook his head!

Academician Lin Qu looked at the time and realized that there were only three minutes left until the Doomsday Extortion Virus outbreak. He spoke to Li Chengqian with a relaxed expression.

“Come, there are a few computers here that run on Windows, Apple and Linux. Let’s see if the data in these computers will be erased during the Doomsday Extortion Virus outbreak.”

“Let’s see if there will be any other problems with the computers after the Doomsday Extortion Virus outbreak.” Academician Lin Qu looked at Li Chengqian in a strange way.

On the Divine Dragon Country’s internet, the Douyin platform had already been restored.

However, as the original data was infected by the Doomsday Extortion Virus and couldn’t be read, there were only pitifully few videos on the platform.

Because everyone was keeping a close watch on the Doomsday Extortion Virus, many streamers had changed the content of their livestream to focus on what would happen to the computers after the Virus outbreak, if the Divine Dragon System wasn’t installed.

“I have installed the Divine Dragon System on my phone! It’s safe, smooth, and easy to use!”

“I have also installed the Divine Dragon System on my computer. It’s safe!”

“What would happen to you after the virus outbreak?”

“What else can I do? I’ll just lose all my data!”

“There’s still one last minute. Brothers, pay attention and don’t get lost!”

The clock kept ticking second by second amidst everyone’s comments.

Soon, it was time for the outbreak of the Doomsday Extortion Virus…

Some people were nervously looking at their Apple phones and computers, while others were watching the live broadcast waiting to see what would happen.

Others chose to turn off the power to their phones and computers to avoid this virus outbreak.

In the Empire, the branch domain name server had just been successfully installed. The provincial-level domain name server was just deployed, but the city-level and county-level domain name servers had yet to be deployed.

There was no time to install the personal version of the system at all. Other than a few computers, none of the other computers had the Divine Dragon System installed.

Coupled with the fact that the people of the Empire were used to being free and undisciplined, they acted as if they did not hear the announcements calling for electronic products to be shut down.

Just then, the Virus broke out.