Watch Out! Danger Ahead-Chapter 133 - : On the island (4)

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Chapter 133: On the island (4)

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“Bring whatever you can.”

As they were approaching the island, the supplies and dry food had already been prepared. The boxes were filled with neatly arranged weapons, and the magazines were all prepared on the side.

Without saying anything, song qingxiao carried a backpack full of food, water, and medical supplies. Although she did not know how to shoot, she still had a gun in her hand. These things were not only used to deal with the crisis on the island, but also to deter the other participants.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’ The collision sounds rang out at the same time. Under such a dense collision, the ship was already creaking as if it was about to disintegrate.

Zhou xuli’s expression was somewhat grave, and her eyes were filled with anxiety as she stared at the island that was getting closer and closer. In just a few seconds, her pale face was drenched in sweat. She licked her lips a few times, and with a ‘Dong’ sound, a part of the ship’s rear had caved in.

Some glass shards fell into the sea, and the water was stirred by the monsters in the sea, splashing into the boat.

Perhaps it was because the effect of hitting the boat like this was not obvious, but there was a splash. The monster seemed to have emerged from the sea, and a sharp sound was heard.

It sounded like a sharp blade scratching the surface of a hard object. It sounded like the monster was trying to open its mouth and bite the ship but failed.

However, this sound caused many people to subconsciously shrink their shoulders and try to cover their ears.

“Mr. Zhou…”

Zhou xueli’s face turned even paler. Everyone was ready. Except for some people in the cabin who couldn’t come out because the cabin door was welded after the previous fire rose, everyone who should have come out had come out, but Mr. Zhou was still nowhere to be seen.

He didn’t know what the monster was doing, but its action pushed the boat forward nearly ten meters.

The island was getting closer, only about a hundred meters away.

“Mr. Zhou…”

Mr. Zhou! Zhou xueli shouted into the cabin, but Mr. Zhou didn’t answer her.

The second bone-chilling sound of a sharp object scraping the ship’s hull was heard. With a ‘ka ka’ sound, the ship flew forward like an arrow released from a bow.

“What is it doing?”

The man in a suit imitated Mr. Zhou’s bodyguards and was fully armed. He was afraid that he couldn’t bear this invisible fear and pressure, so he couldn’t help but ask.

However, no one spoke for a while, so the man in the suit tried to vent his fear with vulgarities.

“Damn it, is this monster trying to send us to the island?”

“It’s not trying to send us to the island.”

Song qingxiao said with a pale face. As she spoke, the voice came again. After listening carefully, it sounded like the hull had been scratched. Everyone could feel that water was entering the boat. The lower half of the boat was beginning to sink. Although the monster’s power pushed the boat forward another ten meters, the boat slowed down a lot when the force stopped.

it might be trying to bite the ship and pull us back into the sea.

In this vast ocean, there was no way out. Everyone knew what would happen if they were pulled back to the ocean.

Hearing this, the man in a suit became even more anxious.

Everyone trembled in fear. Some of the boatmen who had boldly stepped forward to take the equipment could not even hold on to their guns.

When everyone heard the terrible scraping sound again, perhaps it was because of song qingxiao’s words, they felt that the sound was indeed like something biting the tail of the cabin. It was only because the ship was too big that it was not easy to bite, so it made that sound.

As the ship got closer to the island, the usually steady woman number two could not help but say,”

there should still be 40 to 50 meters left.

As soon as she finished speaking, the biting sound rang out again, and the boat was pushed forward by this force.

Thirty more meters…

More than twenty meters …

“Mr. Zhou…”

The anxiety on Zhou xueli’s face was almost impossible to suppress. Just as she was about to turn around and enter the cabin again to look for Mr. Zhou, who she had been calling out to, finally appeared.

Like the other scientists, he carried a small silver work password box. No one knew what was inside, but he held it himself..