Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities-Chapter 449 - : Visiting the Psychiatric Hospital

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Chapter 449: Visiting the Psychiatric Hospital

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The road from Jin City Psychiatric Hospital was filled with sycamores.

It was November, and the autumn air was refreshing. The sycamores on the path were golden and glorious, and the branches swayed as leaves fell.

Ruan Chu walked alone on the sidewalk, her mind replaying what Ji Linbai had said in the Psychiatric Department. Everything about Gu Yang in the past few months kept flashing through her mind.

It turned out that during her darkest times, someone had been silently healing and warming her.

In a luxury car on the streets of Jin City, Fu Sheng and Tang Qiaoqiao quietly sat side by side in the back seat.

Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, Fu Sheng saw a familiar figure by the roadside. He rolled down the window.

Tang Qiaoqiao was chatting happily with Fu Sheng about the entertainment industry. When she saw Ruan Chu by the roadside, her smile instantly froze.

The moment she saw Ruan Chu, she thought of the talk online that Ruan Chu was better looking than her which had been trending on Weibo for a few days.

Suddenly, she noticed the Jin City Psychiatric Hospital behind Ruan Chu. Her heart skipped a beat. “Why did Sister Ruan Chu come out of the psychiatric hospital?”

Fu Sheng had obviously noticed this as well. “Many people in the industry who are under a lot of pressure will privately find a psychiatrist to guide them.”

“Is that so? I didn’t expect this. Sister Ruan Chu looks so normal, but she also needs to go to a psychiatric hospital.” Tang Qiaoqiao lowered her eyes to look at the photo she had just taken and extinguished the screen.

Why would she need to go to a mental hospital for a simple psychological problem?

For some reason, Fu Sheng felt that these words were a little harsh. “This is

Ruan Chu’s privacy. Let’s pretend we didn’t see it.”

Tang Qiaoqiao smiled. “Brother Fu Sheng, don’t you understand me? I’m not someone who likes to spread rumors.”

At the Gu family’s villa.

Gu Yang was walking the dog in the garden when she saw Ruan Chu. Before she could greet Ruan Chu, she was hugged tightly.

Gu Yang looked up at her in confusion.

Ruan Chu’s beautiful eyes glistened. “Yangyang, thank you.”

Gu Yang wasn’t used to Ruan Chu’s affectionate gaze, but looking at Ruan Chu’s state, she could roughly guess the reason.

Gu Yang smiled brightly. “You don’t have to thank me. From now on, you have to be happy every day and shine in the entertainment industry.”

Ruan Chu nodded seriously. She heard that her uncle planned to let Yangyang inherit Zhaofeng Entertainment, so she would work hard to get a best actress award for her sake!

After the filming of “Poems and Wine in Youth”, Ruan Chu entered the new production team without stopping.

Zhaofeng Entertainment also signed Wei Yueqiao, who was from the same production team.

As the end of the month approached, the entire First High School was preparing for the upcoming school sports meet. During recess, the stadium was filled with people from each class practicing their formations. The slogans were deafening.

In Class 1, Physical Education representative, Zhu Di, decided on the final slogan according to the votes of the entire class. “The tiger in the mountains, the dragon in the water. Class 1 of Year 3 are heroes. That slogan is decided. Let’s shout it a few times now.”

After that, Zhu Di took the lead and shouted. Among them, Lu Mao, Zhang Shan, and Li Shi were the most cooperative.

“Goddess, look, the slogan I chose rocks, right?” Lu Mao was very proud of this.

Gu Yang ignored her big sister’s indescribable expression and nodded.

“Yangyang, why don’t you raise the placard for the school’s sports meet? I’ll pick a beautiful gown for you and make you the prettiest little fairy in the venue.”

Zhu Di came down from the podium, holding a class card in her hand and smiling.

When Xu Xuanyan heard this, she frowned and interrupted, “I say, Zhu Di, it’s not right for you to pick at whim, okay? It’s more fair to vote democratically for the candidate who holds the card. He Ping, don’t you think so?”

There were two Physical Education representatives in Class 1, a boy and a girl. They were He Ping and Zhu Di.

He Ping was closer to Xu Xuanyan.. When he heard this, he nodded and echoed, “Zhu Di, why don’t we go through the process?”