Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities-Chapter 448 - : Gu Yang Gave You Treatment

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Chapter 448: Gu Yang Gave You Treatment

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The news of Lu Wei stealing an account and pretending to be Yangyang was exposed by Gu Yang, and then she was detained by the police. Although the Lu family was suppressing the media, news of the charity banquet spread in the upper-class circle of Jin City before it ended.

In the past, Lu Wei’s reputation in Jin City’s wealthy circle was comparable to Gu Yang’s. She was an outstanding and sensible daughter from a high-society family. After the news that Gu Yang was a fake daughter was exposed, she even suppressed Gu Yang.

However, this time, it had reached the point of breaking the law. Her reputation was ruined.

The Lu family couldn’t watch Lu Wei go to jail and leave a criminal record. They used their connections and brought Lu Wei to the Gu family to apologize to Gu Yang. They sacrificed some benefits in exchange for the Gu family’s forgiveness before bailing Lu Wei out.

The Gu and Lu families had always been on good terms, and Gu Yang and Lu Mao were good friends.

It was not a good idea to get on the Lu family’s bad side entirely, but Gu Zhaoming, that old fox, had always doted on his daughter. He could not just take this lying down, so he tried his best to seek revenge on the Lu family through business matters.

The Lu family knew that they were in the wrong, so they could only pinch their noses and suck it up. However, it was inevitable that Mr. Lu would blame Lu Wei for their loss and resent her.

After this incident, Lu Wei could no longer stay in Jin City. Mrs. Lu simply sent her abroad to study.

For this reason, Lu Mao had set off more than ten strings of firecrackers in the First High Coterie group chat, forming a string of red and fiery memes. It looked even more festive than the New Year.

Lu Mao said: [It is a day worth celebrating. After Lu Wei was released on bail, she was scolded to tears by my old man. She’s packing her things and preparing to leave the country.]

Everyone knew how much Lu Mao hated Lu Wei and her brother. Everyone in the group started to throw flowers to celebrate.

Lu Mao added: [You don’t know this, but Lu Rong’s eyes have been looking like he wants to eat me up these past few days. He’s been showing off his progress with Xiao Xiao in front of me all day long. It amused me. I roughly calculated for that fool and saw that the money he spent was almost tens of millions.


Lu Mao successfully obtained psychological balance from Lu Rong.

At the charity banquet that day, Gu Yang added Qu MO and Ji Minghui on WeChat. The two of them came to chat with her every now and then, chatting about the piano and psychology worlds.

Gu Yang was more interested in psychology and had plans to use Ji Minghui to enter the psychology circle again, so she interacted more with Ji Minghui.

At the Jin City Psychiatric Hospital, Psychiatric Department.

Ruan Chu, who was fully armed, pushed the door open and came in. She took off her glasses and sat opposite Ji Linbai for her usual psychological evaluation and depression checkup.

Half an hour later, Ji Linbai pushed the results in front of her. His clear eyes under his gold-rimmed glasses revealed a gentle smile. “Miss Ruan, congratulations on successfully walking out of the depression.”

Ruan Chu was slightly stunned, and her beautiful eyes revealed surprise. “Dr. Ji, do you mean that my condition has been completely cured?”

Ji Linbai nodded.

Ruan Chu was excited. This was something she didn’t dare to think about a few months ago.

At that time, she only felt that life was dull and boring. She even had the thought of committing suicide several times. Even if she used the highest dose of medicine, it was difficult to control her condition from worsening. Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t even believe that she was the one who was so dejected and lifeless.

“Thank you, Dr. Ji.” Ruan Chu stood up and bowed sincerely to Ji Linbai.

He reached out to steady her and said with mixed feelings, “I’m only playing a supporting role. Even without me, Miss Ruan’s symptoms will be quickly cured.”

When it came to healing Ruan Chu, he was only playing as a support, while Gu Yang was the main person treating her.

Without Gu Yang, he was helpless against Ruan Chu’s illness. However, Gu Yang could subtly heal Ruan Chu without even needing to use medicine.

Ruan Chu was slightly stunned and looked at Ji Linbai in confusion.

Although he had complicated feelings for Gu Yang now, he had his own principles and couldn’t be bothered to take credit for others.

His eyes were clear as he said gently, “Miss Ruan, the person who really cured you is your cousin, Gu Yang.”