Watch Out! Danger Ahead-Chapter 134 - : On the island (5)

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Chapter 134: On the island (5)

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There was another ” Kacha ” sound. This time, the stern of the boat was raised nearly half a meter high. The whole boat was tilted very badly. Everyone’s heart was about to jump to their throats, thinking that they had been bitten by the sea creatures. About three or four seconds later, the ” creak” sound of sliding was heard again. The boat fell into the water with a ” bang”, causing a large splash. It slid forward another dozen meters, only ten meters away from the shore.

When the biting sound rang out again, this time the stern was bitten. Perhaps in the previous few bites, the hull had been seriously damaged, but this time it did not slip off.

The stern of the boat was raised higher and higher, and it slid a few meters toward the shore. Something on the deck began to slide down. Song Qing held the handle with one hand, her body pressed against the deck, and her feet were suspended in the air. The island was below.

“On the count of three, let’s go down!”

The boat was shaking, and after it was firmly bitten by the monster at the bottom of the sea that had yet to show itself, it seemed to have the intention of dragging it into the deep sea.

Under such circumstances, song qingxiao spoke first, and everyone nodded.




When she counted to three, everyone let go at the same time. Song Qing bent her feet and stepped on the deck, falling down with her backpack and gun.

With a ‘plop’ sound, everyone landed on the flooded beach one after another. Some of the slower ones fell into the deeper parts of the water and were desperately swimming over with things.

At the same time, the ship began to retreat toward the ocean under the bite of the monster.

It was slow at the start, probably because it was close to the beach, so the monster couldn’t use its full power. Then, it got faster and faster.

“Help me…”

“Help me…”

The cries of ‘help’ on the ship continued. It was obvious that the people who had stayed in the cabin had already sensed that something was wrong, and their cries were even more miserable and helpless.

However, as the huge sea creatures dragged the boat deeper into the sea, the sound gradually faded.

Even though they were going against the wind, in about ten seconds, the ship was already seventy to eighty meters away from the shore. There was a long wave behind the ship, as if it was a road of no return to hell.

“Fortunately, I jumped fast.”

Someone said as if he had just survived a disaster and tried to crawl to the shore.

Amidst the sound of the sea hitting the shore, the ‘help’ voice could no longer be heard. In the gray light of the early morning, the lights on the ship were still on, like a Beacon. Everyone could clearly see that the ship was already half-full and would probably sink soon.

“Are they going to die?”

Someone asked timidly while panting.

There were many people left on the ship. They were afraid of the bats so they didn’t dare to come out earlier. After the fire started, their way out was sealed. They should be unable to escape now.

There were quite a few of them. Including the sailors and hired workers on the ship, there were probably more than a dozen people.

With so many lives lost, they could be buried in the sea in the next moment, or die in the mouth of beasts. This made many people who had just escaped feel a sense of sorrow in their hearts.

“I can’t care that much!”

Mr. Zhou gritted his teeth. He had a lot of injuries on his body, which were from the scratches he got when he jumped off the boat.

He should be a person who lived in luxury, but in this situation, he endured the pain and still held the silver password-protected suitcase he had brought out of the boat.

pack up the things nearby and bring as many useful things as possible. Let’s find a safe place to stay first. We’ll talk about everything after dawn!

Mr. Zhou’s voice was trembling with fear, oppression, and a little excitement.

The scientists responded, and the bodyguards began to collect some of the supplies that had fallen on the beach. Some of them had been washed into the sea when they fell, but the remaining should be enough..